World’s Funniest Fails: When You Fail, You Win Says Host Terry Crews

Fridays on FOX are about to get a lot funnier, and a lot fail-ier (That’s not a word — I know — Fail.) as America’s Funniest Fails brings the internet’s funniest viral videos to TV.

World's Funniest FailsBrooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews hosts the series and explains that he’ll be bringing his high energy to the show along with a panel of hilarious comedians, who breaks down the clips — NFL-style. “It’s like sitting around with friends and watching it, and we pick it apart,” explains Crews. “These are videos that you’ve probably seen before or may have seen before, but now you get to see it in a whole new way and with a whole new comedic bend.”

Crews says he’s the perfect person to host a show about failure. “No one has failed more than Terry Crews,” laughs the former NFL football star. “You got to fail four times at least before you get to one success, which is that fifth one. Failure is necessary, and it’s not a big deal.” Crews hopes that the show takes away the stigma surrounding failure and helps people to laugh when their moments of triumph — aren’t.

Not only does Crews consider himself an expert on failure, he’s also a connoisseur of viral videos. “My wife and kids we sit there and watch this stuff all day. You get caught in a rabbit hole. Once you play one video, you just keep going. There are times that I’ve missed appointments because I can’t stop because you go from one to the other, and my family, we crack up.”

World's Funniest Fails
(L-R) Guest panelists Jessimae Peluso, Erik Griffin & Josh Wolf

As the end of each episode, the comedic panel nominates videos as their favorite and Crews selects one as the “Failure of the Week.” I asked Crews if the Failure of the Week was a “winner” or “loser” and the actor laughed. “First of all, it’s a winner. It’s always a winner because you win by losing. I’m here; I’m really on a mission. I have to change the perception of losing. Everyone wants to call someone else a loser, but you don’t stay there. Everybody who has had any kind of success has failed big time.”

Crews, who also hosts the current version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, loves hosting World’s Funniest Fails because he gets to be himself. And, I teased him, he gets to channel Former NFL player/coach/TV analyst John Madden but using a telestrator.

“What we’re doing, we’re breaking it down; you got to break a fail down. It reminds me of my football days. When you really go deep and in depth and examine exactly what went wrong here, you see a guy, who’s going up on a ramp and you’re like uh-ho, he went a little too far to the left. We stop it and we examine it and right before you touch play and you kind of know what’s about to happen. You have an idea. We have a nice segment on the show called “What Happens Next,” where you see a guy start something and you just wonder what happens next. And then when we press play, you probably get the shock of your life.

“This is a family show,” stresses Crews, a father of 5. “This is not about people getting seriously injured or whatever. It’s all about being able to get up, walk away and laugh about what just happened. We never get deeper than that. This is not one of those Internet videos where you’re going to walk away and think, ‘I wish I never saw that.’”

Every week we have a great clip called “Happy Times,” where we show some of the cutest, best, most wonderful things that happen to people in history. One particular example there was one man who was told he was now a grandfather. His daughter told him that he’s now going to be a grandfather, and you just watching this happen, it was like it was one of the best things I ever saw in my life.

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