Parks & Recreation’s Aziz Ansari Reveals What he Wanted to Steal From Set…But Didn’t

Aziz AnsariAt the conclusion of the hilarious Television Critics Association winter press tour panel celebration the finale season of Parks and Recreation, I grabbed Aziz Ansari and asked him if he’d ganked anything from the P&R set at the series’ conclusion.

Surprisingly, the comedian hadn’t.

“I always meant to,” he confessed. “But I forgot.”

RubikEnt720When I asked him what he wished he’d taken, Ansari said that Tom had an Entertainment 720 Rubik’s cube that he really liked. The prop had the faces of the Entertainment 720 peeps on it. Ansari thought for a moment and then said that maybe he should contact someone before they break down the set and pack away the props.

Hopefully, Tommy Haverford can be reunited with his swag.

Photo by: Ben Cohen/NBC