TCA: NBC’s “The Slap” goes deeper, darker than the slap itself

The Slap Ryan Berenz

The Slap

Turns out that NBC’s eight-episode event drama The Slap really isn’t about “the slap” at all. It’s about something much deeper and darker.

At Hector’s (Peter Sarsgaard) 40th birthday party, his hotheaded cousin Harry (Zachary Quinto) slaps another couple’s misbehaving child. The stunning incident sets off a chain of events that divides friends and family, and uncovers long-buried secrets. Thandie Newton, Uma Thurman, Melissa George, Thomas Sadoski and Brian Cox also star. At the NBC Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour, the panel downplayed the importance of the slap itself, saying that there is a ton of existing tension and problems in theses people’s lives, and the slap is just a catalyst that puts everything into motion.

Other highlights:

Photo: Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

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