TCA: “Oh my gosh! Did my mom just say that?” Kate Gosselin’s kids critique her on “The Celebrity Apprentice”

Kate Gosselin The Celebrity Apprentice Ryan Berenz

Kate Gosselin The Celebrity Apprentice
Kate Gosselin‘s kids watch her on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, the reality TV star says at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.

“My kids watch this, they see me in life, and just being myself is really my goal,” Gosselin says.

“My little kids watch like it’s just another show,” she says. “They’re more interested as they get older. And my teenagers critique what I’m wearing, how I look and, “‘Oh, my gosh! Did my mom just say that?'”

As for her flagship reality show Kate Plus 8 on TLC, the show returned Tuesday with an uptick in ratings.

Gosselin says she and her family will continue to do Kate Plus 8 as long as it feels right to them. “As much as we do it for us, I know that there’s a fan base that says, ‘You went away for a couple years and we missed you and we wanted to know what happened,'” she says. “They’re going to want to see the kids going through college and all of that, which is really hard for me to imagine.”

Photo: Credit: Patrick Randak/NBC

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  1. Dear God, Please make sure she goes away real soon. I will never ever watch her again and never ever understand why TLC even put her sorry butt back on television. Please stop watching just because your curious. Let’s get her out of our lives for good!!!!!!!!!!!!! As for Donald Trump, he’s an idiot too.

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