“The Late Late Show” host James Corden charms

The 36-year-old Brit James Corden was nothing short of charming (and funny) as he talked to critics about his new CBS venture — The  Late Late Show With James Corden, which begins March 23 on CBS. Corden took the stage at the Television JamesCorden_webCritics Association’s winter press tour in Pasadena in January and said he had no true blueprint for what the show will be yet, however, he’d “love to make a warm show that’s really funny.”

Shouldn’t be a problem.

Corden was humble in acknowledging the incredible opportunity he’s been presented with, and admitted that we was already feeling the pressures of the responsibility of carrying a late night talker. “Looking at the sign with my name on it makes me want to throw up on myself,” he joked.

When asked on his thoughts of his fellow brethren, Corden said: “I feel so lucky to be placed in a chair even in the same vicinity of them.” He recently told Jimmy Fallon:  “you’re show is the very thing that inspires me and terrifies me at the same time.”

Although asked to list who he’d consider his dream guest list, Corden wouldn’t touch it, fearing he’d leave off someone from a talent pool that was way too brilliant. “I could sit here until Tuesday saying who my dream guests are.” Actually, we probably would have waited.

Executive producer Ben Winston added: “We don’t need to follow a specific format …I think what we got in James is a performer who can do so many different things. I hope it’s a show that people turn on at night, and not know what they are going to see.”

And that we’ll stay up for. The Late Late Show With James Corden premieres on CBS Monday, March 23 and will air weeknights.