Branson Famous episode 3 recap: Waiting for Maw Maw

Forgive me if this posting isn’t quite as snark-tastic as usual (aside from some shirt references). Tonight’s episode was good, but I just wasn’t feeling it the way I was in the first and second shows. (I have faith for episode 4, though!)

Denton's Fluorescent Shirt
I have no qualms about snarking on this shirt.

This episode starts with Patty and Tim (Mom and Dad) discussing how the first rehearsal was rough, but they have faith that Heather will improve and bring some followers to the show. They’ve decided to hire Heather, but will she make it past Maw Maw (Katie Mabe: Tim’s mother and the owner of the show)? Dunnn, dunnn, dunnnnnnn (to be read in dramatic flair)! They visit Maw Maw, who is hesitant and thinks that the show is good enough without hiring anyone; however, she acquiesces, and agrees to come down opening night to see what she thinks of Heather. Will Heather be able to prove herself?

Cut to a dramatic scene from the rehearsal where we see that Heather’s having a ton of problems with the first song. (Well, the others on the show see it. I don’t detect the problem. I’m no Baldknobber, though.) Megan complains about Heather, Brandon stops the audition, and Patty goes off! Yay, Patty. She reminds Brandon that he is NOT in charge, and that he’s getting a little full of himself. I am inclined to agree. He and Megan are both so full of themselves that they make a great match.

Next we see Breezy and her husband Derrick, at their house. She whines that she’s sick of being stuck in the middle. Meh. Nothing surprising here, other than the fact that Breezy has a husband—I thought she was like, 18!? (I want to use whatever moisturizer she’s using!) We then move to Brandon and Denton, just hangin’ out, eatin’ pie, gettin’ all dramatic. They discuss (in a way that nobody would ever discuss in real life) how they used to hang out and be so close. Brandon wants Denton to help him get a game plan to turn the business around, and to get Tim to trust them. Denton is obviously frustrated with the lack of control over the business, but he’s no dummy. He knows that Megan will play into this, no matter what, and he won’t really get a say in anything.

Here comes an unimpressive singing confessional. Denton, I’m just not feeling it. I’m sure you’re a great singer, but this fell a little flat. Maybe that’s why you haven’t been in the show much yet? (And WHAT is with the fluorescent yellow button-down shirt? He wears it during the confessional, but not during pie time. Thank goodness, because that shirt would scare me away from eating pie, and let me tell you, it’s hard to scare me away from pie.) The song, which is a collaboration between Denton and Brandon, concerns how they want control over the business, they both want the same thing because they’re family, and how Denton “wants to believe, but you can’t change the truth and talk is cheap.”

Heather debuts in the Baldknobbers Jamboree next, and is so excited to find out that Maw Maw is in the audience. She needs to impress her! She needs to make her mark! Brandon says, “I don’t want to see her [Heather] fall flat on her face, but I am fearful that she will.” OH, RIGHT. Happy Opposite Day, Brandon. We all know how badly you want her to fail.

After a tense scene where Heather tries to create a bonding scene, and everyone acts like that would be a Whole Big Deal, they do said bonding scene (where they sing something-or-other). Did they bond? ARE THEY ALL COOL NOW? (Spoiler alert: Nope.) They go out on the stage and perform, and Breezy stands in the wings looking angrier than heck. Poor Breezy, with her young-looking self, overshadowed by Heather again. At a break, when everyone goes backstage, Heather gushes to Patty and Megan that she’s sure that Maw Maw loves her. “We had a moment!” Megan does not agree, and is convinced that Heather is up to something and that the newspaper reporter that Heather mentions is in the audience is a plant, to get Heather a good write-up on the show. Megan is super-suspicious, and calls Heather a manipulator. “And, unfortunately,” Megan says, “we’re stuck with her for now.” Why does she say that? Why, because Maw Maw loves Heather. (Really? I was really hoping for more drama between Maw Maw and Heather, but Maw Maw seems sweeter than I initially thought she’d be. She’s so grandmotherly!)

The episode ends with a preview of episode 4, where the wealthy investor returns. I hope more (good) singing confessionals return, too! This episode seemed a little light on the singing drama. We’ll see what happens, next week!

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  1. I love how Megan calls Heather manipulative. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Megan state in an earlier episode that she, herself, knew how to manipulate people to get what she wants?

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