Shameless: Season 5, Episode 1 Recap

Shameless_Sn5_0115_1Before getting into the Shameless Season 5 Episode 1 Recap, “Milk of the Gods”, here’s a rundown of where we left off:

Fiona, while on house arrest from the accidental drug overdose Liam had from her drugs, goes on a major bender, disappears and ends up stranded in the middle of nowhere, blows her probation and gets locked up in high-security prison. She luckily passes a drug test while in the big house and her PO gets her out and gets her a job working at a diner. Lip, struggling with college life and juggling family drama, finds a sugar mama in Amanda, his roommate’ ex-girlfriend, only to find himself really falling for her. Ian, back from the army, is suffering from what the family thinks is bipolar disease like their mother. He gives Mickey an ultimatum on their relationship. Mickey finally comes out and pronounces his gayness to everyone at the Alibi. Mickey then insists on taking care of Ian rather then sending him to a psych ward. Carl and Deb are still going through that angst of growing up by having broken hearts and being humiliated. Kev and V have the twins and are learning what fun it is to raise the babies. As for Frank, after the botched liver transplant — er, I mean kidney being stolen — Shelia and Sammy race him to the hospital. While he is in a drug-haze stupor Shelia asks Frank to marry her – she really is just needing a marriage certificate to adopt the Indian children – Shelia thinks he agrees but what he really was doing was asking for more pills. Ah, good ol Frank. So all the kids come to see Frank off and in turn find out Shelia and Frank are getting married. Right after the ceremony, Frank is whisked off because a legitimate liver on the transplant list finally came through. Shelia in turn then kicks Sammi and Chuckie out of her house and bars her from seeing Frank. While the two ladies are cat-fighting in the hospital Carl sneaks past them and wheels Frank right out of the hospital. Sammi, now being homeless, moves her trailer into the abandoned lot next to Shelia’s house. Last scene we see is Carl giving Frank some booze. I almost thought at first, given everything he had been through, he was going to toss it into the lake. Nope. He just toasts to the sky proclaiming “this is all you have for me universe?” And starts guzzling away.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough we then see Jimmy/Steve/Jack (Whatever his name is now) IS NOT DEAD!!!!! WTH!?!?! Way to blow my mind.

PHEW what a season that was, and like many I had to patiently or not so patiently wait till now to see what happens next and the suspense has been killing me! Luckily there was summer and football to distract me till then and now — poof! — my Shameless addiction is back.

It’s now summer and the Gallagher clan seem to be living a happy “normal” life. If you are an avid watcher of this show as myself, you know that is not, nor will it be, the case for long. Since it jumps around like crazy, and to keep things simple for my sanity, I will just break down what’s going on per cray cray situation.

Frank & Shelia: We find him waking up with his new wife Sheila and Chuckie jammed in bed with them. Once up she starts riding him to get on his meds and vitals all he does is keep rambling about how he has to go work on his “secret project”, which, side note, he has enlisted Deb’s to help gather items for this very special project.

Shelia on Franks’s case about taking meds, Sammi and whatever else is bugging her

Meanwhile, Shelia keeps trying to kick Chuckie out of the house. He’s only there because he got kicked out of the trailer since Sammi picked up some loser at the Alibi. Sammi then comes strolling in the house with said loser and is acting out all trashy because of her daddy issues and starts dry humping him on the couch. Frank, oblivious to it all, could REALLY care less, it’s ALLL about the “project” in the basement. So Shelia, after finding that Sammi was using her sex toys, AGAIN, tries keeping them out by changing the locks but that doesn’t seem to stop Sammi from coming in. Frank, STILL ignoring them, finally reveals his secret project to some strange guy standing in the house. TA DA, he’s got a brewery going and is making “Frank’s milk of the gods” beer and proclaims it to be the strongest beer known to man. He’s only drinking one beer a day now, so he figures he might as well make it a good ol’ 130 proof, knock-you-on-your-ass beer. While it’s the most disgusting thing ever, especially when you see what all went into making it, Frank still chokes it down, and the next thing we see is … well I can’t give everything away but you for sure will see that “I’m back” Frank smirk.

Episode 501
Flirting fun in the summer sun

Fiona: Still on house arrest but seemingly happy and hanging with her new friend/boss, Sean, from Patsy’s Pies. She is heavily flirtatious with him, he looks to be into her, too, even though he won’t give in to the temptation as he is also in NA and doesn’t want to get involved. Yet you can sense the jealousy he has when the Patsy’s regular and band bloke Davis comes in trying to pick Fi up everyday and her, of course, flirting back. Speaking of Patsy’s Pies life, there is a mysterious blonde that’s wanting to get to know Fiona well. She comes in a lot, orders a piece of pie, is always asking questions, takes one bite of pie then leaves a very large tip? I have a feeling the Jimmy/Steve/Jake whatever his name is now situation has something to do with her since she was in the car with him at the end of last season. On a side note I am pretty certain I have been to the diner this is filmed in many years ago. So there’s one checked off the list of places to go to where shows I love are filmed!

Lip explaining to Amanda that if he takes her car to his hood there will be nothing left of it
Lip explaining to Amanda that if he takes her car to his hood there will be nothing left of it

Lip: Done with school for the year and still with Amanda before splitting to go their separate ways for the summer she offers him up to live with her next school year, her Beamer for the summer and an offer to come to Florida. Leaving things a little up in the air as to if they will see other people during the break, he declines all of her offers. Back in the hood he notices he has changed from his old cronies and seems a little displaced. He’s just looking forward to starting his new back-breaking, hard labor job and making an honest living.

Ian & Mickey: Ian, living a happy little family family life with his boyfriend Mickey, Mickey’ surrogacy pregnant Russian hooker wife Svetlana, baby and Svetlana’s girlfriend. Mickey now has a new business venture as a high-end moving company, which, well, really isn’t a moving company. Use your imagination on what’s really going on. Ha ha, suckers, is all I can say! So while Mickey is playing hustler, Ian is playing housewife and having a little fun on the side. Mickey is still thinking things are fine with Ian and that he can handle him, Fiona and Lip don’t think so. They put the pressure on him to get Ian to go to the doc for his bipolar before he goes completely nutso.

Deb & Karl: Karl is starting summer off with a broken ankle and finds a convenient new way to get around rather then using crutches. Deb, now on the outs from her friends, is on her own trying to figure out the life of a teenage girl and it seems like a race between her and Karl on which one of them will lose their virginity first

Episode 501
Kev bonding with the babies

Kev & V: Uh Oh. Trouble in baby paradise with V and Kev. V’s having a hard time bonding with the babies, Kev’s completely obsessed with the babies and “mommy and me” chat rooms, V clearly feels neglected and needs a little spice in her life that he just doesn’t seem up to giving any more. He proclaims now that she had the babies she is like a virgin Madonna, not Vogue Madonna, Madonna Madonna.



Overall there looks to be some big changes coming to the hood. There are what appears to be some Bible pushers walking around the streets and everyone keeps blowing them off until it’s finally shown they are really trying to buy up houses for the new up-and-coming part of Chicago. Here’s a peek of what’s to come…