It’s A Family Affair On “Discovering Lucy Angel”

No one wakes up day, decides that they want to be a country music star and succeeds by nightfall. Finding success in the music industry is a long, tough road, and for some that quest take a lifetime. AXS TV’s newest series, Discovering Lucy Angel focuses on that slog and strife as one talented group strives for success.

Discovering Lucy Angel
Lucy Angel: Kate, Lindsay and Emily

The series follows Lucy Angel — a country trio consisting of a stunning mother and her lovely daughters — as they take their careers to the next step. The threesome look so alike that I had to get ask co-workers for their opinion as to which of the blonde beauties on their CD cover was Mom.

The show’s theme song features clips from the group’s super sexy music video for their single Serious and much of the show’s early action follows the trials and tribulations of the group releasing and promoting their newest single, Crazy Too

Let’s meet that Angels… (Is that what they’re called? Is “band members” better? I have no clue.)

Kate – I was floored when I learned that this wasn’t a trio of sisters. No one’s mom looks this good, except for Kate. She’s a proud wife, mother, band member (who plays the mandolin) and a grandmother.

Emily A.K.A. “Bo” is the family’s youngest daughter, and the band’s guitar player. As the trio’s lone singleton, once this croup starts getting attention, she’ll be one of country music’s most in demand hotties.

Lindsay is the eldest daughter and Lucy Angel’s lead singer. Lindsay’s outspoken desire for stardom fueled the family’s move to Nashville over a decade ago.

Leading this three-ring circus is the family dad, who prefers to be known as “G-man.” He is the show’s most entertaining aspect, who has a laughable love-hate relationship with shirts (he brings nearly a dozen of them on a two-day trip, yet loves to prance around the family’s home topless.) As the band’s biggest supporter, more than anything, he wants the ladies he loves to achieve their dreams. He’s like an extra, extra grizzled version of Jeff Daniels with a potty-mouth like Andrew Dice Clay (I couldn’t think of anyone  in recent history who swears as often as G-man.)

The family also has 2 sons, who help behind the scenes of the band and are called upon whenever a terrible task needs to get done, like a creating a website or selling band merchandise. Fletcher, (the eldest son) is the family’s voice of reason. He has a normal job and he’d like family life to revolve around more than the ladies of the family. It doesn’t seem like he’s a huge fan of the band because so much of the family’s energy and identity is tied up in it. Jake (the youngest son) is eager to please and is a tireless worker in the family’s music business. Although he loves to be with his loud, bickering family, I sure hope he’s compiling stories for a juicy tell-all, because he seems like the kind of observant guy who’d have major tales to tell.

Also part of the Anderton family is Lindsay’s adorable daughter, McCartney, and her boyfriend (and baby daddy), Anthony “Smitty” Smith. Smitty is also a country performer and writes songs for mega stars including the title cut on Blake Shelton’s new album, Bringing Back the Sunshine.

Discovering Lucy Angel
The Anderton Family: (from left) Anthony “Smitty” Smith, Fletcher, Jake, Lindsay, ‘G-man,” Kate and Emily Anderton; (front row:) McCartney Smith.

In the series premiere, the family has its biggest gig yet, as they perform at a NASCAR race at Pocono and get their first taste of fame’s good life.

Just like any reality TV show that focuses on a family, the conflicts are the most interesting part. And the fortunately, the Anderton family is like a countrified version of the Osbournes (remember how fun it was to watch Ozzy’s antics? G-man is a hybrid of Ozzy and Sharon; he’s crazy and he’s in charge. In other words, TV gold). I don’t foresee table flipping, drink throwing or knock-down-drag-out fights, but there’s till enough meat in this story to be interesting. And, the band is great and the girls have tight harmonies that are friendly on the ears. And they’re hot. Mega, mega sexy and none of them are afraid to flaunt their sexuality, even mom, who can toss her long blonde locks like the best of them.

This is the first series I’ve watched from AXS TV, a hip music and entertainment network that an be found on many cable services including AT&T U-verse Ch. 1106; DirecTV CH. 340; DISH Ch. 167; Verizon FiOs Ch. 569 and elsewhere by searching here.

Lucy Angel is on its way and if the gods of Reality TV lend a helping hand, perhaps we’ll catch the trio at the CMAs next year.

Discovering Lucy Angel > AXS TV > Tuesdays, beginning Jan. 13 at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT