TCA: Starz releases new photos for Outlander

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan, from Starz’s enormously popular Outlander series, are in Pasadena for the Television Critics Association winter press tour. The remaining eight episodes of the first season return to Starz beginning Sunday, April 4 at 9pm ET/PT.  Prior to the panel with the cast, which we’ll have more details later, Starz released the following images for the upcoming episodes. Enjoy!

Outlander new photos


Outlander new photos


  1. ‘Outlander’ should come with a warning: “May be addictive – View at your own risk”.

  2. The show has been the first in a long while that I will not miss, record every show bought the DVDs and even ordered photos of Sam and some shirts, I think WOW I’ve not done anything like this in forever. As a child I was crazy for “this tells my age” Roy Rogers started collections of old things from my early childhood of his. While Sam is not that age I have fallen like you women for him,I know you women know what I mean! He is such a sexy man, I will leave it at that. Well Sam , know now it’s not just young women attracted to you but us mature ones also. Waiting for the next part to come,while I am reading the books and watching reruns. See yo soon !

  3. Love Outlander, am reading the books now and have also bought the season DVDs also recorded every site on stazs watch every night. I guess you would say I’m overboard on this show. I have even bought pictures of Sam “love him” ,such a man. If I was younger and not married ! Would try to find him, but he and Clair make a great couple. Please hurry with the rest of the season shows it seems such a long time. This is only the second time in my life I have gone this crazy over first, the show, second the man playing Jamie. As Sam seems to be a great person “man of my dreams” keep up the good work and I think someone did a good job of choosing the actors of Jamie and Clair. Love the show and actors, keep up the good work.

  4. This show was an emotional powerhouse as I went through an emotional ride with these characters. Jamie and Claire are perfectly cast and both are strong and sexy. Their chemistry relates to the viewers and seem to have an off-screen personal relationship. This was the first series that I watched twice back-to-back and am now reading the book. Hurry up with the sequel.

  5. I concur completely with the previous fans remarks and I think they have been far more eloquent than I could hope to be. My only complaint is the very long wait between the two halves of the season of the first T.V. series.
    The books meanwhile keep me in the loop as I too read them over and over. I think Ron Moore, the actors( especially Heughan and Balfe) and the writers are doing a brilliant and accurate job.
    Was a little disappointed with book eight but still lokking forward to book nine.

  6. I have NEVER been so entranced by a TV series or series of books! I am completely besotted. I have read the first book at least 6 times (since the TV series began), read books 2-5 twice, and the rest once. I have lost count on how many times I have watched each episode (especially The Wedding episode)…and I’ve purchased the episodes to assure continual access. The soundtrack of the first 8 episodes is on my iPad which goes everywhere with me-it is beautiful.

    And I can honestly say that the example of Claire and Jamie’s marriage has improved my own. My husband says ‘thank you’.

    Now I can get back to my landscape design business and writing (I am also a published author of 2 garden design books for Timber Press).

  7. I have found the Outlander Series to be the most entertaining film I have ever watched. I am an eternal optimist and the book series just leaves the reader hungry for more. I could never get enough this descriptive showmanship of an author. I never enjoyed books so that I was FORCED TO READ THEM ALL TWICE. I JUST Finished Dragonfly in Amber and about to embark on Voyager. I am from Scottish descent. My mother’s maiden name was Stinson. Jamie Fraser is the dream of every woman who loves the burly type man. He speaks with such sincerity I just can’t imagine living 20 years without him. I would have found away to go back through the stones to him sooner. For how can one even think about loving another after loving him. I am a history worm and the historical accounts were astounding. By the way, I am a 64 year old African-American female Counseling Psychologist employed at Morehouse college. I direct and write federal grants to help Black males graduate and acquire doctoral degrees. My plate is always full but I am newly addicted to Outlander series and all of the subsequent books. Diana Gabaldon is a genius!

    • Regarding living 20 years without Jamie, in the book Jamie sent Claire back through the stones to protect her and their unborn child. Claire had told him of the slaughter at Culloden, the Scottish lairds losing their properties, their arms, and their right to even wear their kilts. Claire searched through old records and could not find any evidence of Jamie being alive afterwards.

      But I agree with you – I think I would have resisted and stayed with Jamie…

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