Little Women: LA “Mama Drama” Recap, Season 2, Episode 2

Now that we know that Terra’s pregnant, how will her enemy Kristi and her new BFF Traci take it?

Will they be more excited for this than Joe (who wasn’t too thrilled, at first.)? I know that his life is already about to get exciting since his band is goi g on tour, but he needs to remember that there’s never a “perfect” moment to start a family, you just have to do it!

So, instead of going back and forth between storylines, I’m going to chunk them together.

First, Briana and her “being a Mama” drama.

LW2.2_11She’s a single-mom of cutie-pie kindergartener, Leiana. While grocery shopping, where B cleverly has her “little helper” stand in the cart to reach the store’s high shelves. Leiana mentions that she’s being bullied by a classmate. Later, Briana asks the advice of Christy, who is the mom of two teens with dwarfism. Briana has never explained to her daughter why she and mommy and daddy are smaller than others, but Christy insists that Briana is honest with her daughter. I totally agree with Christy, arming your child with information is what makes them into their own advocate.

LW2.2_8So when Briana tells Leiana what dwarfism, is, Leiana is so wonderful and her explanation to her friends is perfect, saying, I’m gonna “Tell everyone, ‘My mom’s small and she was born that way. And that’s how I will be ‘cause I’m special.” Aw, precious girl!

On to Tonya and her “Man’s Mama” drama…
LW2.2_12Tonya and Trevore have been dating for over 4 months, and now it’s time to meet Trevore’s mom. And Lil’ Boss may be feeling a Lil’ bit freaked out. But hold up, because Trevore drops another bombshell and asks Tonya to move in with him. “Let’s pump the brakes a little bit, okay?” says Tonya. But I think that “pumping” might have gotten her to this moment, know what I mean? But, one a sexual side note, Tonya tells her friends that since Trevore won’t go down on her, she won’t return the sexual favor.

Tonya later learns that Trevore had hit on Briana, which is too bad because I liked Trevore, but it turns our that he’s a scumbag.

LW2.2_10Is anyone else noticing that suddenly, everyone is calling Trevore “Tray-vor” and “Truh-vor” instead of “Treh-ver” like they did last season? Anyway, when Tonya confronts Trevore in front of his mom, shiz gets real and after some yelling, stopping, and furious taco eating, their relationship is over. I might have confronted Trevore before having his mom over for lunch, because now Tonya has lots of dishes to clean up.

Christy “Baby Wanna” drama…
So Christy was a super-pal when dishing out parenting advice to Briana, but she gets an “F” this week for being a sneaky wife.
LW2.2_1Christy and Todd go shopping for a onesie, (at a store called OnePiece) because inexplicably, this horrible fashion trend is cool with teens, and her daughter wants one. Christy and Todd present another in their semi-regular hilarity, “Things that suck when you’re small.” Trying on onesies can now be added to the list. Christy wants to buy an infant-sized one for their future child, but Todd refuses. He and his ex lost their unborn child and he doesn’t want to “count chickens before they’re hatched.”

Christy asks, “What’s the difference between jinxing and being prepared?”
To which Todd gives the best response in the history of responses, “the same as being confident and being arrogant.” But Christy buys the baby-sized one when Todd leaves to go get the car; which is terrible of her.

LW2.2_2Elena‘s “Don’t wanna” drama
Elena didn’t have too much drama this week, she decided that now that Terra is pregnant, she realizes that she’s not ready to be a mom. I bet she also realizes that Terra is still her professional competition, even if she’s her friend.

Terra and her baby drama
Terra wants to tell the ladies that she’s expecting, and plans to tell them at an all-girl’s pot-luck that weekend. But before we get there, did anyone else notice that Elena rolled up in a Maserati?

LW2.2_3After everyone has eaten, Terra brings out cupcakes with tiny baby toys on top to announce her pregnancy. Those cupcakes looked mighty tasty, so maybe it was hunger or maybe it was the booze, I swear, it takes the entire table eons to figure out who is pregnant.



LW2.2_6They were like “Are you pregnant?” “Are you the pregnant one?” to everyone at the table, but Terra. When Terra reveals, “True story…I’m pregnant.” Christy and Traci are not excited. Traci is actually crying, and they’re not tears of joy. It’s a bummer that Terra’s friends are so consumed with jealousy that they can’t be thrilled for her.

Traci’s tearful drama
Lw2.2_9Once in the car with Erik, Traci (who was in this episode for perhaps three minutes, but still managed several dramatic eye rolls) tells him that Terra is pregnant. Erik is thrilled, but Traci cries bitter, jealous tears. I feel like a wedge was just thrust between Traci and Terra, and I wonder if Traci is so consumed by jealousy, why is anyone her friend? He is she going to be jealous of next?