Dance Moms Season 5 preview: Check out these seek peek videos from Tuesday’s premiere!

Dance Moms Season 5 premiere Lori Acken

Dance-Moms-Season-5-Abby-Lee-MillerSo many questions, Dance Moms nation, as Season 5 premieres tomorrow night at 9/8CT.

Is Abby moving to L.A.? Is everyone moving to L.A.? Is the Select team still part of the picture in any incarnation? Are Chloe and Christi really gone from the ALDC this time? I mean really really? Contracts-be-damned really? And what is the current headcount on the folks who are suing Abby?

You could wait for the premiere for answers — or you could check out these clips from Dance Moms Season 5 episode 1, “99 Problems But a Mom Ain’t One.”

If you’re still wondering if Abby truly goes Hollywood, if Christi Lukasiak and Abby Lee Miller could possibly be in the same room successfully and what the remaining ALDC’ers have in store for them, let’s start out with this one:

And if you’re wondering if Abby has mellowed since the filing of several lawsuits courtesy of her former student Kelly Hyland, mother of her former students Brooke and Paige Hyland — or if her penchant for creepy dances has waned — this should take care of that nicely.

Dance Moms Season 5 premieres Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 9/8CT on Lifetime. following the Dance Moms Girl Talk 2 special at 8/7CT.

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  1. I am so happy that Chloe,Christy, Brooke,Kelly and Paige are all gone.they will not be missed.
    Team Abby

    • I can’t believe that you said that the hylands, Chloe and Chrisi were the best and most of it is fake you know that right !!!!!

      and you are team abby i would like to see how you would like it to be treated like the way they do !!!!!!!!

  2. I liked Chloe but I love watching all the girls dance especially Maddie. People don’t have to watch the show if they don’t want to; however, they need to realize that Christi is not without her faults just like Abby. It also needs to be understood that this show is edited so both sides and the full story is not completely out there for public consumption. You see probably 10% of what happens so bear that in mind when you start throwing your hatred on a 12 year old girl. I think you need to address any bullying, if you feel you must do so, towards the adults and not the children. The girls all seem to be supportive of each other so why should complete strangers say these mean, nasty things about kids you don’t really know.

    • I agree. I don’t think anyone is saying (or hating) anything hateful about the girls. I don’t really LIKE (I’m not a fan) of Maddie, Mackenzie or Kendall- kendall is not even an original member, her mom came on to get her kid famous after the show had aired an episode when the other ORIGINAL kids (half of whom are gone now) left because of how hateful and cruel Abby is. So, no, I don’t hate any kids, though I may not “like” or be fans of them, if that makes sense. I can’t stand Abby!! I can’t stand Melussa, a Jill and now Holly. None of them stuck by their friend, who they’ve known (except kendall since she was not a real ALDC member until after the show was a hit) since they were 2 or 3 years old. Those moms and the girls didn’t reach out to chloe or her mom when any of this happened, which is really sad and shows how much they care about their so-called “friend”. They were full of it on the show saying they tried to contact her.. Not true! Chloe even put out some Instagram photos with her and the girls and abby was mean and told chloe she wasn’t allowed to use photos of those girls (her friends) or she could sue her. After that I think her mom made her take down photos of them with her because of abby. The girls never put pgotos or contacted chloe at all. One person (I’m guessing Nia) did call chloe one time, and she responded, but that’s it. This whole episode was propaganda for the show and abby to make christi and Kelly look bad and Abby appear to be the victim, which she is so far from being the victim. Anyway, I have nothing against the girls. They could have been better friends but I’m sure they were given instructions not to contact or have anything to do with chloe. The moms make me sick the way they acted. I’m sure Melussa was thrilled, and with Chkoe gone there is no competition for MADDIE so that makes her mom happy and jill is probably happy because now her daughter will get more screen time, but the one I’m most disappointed in is Holky because she has known chloe and christi since the girls were babies and she knows the abuse Chloe has been put through. Holky has become a sell out and that’s sad, and as I said, disappointed. Sad to not see ANY loyalty from these people IMO.

      • I was thinking the exact same thing. Holly really REALLY made me angry last night, she showed no loyalty or guts whatsoever and her daughter was bullied just as much as Chloe and the Hyland girls. She’s supposed to be the smart level-headed one of the group and she was as catty and nasty as the two-headed Missy-Jill monster…..sickening.

    • Okay Abby…..and while we’re on the subject, she may have had weight-loss surgery but she’s still ugly to the core, no amount of tucking can correct that.

  3. So disappointed that Chloe left the show!! She was my favourite. With Chloe gone along with Brooke and Paige I’m realising something. I don’t like Maddie (too favoured), I don’t like McKenzie and I don’t really dislike Kendall but, eh. So that leaves Nia. I will continue to watch the show but I don’t think for long.

  4. I agree with everything that Shanice said. I’ve waited too long for Abby to get her comeuppance, but karma doesn’t exist in the world of Lifetime. I am not going to watch the glorified bully Lifetime created anymore.

  5. Shanice said it all, and I can’t add to perfection. I’m not wasting my time on this garbage. I already know the answers to those questions but maybe some do want to watch so I’ll stay quiet.

  6. They lost a viewer when Chloe and Christi left! I’m glad chloe left for her own well-being, but there is no show without chloe and her mom- especially since Kelly and her girls are gone as well. So SICK of the Maddie show!! Abby is a vindictive woman who bullies children. I hope this show fails miserably and we never hear another word about this witch ir ANY of the “remaining” or “new” girls they get. I do like Nia- but NONE of the other girls or their moms and that is the ones there and the new ones they are bringing (since I already know who they are and do not like any of them). Hope Chloe, Brooke and Paige have wonderful careers and lives’! Best of luck to you three girls are your mothers’. Chloe is by far the most talented of all the girls and that is why Abby tried so hard to get her off the show. So pathetic Abby!!

  7. Sorry you still have to watch the show, Lori. I’m not ashamed that I didn’t watch the show for all the girls, only two. If Abby’s allowed to have favorites as the teacher, than I have the same right as a viewer. I’ll still come on here for your funny recaps as my way of checking on Nia, who got more vocal the last three episodes last season. My favorite mom is gone, the others complained and b*%#^ed but didn’t balance it out with humor like Christi did. The other girls(except Maddie) was bullied but didn’t balance it out with amazing dancing or was bullied to the extent Chloe was. Nia, unfortunately, is Token, which is why I love her.

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