Five Women Search for Soulmates on “Big Women: Big Love”

Big Women: Big Love
Meet the Ladies: (from top left) Sabrina, Mar, Jenn, (bottom row) Kristi, Jessica

The search for true love is a difficult one, but five plus-sized beauties open their loves and hearts as they embark on this very personal journey. Lifetime’s new docuseries, Big Women: Big Love, premiering Jan. 1, shines a light on the lives of plus-size daters and presents an unflinching look into the romantic adventures of five brave singletons.

I love dating shows. I simply love watching people fall in love. I am a softie, a romantic, and I root for the lovelorn. Plus-size faces aren’t regularly seen on the TV landscape, so more than watching these women achieve their goals of finding love, I look forward to seeing bodies that fall outside of “the TV norm” and find recognition and success.

Meet the ladies of Big Women: Big Love:

  • Jenn, 26 (Los Angeles, CA) – Originally from the midwest, Jenn has always lived a sheltered life under the watchful eyes of her parents. Now on her own in Los Angeles, she is on the prowl to find a cuddly guy with a beard and loving every minute of it!
  • Jessica, 29 (Atlanta, GA) – Jessica, a makeup artist, recently lost 100 pounds but still lives at home with her overbearing mother. Her perfect man is educated, spiritual, successful, respects women and knows how to wine, dine and surprise her.
  • Kristi, 34 (Fort Worth, TX) – A single mom raising a daughter, Kristi is using the internet as her dating guru, but hasn’t found the southern gentleman of her dreams yet.
  • Mar, 32 (Clifton, NJ) – Mar has dreams of finding true love and becoming the next big singing sensation. With a penchant for skinny bad boys, she refuses to date a guy who also is plus-sized, despite her own curvy physique.
  • Sabrina, 31 (Brooklyn, NY) – Everything about Sabrina is big…big hair, big fashion and an even bigger personality. The self-described dork is never one to turn down an invitation and always makes the best of every situation, particularly while searching for a man who shares her love of video games.

Big Women: Big Love > Lifetime > premiering Jan. 1, 10pm ET/PT

Beginning January 7, Big Women: Big Love moves to its regular day and time, Wed. at 10pm ET/PT.

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  1. I am disappointed in the way these women are acting. They act like sluts looking to get laid and using alcohol as the reason to make them less inhibited which we can see is not the case. Jessica is obnoxious and even though she should be proud of herself for losing the weight, she is still not as slim a she thinks. As an overweight woman I know what I am talking about. I feel embarrassed by their actions except for Sabrina. She is the only class act of the bunch. I also feel for their families who are watching this dreadful behavior especially for Christy who has a daughter. What kind of role model is she. These women need to look in the mirror and realize sex does not make up for their lack of self esteem. They cry about their weight but yet do nothing about the way they eat. They need to grow up.

  2. Watching these past shows it amazes me how wonderful Jessica thinks she is. No matter if she weighed 100 lbs she is just not a nice person. It is all about her, her weight loss, her, her, her…you can be a large lady but if you have a good heart and treat each other with respect that means more than what you weigh. She shows none of that to the other ladies. I hope most of them find someone who appreciates them. OH MY I JUST HEARD HER SAY SHE IS LIGHT AS A FEATHER>>>who the heck is she kidding. Her backside is still huge but guess she cannot look at it in the mirror but believe me, its STILL there.

  3. I don’t know who this Jessica thinks she is! Calling herself a “skinny girl” while she is around the rest of these beautiful women. She is soooooo far from being a skinny girl!!!! She needs to have someone put her in her place!!! The fact that she says she weighs around 230 is complete crap!!! I don’t know who she thinks she is kidding but everyone can see that clearly not the truth. Look Jessica, it’s wonderful that you lost weight; however, no matter who you are around, no one wants to hear just that non stop. You need to get over yourself, you are not anything better than any other of those wonderful women. In fact , the majority of them were far superior than you. They weren’t conceded, overbearing, rude, and actually had feelings, and genuinely care for others. Unless you change, you will always be alone. Trust America when they say, YOU ARE NOT SKINNY. That’s why you are on this show with these other women. You do not look any different than any of them. In fact, some of them were smaller than you, so don’t get it twisted. Pull your head out.

    • Ditto! I don’t know, maybe there are bigger women where Jessica lives and her current size is considered “skinny”!!! If that’s the case, I’m moving to her town! (I always wanted to be TOOO skinny and by her standards I could be the new “Twiggy”

  4. Kudos to these ladies for letting us into their lives. They strike a chord with thousands of women in the same situation. A note to Jessica – congrats on your weight loss, but you’re still fat. We look forward to seeing you become the skinny minnie you think you are. I noticed that some of the women are very sensitive, boisterous or hyper-critical. I wonder if these are signs of underlying emotional problems that contribute to over eating. Best of luck to all of you ladies. Keep up the good work!

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