On Demand DVD New Releases Dec. 29-Jan. 4

On Demand DVD New Releases Dec. 29-Jan. 4

It’s a slow week for new releases, with only three titles to choose from …

Equalizer_The_webThe Equalizer (pictured) McCall, who has put his mysterious past behind him, comes out of self-retirement to serve vengeance against anyone who would brutalize the helpless. Denzel Washington, Melissa Leo (R, 2:11) 12/30

Viking: The Berserkers In Dark Ages Britain, a group of young Saxons are captured by a clan of fearsome Viking warriors and used as prey in a ritualistic manhunt. Sol Heras, Simon Armstrong, Anthony Baines (NYR) 1/1

(REC) 4: Apocalypse A mysterious virus, which turns people into demons, is carried out of a safe zone by a reporter in the latest entry in one of the scariest horror sagas ever. Manuela Velasco, Maria Alfonsa Rosso (R, 1:36) 1/2 Available same day as theatrical release. Spanish, subtitled in English.

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