Dance Moms Season 5 premieres with two-hour event

Could it be the revenge of Kelly and Christi is finally upon us?

In the preview clip for the Jan. 6 season 5 premiere of Lifetime’s once-mighty Dance Moms, just four of the series’ original dancers — Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Nia Frazier and Kendall Vertes — appear in the studio, and Kendall’s mom Jill forewarns of former Dance Moms Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland’s plan to “destroy the ALDC.”

Even the splashy graphics announce that ABBY’S EMPIRE IS FALLING APART!

But first, let’s have a little Girl Talk. Part Two.

Before the Season 5 premiere episode — pointedly titled “99 Problems But A Mom Ain’t One” — Disney star Coco Jones takes the place of Dance Moms executive producer Jeff Collins as host, which will likely mean a kinder, gentler reunion show than Dance Moms fans are used to. The PR for the special reveals that the remaining ALDC dancers will answer fans’ (carefully curated) questions about boyfriends, besties, rivalries and of course, Abby Lee. The little ladies will also reveal their favorite routines from throughout the past four seasons and give on-the-spot lessons on how to perform their signature movesDo not try Nia’s patented Death Drop at home.

Dance-Moms-Season-5-Abby-Lee-MillerAnd then the drama begins. As Season 5 bows, Christi and her long beleaguered daughter Chloe have cut all ties to the ALDC, the remaining dancers and their moms, requiring a California dreamin’ Abby to call in a familiar backup if the shows, and the competitions season, will go on. And Ms. Miller’s problems don’t end there. With her much-anticipated  move to Hollywood on the horizon, Abby faces yet more legal setbacks when  a former student (Psssst! It’s Paige!) supplements the ever-evolving lawsuit filed by Kelly Hyland with a claim of her own.

Presumably, there will also be some dancing in there somewhere.

So what say you, Dance Moms fans? Are you looking forward to Season 5, no matter what the drama entails? Or no Chloe, no deal, as many of you have threatened? Or is watching Abby possibly — finally — getting her comeuppance all you need to lure you back in? Sound off in the comments section below.

Dance Moms Girl Talk 2 premieres Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 8/7CT, followed by the Dance Moms Season 5 premiere at 9/8CT on Lifetime.

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  1. I knew that Chloe was gone at the end of last season, but was still disappointed because I hoped beyond hope that she would be back. I understand that she now has her own channel on YouTube where we can keep up with what she is doing. I hope she really is dancing at another studio and dancing 15 hours a day (as someone said in the comments already) or at least dancing every day so that she can continue to improve and be the best dancer she can be despite Abby. Getting proper training now is the very best thing for her to help her through her continuing height changes. I watched last night to see what they would say about Chloe, and was totally shocked how history is being re-written by the moms of all people. I was sickened by the way that they are all of the sudden totally on Abby’s side and really wondered about it. Holly seems to forget how upset she was at the end of last season. Did a few solos for Nia make such a difference in her feelings. This ‘Poor put upon Abby’ and ‘Kelly and Christi are out to destroy Abby’ hogwash. Kelly and Christi are trying to fight back in the only way they can. Do you all forget all the horrors of the last several seasons where Abby was so emotionally abusive to Brooke, Paige and Chloe? How about Abby going to the judges at least 3 different times to try to take Chloe’s wins away from her because she won despite Abby’s mechanizations? Remember her taking away the win from Chloe on the ‘dance the same number mess’ and then Abby praising Maddie for the ‘agony’ of having won but not getting the award, but nothing about Chloe winning and having it taken away (which she handled so well despite the tears in her eyes and voice). How about her taking Brooke, Paige and Chloe to that one audition in New York to supposedly show the girls that were auditioning the choreography, but then not teaching them the choreography so that they would look bad. Abby telling Chloe to take off her ALDC clothing. How about her giving Chloe substandard choreography all the time so that she would lose, but Chloe winning despite or placing despite that. How about even last night her saying that Chloe had been going to get a solo to ‘redeem’ herself from nationals despite her placing the highest of all the soloists despite her crappy choreography? She should have been at the top of the pyramid for that alone, but of course we know about Abby screaming out that Chloe was finished and ‘all washed up’ where Abby knew that Chloe could hear. How about Abby deliberately not watching Chloe in rehearsals but sitting and texting or playing games on her phone while Chloe worked with the other gal. Abby wanted Chloe out because she hated Christi and hating Chloe as and extension of that. How about any adult hating a child because she doesn’t like her mother? I don’t give Christi a pass either. She was horrible in a lot of ways, but most of her issues were calling Abby out on her treatment of Chloe. Her rants and tirades were always about the unfairness of how Chloe was being treated. Abby wanted Chloe out when the Hylands left and did everything she could to break Chloe down and then Abby would sadly talk about how Chloe just doesn’t have any spark and just doesn’t want it like she used to. She is a sick woman and I think that she shouldn’t be allowed to be around children. How about the way she treated that poor little girl with the pushy mother. Sarah is it? The 8 year old that she would berate and say horrible things to all the time. The only reason anyone is bringing their kids there or keeping them there (this includes Kelly and Christi for as long as they took it) is because they wanted their children to be on TV and to be seen dancing. That is the only reason that Kilani’s Mom agreed to come back. Without the show, Kilani wouldn’t be seen. Oh, that’s another thing….If those parts that Kilani got that were supposedly for Chloe were actually for Chloe, look what Abby had in store for her. A dance done in heels. Chloe is a ballet and jazz and lyrical dancer. Putting her in heels like that would have been devastating to her injured foot and her legs. It probably was for Kilani. Oh…;and the bearded lady. It was a joke and funny for Kilani, but Abby meant it as hurtful for Chloe because of their past. I have no doubt that Chloe would have done the best that she could and possibly even won, but even Kilani had trouble with the dance in heels and only place 2nd, which Abby will praise Kilani for, but as Chloe’s chance to ‘redeem’ herself, a second place for Chloe would have been another thing for Abby to yell at her for…or show her disappointment and give us sad asides about how she is ‘slipping’.

    I admit to being surprised at Abby’s weight loss and think she must have gotten gastric bypass to have lost that much weight. Good for her, but weight loss doesn’t make me like her any better. I hear that this isn’t the best season for the girls and this first episode win is one of the only one’s they get for a while…which just proves that the falling apart of the team is just that. If only Abby hadn’t tried so hard to push the older girls out because they threatened Maddie’s ascension as teacher’s pet, best dancer that ever was. I wish the best for the remaining girls, but I think we will continue to see it all come undone. It’s time to end it. It’s time to end Abby’s reign of terror. I personally hope that Paige wins.

    • You said exactly what I was thinking, on every point. And yes I did read somewhere that Abby had surgery for weight loss as well as a breast reduction. She can wither away to 100 pounds but that won’t take away the ugliness and evil she’s done to those girls. One thing though about the heels Kalani was wearing, they’re fairly flexible and a lot of jazz dancers use them when they get older rather than the slip on shoes that the other girls wear. So it’s not that uncommon for girls her age to wear them when dancing. They’re not as scary as they look lol, and are actually quite comfortable, at least the ones we used to wear when we danced were.

  2. I am glad that Chloe has moved on, so she can get more oppurtunities. I am also sad that she left the ALDC because she has always made the team complete and she fits in well with the other girls. On the other hand, the show must go on. I am hoping that the girls will have more oppurtunities and things like that.

    • Obviously the producers weren’t wanting to let it go, otherwise there wouldn’t have been so much talk about it, blame them, not the viewers or commenters.

  3. I was a huge fan of Chloe and I will miss her. I would love to see her get a show of her own but thats not too likely. I will watch however because I like the other kids. I hope this season gives Kendall and Nia a chance to shine! Maddie is a beautiful dancer but you gotta admit she had the best choreography and the push from Abby.

    • I saw Chloe perform in Calgary Alberta this past fall with Blake McGrath at a fall intensive seminar, and she doesn’t want to do another tv show, she just wants to focus on school, her friends and go back to regular classes. That’s the best thing for her, and all the girls for that matter, “fame” has already ruined too many friendships and spirits of those poor girls, they need normalcy away from the cameras and that horrible ALM.

  4. I won’t be watching now that Chloe is gone. I think she has great potential. I’m tired of all the attention that Abby gives to Maddie and I think Melissa is one of the worst moms. She may not yell on the show but she is underhanded and undermines the other moms and the other girls. And I was disgusted that she let Maddie do that Sia video in a see thru leotard with nothing underneath.

    • I don’t think it was see through, just flesh toned. I agree with everything you said aside from that. The video was weird and not in a good way, I didn’t like the song(I like her better when she writes for others) but Maddie was good. At least she didn’t do the Maddie face in it. But yeah #teamchloe no more dance moms for me either.

  5. Glad to see both Christi and Kelly will be gone. Such bad mouth people. If they wanted their daughters to have the same opportunities as Maddie then their daughrers should have been taking more private classes and been at the studio more. I have had more than enough of listening to these two moms. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the girls progress in their dancing.

    • You can’t take private lessons if Abby doesn’t approve them. Melissa worked at the desk and scheduled her kids’ privates. So what they swore. Who the hell doesn’t? They never said anything horrible about Maddie. Those girls won’t progress because they are barely training and learning anymore, with the exception of Chloe who now dances 15 hours a week and is working with some big choreographers who didn’t have to get a reality show to be well-known.

  6. I’m looking forward to the new season.
    I’ve read some spoilers and want to see how much is true. I’m referring to the dance competitions and outcomes.
    I’m sorry to see Chloe go, but unlike many, I didn’t consider her the sole star of the show. I love watching ‘all’ the girls.
    I won’t miss Christi or her mouth. I don’t know if she ever picked on Maddie in her presence, but several times over the season’s she made snide remarks about her. But mostly not so much about Maddie as more about Abby’s treatment of Maddie compared to Chloe.
    I also still hate that the Hyland girls are gone. But, like Christi, don’t miss Kelly or her mouth.
    Still there will be a ‘mouth’ to contend with. From what I can tell little Sarah will be back, but that also means her mom too. Love Sarah, not so much her mother.
    Even though some of my favorites are gone, and will be missed. There are still some beautifully talented girls to watch. So I will tune in.
    (No need to comment on Abby, I think there’s been enough said already. lol)

  7. Not wasting my time. I don’t believe the preview either. They always show a preview implying a thing, then show something different.
    That woman dug her own grave and she can shut p and stop blaming everybody else. It is old. Good luck though. Who knows, maybe enough people will watch to keep that horrid woman on tv believing she is a star and everybody else is out to ruin her.

    • I totally agree about the so called previews. They lead you in with the ole bait and switch. lol So I don’t give much credit to the previews.

  8. lawsut is old news. Most of us already know what the outcome was. Thank goodness Christie is gone. Complain, complain is all she did. I am looking forward to season five. I hope it’s less scripted and more dancing.

    • E-DI-TED! Not scripted. Edited and produced.
      Real Husbands of Hollywood=scripted
      Law and Order SVU=scripted
      Dance Moms=edited and produced
      Real Housewives franchise=edited and produced
      Scripted is when you’re given a script and told exactly what to say, do and feel.

  9. I can’t wait for season 5! I haven’t missed an episode yet. I’m so glad that Christi is gone so she can’t pick on Maddie anymore. I hope Chloe likes her new studio-I heard it’s a good one. I think it will nice for Nia and Kendall because they will have the opportunity to do more solos now that Chloe won’t be there.

    • I’m still trying to figure out how Christi “picked” on Maddie. Abby picked on people (Chloe’s eye, Holly’s thighs, Christi’s childhood, Nia’s hair, etc). All Christi ever did and said(and not to her face) was that Abby favors Maddie at the expense of the other girls. Christi picked on Melissa(which I have no problem with because I despise adulterers) and Jill(her voice), but never the kids.

  10. I know I won’t be supporting the show anymore. But I’m on the fence about the Girl Talk 2 and first episode, just to see what is going to be said about The Lukasiaks (and The Hylands once Abby gets served). After that I’m done. If I hear something big with Nia is going to take place, I’ll watch it online, but not on Lifetime’s website. I’m guilty of watching for about 2 and a half seasons, went back and watched all the episodes, but I really wished season 3 would’ve been the last one.

    • I’m so glad Kelley and Christi are hone….so much compining and whining…always judging everyone else…always picking on maddie…and then when Kendall does good Christie would then pick on Kendall…no matter if christi got what she wanted she complained …if she didn’t get what she wanted she complained..if Chloe won she complained …if she lost she complained…omg…that constant …woe-is-me…so glad she’s gone

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