MythBusters holiday mega marathon airs on Science Channel

It’s a holiday gift for MythBusters fans — Science Channel will be airing a 9 1/2-day “holiday mega marathon” of the series starting Christmas Eve and running through the start of the New Year. All told, the marathon will feature 220 episodes over 228 hours.


More from Science Channel:

“Science Channel is about to ‘bust’ open your holiday season with a mega marathon so big it takes (almost) ten days to complete. The network that dares to question everything will air MYTHBUSTERS episodes in order from all nine seasons for more than nine consecutive days this holiday beginning Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24 through Friday, January 2. This once-in-a lifetime television event celebrates all things from everyone’s favorite engineering show. Viewers will have the opportunity to spend the holiday season with Science Channel as we test, build, ‘make’ and explode.”

The MYTHBUSTERS HOLIDAY MEGA MARATHON begins Wednesday, Dec. 24, at 6am ET/PT and runs through Friday, Jan. 2 at 6pm ET/PT.


Benjamin Hanson/Discovery Channel


  1. This was the most awesome programming ever! Can’t think of anything better to make the holiday season even more special than to spend it watching every mythbusters episode ever aired. I sat in front of the TV endlessly and we stayed on the science channel from beginning to end. We recorded it and it’s so much fun to watch over and over please please do it again for 2015-16 this could be a huge hit and special holiday gift every year – keep it up science channel !

  2. Love the marathon…get to see all the ones i have missed over the years…im watching it rught niw as i right this…infact i haven’t changed the channel since it started…thanks science channel

  3. The marathon is a wonderful idea, for two days I haven’t watched anything else. I’m seeing all the reruns I missed over the years.
    I love your guys, I’m 64 I find this stuff intertainment at its best, kudos for everyone!

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