Jane the Virgin Episode 9 Recap: Never Ending Drama

On “Chapter Nine” of Jane the Virgin, Jane and Rafael are back to a healthy start as they head to Jane’s baby ultrasound appointment together. Jane is lucky to have Rafael by her side as she continues to worry that everything with the baby will be okay. She really should’ve listened to Rafael when he told her to not listen to what she read on WebMD. The doctor comes in to let Jane and Rafael know Jane-the-Virgin-ultrasoundthat everything seems to be going great with the pregnancy and the baby is very healthy. Looks like the couple can finally be happy with their bun in the oven-until Petra walks in the room. To everyone’s surprise Petra apologizes for being late to the ultrasound appointment. I’m still unsure how she figured out when the appointment would be, but she claims to have an interest in the baby. Clearly Rafael and Jane are furious that Petra would even think of setting foot in the room but she tells them that she has legal rights to this baby. She tries to make Jane feel bad by reminding her of how she wanted to give the baby up to Rafael and Petra. In complete Petra fashion, she warns the couple that she’s going to fight for her rights with this baby. You’re not fooling anyone Petra, we all know you really don’t care about this baby and only care about how much money you can squeeze out of Rafael.

While Rafael and Jane have Petra to deal with, they might also need to worry about Michael. Michael still isn’t over the fact that Rafael stole Jane from him and he’s fixated on solving the Sin Rostro case. Michael tells his partner, Nadine, that he thinks Rafael might be the drug dealer they’ve been looking for the entire time. As crazy as this seems, he points out that while Rafael was sick, Sin Rostro went under the radar, but as soon as Rafael was better, Sin Rostro resurfaced and there were two murders at the hotel. In order to find some evidence to prove his outrageous theory, Michael hires his brother to do some snooping around Rafael.

Rafael is convinced that the only way to get rid of Petra is to pay her off, but Jane doesn’t want to resort to money as the answer. Jane confides in Michael and lets him know the situation she’s in with Petra and custody of the baby. He tells Jane that he’d be willing to help her by setting up a wired conversation between Jane and Petra. All Jane would need to do is catch Petra admitting that she’d settle for a certain amount of money in order to drop the custody battle. Michael also thinks that this will help him get some dirt on Rafael in the process. Jane ends up having her meeting with Petra, but it’s as if Petra knows Jane is wearing a wire. She doesn’t admit to anything other than wanting to be a part of the baby’s life. During their talk, Petra tells Jane a sob story of how she suffered the loss of her father one week before the Berlin Wall fell. She told Jane how devastating it was to not get to know her father, and that she doesn’t want a similar situation to occur between her and the baby.

So while Petra didn’t crack and admit that she’s only in this for the money, she did reveal a bit too much information. Rafael does some research of his own on the Berlin Wall and discovers that it came down in November. If Petra’s story about her father was true, she wouldn’t have even been born. Rafael tells Jane that he knew Petra’s birthday is in December, which means she wouldn’t have been able to see the Berlin Wall fall or suffer the loss of her father in November. Looks like Rafael caught Petra in her huge web of lies.

Michael’s brother seemed to come up empty-handed on any evidence of Rafael being a huge drug dealer. He tells Michael that if Rafael were to be a drug dealer, he would’ve been the best, because no one would Jane-the-Virgin-Michael-safeever suspect a thing with the remarks he’s received about Rafael. Since that wasn’t cutting it for Michael’s brother, he decided to steal Rafael’s wallet, which contained a key that was sewn inside. If someone were trying to hide something the best way to hide it would be by sewing it into their wallet. The two brothers do some snooping in Rafael’s office and find a safe filled with money and passports. For Michael, this is a clue and it means he needs to get a warrant to search the safe legally. In my eyes, Rafael is a wealthy man and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he has a safe filled with passports and money. I don’t think these are in the handbook for drug lords on what they ought to always have.

Excited about the news they discovered about Petra, Rafael and Jane tell her what they know. They tell her that they’ve hired a private investigator who found out that the identity Petra is using is that of a girl who died in the Czech Republic in 2008. They also threaten her that they’ll continue to dig into who she really is unless she plays by their rules. If she agrees to sign the divorce papers and promises to stay away from the couple and their baby, she’ll have nothing to worry about. Petra is terrified that they’ve uncovered her secrets, so she agrees to their conditions. Looks like Rafael and Jane might actually have a chance to raise this baby together, happily.

Michael ended up getting a warrant to search Rafael’s safe but it doesn’t go down as he had planned. Rafael doesn’t understand why they’d need to search his safe, but he complies with Michael and Nadine and opens the safe. When Rafael opens the safe, Michael is furious to see no money or passports inside, like he had seen before. He knows what he had seen, and isn’t going to stop his search against Rafael. Nadine tries to calm Michael down by kissing him and things start to get heated. Somehow she accidentally finds a secret passageway in the room where Serbian had disappeared the other day. It appears to be a secret tunnel that leads into the ground under the tub. Who would’ve thought that Michael and Nadine getting frisky would lead to them finding a clue?

Jane’s Abuela has had a bit too much to drink at the after-party of the Paloma Awards. Being the feisty Latina that she is, she wants to give Petra a piece of her mind for the way that she treated her granddaughter. Thanks to some liquid confidence, Abuela knocks on Petra’s door only to have Petra’s mother try and slam the door in her face. While Abuela is trying to speak her mind, she hears Petra’s captive, Ivan, screaming for help. Terrified of what she’s just encountered, Abuela makes a run for it and heads to the elevators. Those seem to be taking too long, so she heads towards the stairs in order to quickly get some help. Right before Abuela is about to take her first step, out of nowhere Petra’s mom shows up and pushes Abuela down the flight of stairs. Can someone explain to me how Petra’s wheelchair-bound mother got the strength to stand up and push Jane’s Abuela down the stairs? I still cannot believe what I saw! Now we know where Petra gets her persistence from.

What were your thoughts on the mid-season finale of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Michael is right about Rafael being Sin Rostro? I get that it may look a bit suspicious having a safe filled with money and passports, but a lot of people have that. The thing that does worry me is why would Rafael have that key sewn into his wallet? Hopefully, it’s just to protect against theft, like what Michael and his brother did. Another thing that worries me is that when Rafael opened the safe for Michael and Nadine it was empty. It makes it seem like he was trying to hide something and knew they were coming for him. What do you think Petra will do now that she’s agreed to leave Rafael and Jane alone? All I care about is that she stays true to her words and gets the heck out of their lives. Her mother is already causing troubles, so whatever happens to Peta and her mother, they had it coming! Do you think Petra’s mother will get caught for pushing Abuela down the stairs? Since she’s not wheelchair-bound this could mean she had something to do with Zaz’s death. I just hope poor Abuela is alright and nothing bad happens. Leave your comments below.

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