Jane the Virgin Episode 8 Recap: Latin Musician Juanes Guest Stars

On “Chapter Eight” of Jane the Virgin, we get an explanation for Rafael’s disappearing act on Jane right before their date. Rafael tells Jane that if his sister Luisa doesn’t come back in two weeks, Jane could get a default judgment. Now Rafael is on his way to Mexico to go searching for his sister just to make sure that she’s actually alive. One thing that Rafael keeps from Jane is that the hotel is on the line and she’d actually be suing him if she continued to go on with suing Luisa. After the quick search party for Luisa, Rafael comes back to Miami empty handed.

The court date quickly approaches and Luisa is still nowhere to be found. Court is in session and all of a sudden Luisa walks in proclaiming her presence. She explains that she was finding herself on what sounds to be like a college student’s crazy spring break trip but in Peru on hallucinogens. Luisa says she was lost but I highly doubt that trip helped her find herself. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.

After being away from each other for a while, Rafael and Jane go out to a nice dinner date together. The waitress comes over to give the couple an appetizer that was purchased by some of Jane’s admirers from the church. Oh yeah, Jane hasn’t exactly told Rafael about the jane-the-virgin-rafaelwhole “Jane the Virgin” thing at the school or the fact that she’s a virgin. That is until the Jane fans expose Jane, forcing her to confess everything to Rafael. Rafael was surprised to hear Jane referred to as “Jane the Virgin” by the waitress and her fans but she doesn’t hesitate to tell him. Jane starts by explaining how Rogelio’s daughters started the website and how she grew into this miracle phenomenon at the church. She also addresses the virgin label and tells him it’s true. He can’t believe that she and Michael never did even after getting engaged but she assures him it’s true. Jane proceeds to tell him about the promise she made to her abuela when she was little and how she’s going to stick to it. Rafael doesn’t take this news too well and needs another drink to continue the night. Wow Rafael, you really aren’t helping dismiss this “playboy” image you’ve created for yourself. I’m pretty disappointed in you.

Now that Rafael’s sister is back, he takes the chance to ask his father for his job back. Somehow his father is quick to give Rafael his job back but there’s a huge catch-he has to answer to Lachlan. Rafael isn’t too happy about having to be ordered around by Petra’s little minion but at least he’s got his job back. Rafael goes in to talk to Lachlan about working for him but it looks like Lachlan has some other plans in mind. Petra is in Lachlan’s office to tell Rafael her glorious plans on how she can continue to torture Rafael. Lachlan says that he’s working with Petra therefore Rafael also needs to answer to Petra. Yikes Rafael, you sure have a handful for bosses.

The only one that seems to be working with a decent partner is Xo. She’s managed to get the chance to work with mega producer Elliot Lantana. The recording of her new song goes fantastic but she too finds a way for good newsJane-the-virgin-juanes-xo to get ruined. Elliot tells Xo that he’s glad he listened to his friend Rogelio about working with Xo. Immediately Xo gets angry with Rogelio because she thought she caught Elliot’s attention on her own with her music. Turns out Elliot never heard Xo sing before and it was only thanks to Rogelio that Xo got to work with him. Rogelio apologizes but tells her that he was only trying to help her. He truly believes in her and wanted to show how much he did by helping her out with this. Xo then turns her anger from being mad at Rogelio for what he did to being mad at herself for having feelings towards Rogelio. That was possibly one of the most generous things Rogelio has done and Xo now realizes that. His actions caused her feelings towards him to flourish only more which isn’t what she wants.

Jane is still upset at Rafael for the way he reacted once she told him she was a virgin. After the two leave their dinner Rafael sits down and accepts a drink from a flirtatious girl at the bar in the hotel. You should know better than to accept a drink from strangers Rafael; especially one who is hitting on you and you kind of have a girlfriend. Sure enough, this girl meant trouble and Jane was there to witness the aftermath of their night. Jane is asked to deliver some mimosas to a VIP’s room that enjoyed her service the other night when she discovers just exactly who that VIP is. When she opens the door she sees the girl half-dressed in the bed with an also half-dressed Rafael. Things don’t look too good for you Rafael. Can’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Rafael tries to tell Jane that he honestly can’t remember what happened last night but that only makes the story seem worse. Once Rafael returns to the room, he asks the girl what happened last night. She tells him it’s pretty obvious that they had a couple drinks and hooked up. Rafael can’t believe her story and I think I’m on the same page as Rafael. What are the odds that someone would offer you their drink and then the next day you wake up not remembering anything? I smell Petra all over this and I wouldn’t doubt for a second that she’d drug Rafael. Just as the girl is about to leave, Rafael notices a familiar face on her necklace medallion. Turns out the girl knows about Jane and her website through the church.

jane-the-virgin-jane-escortThe lady ends up going to Jane’s school to talk to her and tell her the truth about what happened between her and Rafael. Sure enough, I was right and Petra had everything to deal with what happened. The girl explains that she’s a huge fan of Jane’s and feels terrible for what she did. She’s an escort that’s also surprisingly super religious, so she had to go and tell Jane the truth. She continues to explain that she was hired to drug Rafael and make it look like they hooked up. Who would’ve thought that an escort would be super religious and tell Jane the truth about the situation? I guess Jane is lucky to have her loyal fans in times like these.

Jane tells Rafael what the nice escort had to tell her and they both know Petra is the only one crazy enough to do something like this. He tells Jane that he wants to end everything with Petra and will let her take whatever she wants as long as she’s finally gone. Jane tells him that she’s not sure she and Rafael will be able to stay together. She’s listening to what her mother has been telling her about how they are too different of people.

In the end, Jane ends up withdrawing from the lawsuit against Luisa because it’s been making her abuela nervous. Turns out her abuela isn’t a legal US resident and all the legal issues were getting her scared. Jane didn’t want to continue with the lawsuit to make it seem like she was greedy so she decided to withdraw. Rafael finally tells Jane the truth about how she would’ve been suing him if she continued with the lawsuit. She couldn’t believe he kept that a secret but he didn’t want that to change her mind on anything. Rafael also tells Jane that he’s going to fight for her even though he knows it’s going to be hard. He’s not going to give up and Jane is reassured that he loves her by the way he was able to risk losing all his money in the lawsuit in order to keep her love.

What were your thoughts on “Chapter Eight” of Jane the Virgin? Do you think the way Rafael reacted towards Jane being a virgin was right or wrong? It’s a bit unfair that Jane has Michael to compare Rafael to in the way he reacted. However I don’t think Rafael reacted in the best way possible. It seemed like he didn’t support her at all and was wanting to change her right away, unlike Michael. What do you think Petra will do next to torture Rafael? Will she ever be satisfied? Do you think Rafael and Jane will get back together or no? I think they’re going to get together again but I’m not sure for how long. It seems like everyone is wanting to split them up. What are you looking forward to in the mid-season finale next week? Leave your thoughts below.

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