Group From “Operation Change” In Matt Nathanson Video

I know several people with hearing loss, so any time I see a link for a video of a person hearing for the first time, I watch. It is amazing and inspiring to witness someone’s joy when experiencing something that I take for granted. Around the world, hearing loss is a sentence to silence; in the developing world, something as simple as a trip to an audiologist is an unaffordable expense.

Singer Matt Nathanson traveled with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to give the gift of hearing to impoverished people in Lima, Peru. His experience was recorded and became the music video for the song “Headphones.” Every time someone watches the below video, funds are raised for the foundation so they can continue to provide hearing assistance in communities around the U.S., and the world.

Operation Change
In “Operation Change,” President Bill Clinton helps fit a boy for hearing aids.

Starkey Hearing Foundation was featured in a recent series that aired on OWN, Operation Change. The series documented the foundation’s work around the globe in not only providing hearing assistance in impoverished areas, but also the auxiliary improvement projects that the foundation does after it has gained the trust of the residents.

I had an opportunity to interview Steven Sawalich of the Starkey Hearing Foundation and he explains why the organization gives back so freely. “President Clinton says that people are biologically 99.5% the same, but we focus on that .5% that’s different. We’re all the same around the world, we just need to understand each other.”Regardless of where we live, or how we live, when boiled down to our essences, we all have the same hopes and dreams. Sawalich continues, “if you help the life of one person, you can help the life of the community.”

I urge you to take four minutes out of your day, watch the below video and experience the good work that the Starkey Hearing Foundation does. That’s it. When you watch, you are helping this work continue around the globe.