Discovery’s Alaskan Bush People Season 2 debuts Jan. 2

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Do the Alaskan Bush People get paid? We asked! Read our interview with the Brown family.

It seems the rumors of Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People cancellation have been greatly exaggerated.


Indeed, Billy Brown and his clan will be back for Season 2 premiering Friday, Jan. 2, at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel. It’s somewhat of a shock to us, considering some significant legal trouble surrounding the Brown family and some very damning reports about the show’s authenticity. But this is the network that brought you Eaten Alive, so we’re not really all that shocked.

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So, yes, of course we’ll be again recapping the Cirque du Alaska that is Alaskan Bush People. And we’re not going to pretend anything we’re seeing is real. We’re going to celebrate its absurdity in all its fish-punching, tree-climbing, deer-chasing, boat-sinking glory. We hope you’ll join us again in the comments, because whether you like the Brown’s family values or think they should be behind bars for any number of reasons, your comments have been awesome, informative and more fun than digging a hole in the ground to bury your meat in. See you guys on Jan. 2!

Alaskan Bush People


  1. I love watching the Alaska Bush people I have watched it from day one but they shouldn’t be American viewer is so stupid and the discovery channel for thinking that way to me like saying they are broke and no money and miss leading the viewer I think for myself as being 67 that it is more of a comic strip I have been an outdoorsman on my life and it is a disgrace for hunters I have been an outdoorsman on my life and it is a disgrace for hunters Yours truly DERYL LEWIS

  2. I love this family and feel bad they put themselves out here , and all they seem to get is criticized! Watch and enjoy, or don’t it’s up to you, but stop picking them apart!

  3. I believe the Brown Family are great. I believe people make up things to try to discredit the lives of the Browns. Discovery would have to have background checks before putting themselves in the firing line of promoting law breakers. There is no reason to not believe a family could live off grid when many families in Alaskla do. Some people need to leave the Brown Family alone.

  4. It is obvious that they get money from somewhere . I wonder how much the discovery channel pays them. If they due not live all year in Alaska
    where due they live the rest of the year? Is everything staged? How do
    they live in the winter?

  5. Another guestion????? Do they ever get dry? Where do they get personal things that are needed in everyday life. Don’t the girls miss being dry and having pretty clothes or do they have them and we never see them?? I’m like another viewer ,,,, just do they sit around all the time?? I have modern things TV, radio CD’s to listen too. What is life really like for the Browns? I know they are making money by what we see but it would be nice to see them on a talk show with out Mr.Brown and let the children say what they want , not always what their father wants us to listen. thanks

  6. Do you get regular mail? Is there anywhere we can send the girls something they might like to read? Or toy or something?

  7. Anybody who watches the show knows that when their boat sank that they had to stay in Ketchikan not Hoonah and that when they had to stay there they all lived in one apt and did whatever work they could do and saved the money to buy the boats n the owner gave them a deal on two boats bc they were fixer uppers n they saved all their money except what they had to have so they could get transportation n supplies when they could finally get back to the bush their home bc they hate the city n feel trapped there they feel free in the bush. As for Bear waking up in a sleeping bag when it snowed he has always stated he prefers to sleep outside but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t need covers or sleeping bag to stay warm. As for Bam I think it’s awesome they way he compares things in everyday life to how you would treat a woman n the only reason he doesn’t have a woman is bc it takes a special type to live like they do n all the guys have said they want a truly special kind of woman like their mom is. I personally believe that Billy and Ami have raised some great children and I personally believe that Ami has taught them very well better than most children know nowadays. I also think that it is great that they believe in God and having faith n beliefs n trusting in him to put no more on you than you can handle. I think they are a great family and would love to live close to them so they could help me, my fiancé, our daughter, n grand-daughter learn how to live like they do. Personally I think their family is awesome and I believe that Billy and Ami have raised wonderful children and taught them well. I would like to know when the new episodes are coming on because I have never had a show say mid-season finale I would like to know how they live all year long not just the few episodes we have seen but all year with the Browns. Thanks for being such a terrific family.

  8. Where did they get the money to buy the land or the boats? I realize that this is not line for line scripted, but just the video tells a story on its own. It seems to me that Billy barks orders and really doesn’t do much of the work. Is it really natural that there four grown men still living at home? What is the family going to do when the boys are ready to leave on there own?

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