The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: Forever Alone

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries starts off with Alaric doing the task that Damon compelled him to do — get Jo to tell him where the ascendant is. He wines and dines Jo with a candlelit date night and sure enough, he’s able to deliver the ascendant to Damon. Stefan warns Damon about the consequences he’ll face if Alaric finds out what Damon did but Damon’s sure that won’t happen. I The-Vampire-Diaries-Season6-Stefanwouldn’t be betting on anything with the way your life has gone so far, Damon.

Elena tells Jeremy about Bonnie still being alive in the prison but he’s not too pleased to hear the news, unlike how I expected him to react. I guess he does have a good reason for reacting this way because he’s been through so much heartache with Bonnie. He’s had his hopes crushed before when someone told him there was a way to get her back and he thinks this is just another setup. Elena tells Jeremy that Liv is trying to help her and Damon with a spell that will allow them to go over to where she is and pull her back out.

Sarah’s also interested in getting more information about the gang but more specifically, her Salvatore family. She asks for Matt’s help in setting up a meeting with Stefan so they can finally meet. An arrangement is set up but someone uninvited Enzo, shows up at the café and is super intrigued to hear about Sarah’s story. Stefan allows Sarah to tell a bit of her story and then orders milkshakes so Enzo won’t be able to hear their conversation while they’re being made. Stefan proceeds to tell Sarah that he knows she’s lying and needs her to act like everything is OK and they’re just going to go for a quick ride together. Sarah plays along and when Matt asks where they’re going, she assures him everything is all right. Enzo on the other hand knows that something is up between the two.

Liv meets Elena and Damon in the cemetery to let them know how the spell to get Bonnie out is going to go down. She gives each of them a vile of her blood to drink including one to give to Bonnie that will link each of them to her. She’ll only have eight hours to keep the two in there so Bonnie needs to link herself with Liv in The-Vampire-Diaries-Season6-Damon-Elena-drinktime in order for Liv to pull her out along with Damon and Elena. Once inside the other world, Damon and Elena can’t find Bonnie anywhere and quickly jump to the worst conclusions when they find blood on a pillow. Damon remembers that Kai had his ancient pager and decides to page him so they can wait for him to call them back. The two get a call and instead of it being Kai it’s Bonnie’s happy voice on the other end. Bonnie and Elena can’t believe that they’re finally talking to each other once again. Elena quickly mentions to Bonnie that they’re there to get her out but they only have seven hours left so Bonnie needs to make her six-and-a-half-hour ride super-fast.

After they hang up with Bonnie, Damon is afraid that Kai might already be out instead of trapped inside like they thought. Bonnie told them that Kai took her blood and the ascendant before deserting her in Portland. Sure enough, Kai is already out in the real world and he’s visiting his younger sister Liv at work like a good brother would do. However in this case, he tries to attack her and drains some of her powers in the process. Lucky for Liv, Tyler showed up just in time to push Kai off the balcony inside the restaurant.

Stefan won’t listen to any more of Sarah’s lies because he knows the truth about Sarah Salvatore. He tells this supposed Sarah that the real Sarah is in her dorm at Duke University as an art major. She also got adopted right out of the hospital by a wonderful family because Stefan made sure of it. Stefan said that even though Sarah Salvatore doesn’t know who he is, he’s kept his eye on her and watched over her because she’s his family. The imposter finally cracks down and tells Stefan that her real name is Monique and she met Sarah at camp. She thought that since she wasn’t interested in learning about who her family was, she would take it upon herself to do it. I’m sure there are many people like Sarah Salvatore in the world who don’t care to know who their real family is but I wouldn’t want to take over their life just to know who their family is.

Stefan tells Monique to take off her vervain so he could compel her to forget about ever meeting Sarah and everything else that’s happened since she came to town. He also tells her to leave Virginia immediately and never come back but looks like Enzo might have another idea. Matt and Enzo show up to check up on Stefan and “Sarah” to find out that she’s been compelled and is really an imposter. Enzo quickly grabs hold of Monique and tells Stefan that he has five seconds to tell him the truth about Sarah Salvatore. Stefan doesn’t want anyone else to know about Sarah being alive, hence why he had Monique compelled and leave town, so he doesn’t say anything. All Stefan says is that Monique is an imposter and the real Sarah died. Enzo doesn’t believe a word Stefan says and in his Enzo fashion, snaps Monique’s neck. Enzo must know something about Sarah Salvatore that everyone else doesn’t know if he’s trying so hard to get to the bottom of it.

Just as Elena was about to enter her old house that she burnt down, she and Damon all of a sudden are back in the cemetery in present day. Damon and Elena are beyond upset that Liv pulled them out an hour early because Bonnie was on her way The-Vampire-Diaries-Season6-Damon-Elena-Kaito finally come back. Liv and Tyler greet the unhappy two by telling them that Kai has come back and that’s why Liv had to bring them back. Elena begs for Liv to allow her to go back for just a little bit longer but she tells Elena she unfortunately cannot do so. Damon and Elena stay in the cemetery for a while until Kai shows up to destroy all hopes of ever getting Bonnie back. Kai has Liv’s powers still in his system and uses them to beat up Damon and take the ascendant right out of Elena’s hands. He makes it shatter into pieces and once she collects the pieces, Kai decides to burn the pieces along with Elena’s arm. Damon quickly smacks Kai into the Mystic Falls border to stop the magic but this actually allows the psychotic Kai to run free in the town without vampires to stop him.

Jo began to panic once she found out the ascendant was missing and knew that only one The-Vampire-Diaries-Season6-Alaricother person, Alaric, knew where it was. She accused him of stealing it and giving it to Damon but Alaric promised he never did. Jo believes him but also mentions that while he might not have thought he did so he could’ve been compelled by Damon to do so. Alaric doesn’t believe Jo and thinks she’s crazy because Damon is his best friend and would never have Alaric do such a thing. Jo takes Alaric past the border to see what the truth is and of course he remembers that Damon compelled him. Alaric cannot believe that his best friend would do such a thing because now his girlfriend is at risk of dying. Alaric lays a big one on Damon’s face and I don’t blame Alaric. However, Damon was right when he tried explaining that it wasn’t their fault that Kai was out.

Matt is tired of all the innocent people being killed in town that he asks for Jeremy’s help in killing Enzo. I get that Jeremy was once a hunter but these two don’t get how tricky and dirty Enzo can be. Another tricky one is Kai and he’s now trying to call a truce with Tyler for the sake of Liv’s life. Kai wants to team up with Tyler in saving Liv’s life, which has me confused on so many levels. All I see with both of these teams is failure and I’m afraid to see what the real consequences are going to be.

Next week’s episode looks like it will focus on the outcome of these odd teams. Things don’t look too good either since Enzo is shown throwing Matt in the back of a truck. He also mentions that Matt is going to help in Enzo’s mission of making Stefan’s life a living hell. I wonder what Stefan did to Enzo recently that is so bad for him to want this upon Stefan.

What were your thoughts on this episode of The Vampire Diaries, “I Alone”? Do you think it was right for Damon to compel Alaric to get the ascendant? I get he was trying to bring Bonnie back but there are a lot of others who are at risk as well. Elena even got angry once she found out about what he did and Bonnie was her best friend. What do you think Kai has in store for everyone? It seems like he wanted to kill Liv but after he’s offering to team up with Tyler, I’m not sure what he wants to do. Everyone thought his main target would be Jo and so did I. Why do you think Enzo wants to know so much about Sarah Salvatore? I get that he’s always mischievous and wanting to know everyone’s business but he’s acting like he’ll benefit from knowing information about her. Do you think we’ll ever get to see the real Sarah Salvatore? More importantly, do you think Bonnie will ever return? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I’m still wondering how Kai could use any of his powers at all if he and Liv were in the Grill, which isin Mystic Falls, right?

    • The “Grill” in Mystic Falls was completely destroyed by explosion by Damon and Elena in S5E22. I assume the Grill that Liv and Tyler work at now is either on the Whitmore campus or near it.

  2. I was saddened that Bonnie was left alone. I still hope she finds a way back to present Mystic Falls. Damon and Elena’s rescue venture was an epic fail. They may as well have not gone for what they accomplished, which is not come through for Bonnie. It was not right for Damon to compel his best friend Alaric, but I do understand his burning need to save Bonnie from being stuck back in 1994 with Kai. He was not aware that Kai had already escaped by his own means. Kai has already shown himself to be a poker faced liar, so enlisting the aid of Tyler to save Liv is probably just part of his scheme to ultimately kill Papa Parker, Jo, Liv, and Luke. Gloria (the nurse that was kind to him when he was in the Augustine cell) appeared to be African-American, perhaps he thinks Sarah Salvatore may be a link to her. I’d hate to believe he is devoting all this hate toward Stefan because he has nothing better to do. I wonder if the real Sarah Salvatore knows about her vampire family, and is a Blade-like vampire hunter, and will come to Mystic Falls to rid it of vampires, especially Uncle-Cousin Damon. I’m waiting anxiously for Bonnie to return as a strong, ready to take on Kai witch. Damon needs his positive force buddy, even if he does think she’s an annoying witch.

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