The Coworkers’ Guide To Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce

Is it cool if the missus is the breadwinner?

He said: Stay-at-home dads are awesome. Seriously dudes, support your spouse’s success and let her bring home the bacon (mmmm, bacon!). Plus, when people see me out with my boys at 2pm on a Tuesday, they exalt me.

She said: Stay-at-home dads ARE awesome. Stay-at-home moms are awesome. Financial stability and good benefits are the awesome-est. Resentment in either direction? Not awesome.

Is a strictly e-affair still an affair?

He said: Yeah, it is. Even if you never physically see or touch the person you’re texting or Skyping, you’re still betraying your spouse’s trust and looking elsewhere for fulfillment.


She said: Simple: Could you have the same conversations with any of your other non-romantic friends? No way? No-no.

Is it OK to lie to the kids?

He said: Not only is it OK to lie, it’s your duty as a parent. There’s the Truth, then there’s “the truth” we have to tell our kids to protect them from the horrors of adulthood. You can wait until their 18th birthday to tell them that you’re not really Batman.

She said: About Santa Claus, Ryan not being Batman or, say, a black hole sucking up their stuff if they don’t clean their @#$% room, sure. About what’s going down with Mom and Dad? Never assume they’re clueless, no matter what their age.

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Are pajama pants acceptable drop-off wear?

He said: Regrettably, no. School drop-off time may be the only time the other parents see you, and because you are self-conscious and insecure, you know that Sophia’s mom is totally judging your entire character — and your child’s — based upon this.

She said: The hell with Sophia’s mom. If the kid is properly dressed, I call it a win.

Is it weird to like the smell of one’s own farts?

He said: No. It is the purest, most primal form of entertainment. Enjoy.

She said: Uh, ew.

Where do you stand on pajama pants, e-affairs and who makes the money in the relationship? Sound off in the comments below!

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