Pixar And ABC Team Up For “Toy Story That Time Forgot.”

America’s favorite playthings are back in a new animated adventure, Toy Story That Time Forgot. In the new ABC special, a post-Christmas playdate takes an unexpected turn when the season’s hottest action figures turn out to be dangerously delusional.

Toy Story That Time Forgot

Many actors in the Toy Story franchise — like Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack and Wallace Shawn — reprise their famous roles in the 30-minute special. This time, Trixie the triceratops, voiced by Kristen Schaal, takes center stage as she leads the effort to get the lost toys back to Bonnie’s room. “It was delightful to get to spend more time in Trixie’s world,” says Schaal. “She’s a great character, and the more I learned about her, the more I fell in love with her.”

New to the Toy Story franchise are an adorable Christmas ornament named Angel Kitty and this year’s most obsession-worthy playthings: the Battlesaurs! Of course, lovable Trixie is in awe of the dynamite dinos. Schaal reveals, “Trixie thinks that the Battlesaurs have everything that she could ever want out of being a toy dinosaur: battle gear, a back story and a theme song! She’s very envious of them.”

Toy Story That Time Forgot
Trixie (voiced by Kristen Schaal) is wowed by Battlesaur, Reptillus Maximus (Grey’s Anatomy‘s Kevin McKidd)

I had a chance to screen the special and for anyone who grew up obsessing with 1980’s action figures like ThunderCats and He-Man, the nostalgia trip is magical, and the Battlesaur theme song may be my new ringtone. Toy Story That Time Forgot is another great partnership between Pixar and ABC and follows in the success of 2013’s Toy Story of Terror. I look forward to more Toy Story-themed specials, and perhaps they can expand beyond the big holidays and encompass some of the smaller holidays: perhaps Toy Story of Love arriving in Feb 2016 or Toy Story of Arbor Day whenever Arbor Day is?

Toy Story That Time Forgot > ABC > Dec. 2 

The special will also air as encore presentations across ABC/Disney properties including:

ABC Family 12/07/14 8:00pm ET
ABC Family 12/07/14 10:30pm ET
ABC Family 12/22/14 8:00pm ET
ABC Family 12/22/14 10:30pm ET

Disney Channel 12/12/14 8:30pm ET
Disney Channel 12/13/14 7:30pm ET
Disney Channel 12/20/14 7:30pm ET
Disney Channel 12/19/14 8:30pm ET

Disney Junior 12/17/14 7:30pm ET
Disney Junior 12/18/14 6:00pm ET
Disney Junior 12/24/14 7:30pm ET
Disney Junior 12/25/14 7:00pm ET

ABC 12/23/14 8:30pm ET