We just can’t help it! Watch ID’s “My Strange Criminal Addiction”

My Strange Criminal Addiction Ryan Berenz

My Strange Criminal Addiction

Investigation Discovery takes My Strange Addiction one step further with the new series My Strange Criminal Addiction, premiering Monday, Dec. 1, at 10pm ET/PT. This series reveals some people’s uncontrollable compulsions that are not only disturbing, but they’re just plain illegal.

In the first segment, Billy Roberts and his twin brother engage in frotteurism, deriving sexual pleasure from pressing up against women in the New York City subways. Billy has been arrested 53 times for his obsession, and inspired his brother to try it himself.

Next, Debra Farinella is addicted to stealing angel statues and figurines from gravesites at the local cemetery. She has been arrested and more than 150 angels have been removed from her home.

And it wouldn’t be My Strange Addiction without someone drinking pee, so here’s the particularly creepy story of 61-year old Robert Wells, who secretly collected the urine of young boys and drank it, believing that it would stop him from aging.

Each episode includes addiction specialist Dr. Mike Dow explaining the psychology of how unhealthy habits become uncontrollable, compulsive and sociopathic behaviors.

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