Allison Williams Soars in Peter Pan Live!

Allison WIlliamsWhen Peter Pan flies through the Darlings’ nursery window in next week’s Peter Pan Live!, it will be the realization of star Allison Williams’ childhood dream. The actress reveals that when she learned that she had earned the lead in NBC’s lavish production, “I couldn’t believe that this dream that I’ve had for so long was actually being realized on such an incredible, interesting stage!”

NBC to Air Special: The Making of Peter Pan Live! Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 8pmET

The role of devil-may-care Peter is a far cry from her best-known role: uptight Marnie Michaels on HBO’s Girls. But Williams is up for the challenge — she is a classically trained singer and was a four-year member of the Yale improv troupe Just Add Water. “This is a dream come true,” says Williams. “It’s such an honor to be a part of this adventure!”

allison Williams

Williams relishes the production’s exhaustive rehearsal schedule, especially flying practice. “Everyone has such a joyous expression the first time they go up in the air and I was no exception,” she says. “I’ll never forget the first time I flew. Every time I do it, I feel really happy.”

Now she finds herself a member of an elite flying fraternity that counts Cathy Rigby, Sandy Duncan and Mary Martin as members. “It’s a really fun club to be a part of,” she says. She recently met with Duncan and Rigby and says she peppered her predecessors with questions. “I had questions as trivial as ‘When do you breathe during “I Gotta Crow”?’ and as crucial as ‘Who do you think about when you’re performing each song?’”

Allison Williams
Williams, Walken and Borle with Hook’s swarthy crew.

Not only has Williams gotten support from the women who held the famed role before her, but she is joined in her musical endeavor by Christopher Walken as the dastardly Captain Hook. “I’m completely in awe of him,” Williams reveals. “I will always be grateful to have this experience with him.”

Tony winner Christian Borle and Tony nominee Kelli O’Hara will play Mr. and Mrs. Darling, with Borle also playing Hook’s genial bosun sidekick, Smee. “It is a tightrope walk that we’re all doing together, and it’s only not scary because of how talented and prepared everybody’s going to be,” she reveals.

Allison Williams
Left to right: Jake Lucas as John, Taylor Louderman as Wendy, Allison Williams as Peter Pan, and John Allyn as Michael on one of Derek McLane’s signature sets.

The lavish NBC production features eye-popping scenery from production designer Derek McLane including a set for Neverland whose centerpiece is a giant map. Williams calls the ambitious set a playland for her and her costars that is “exciting and adventurous in addition to being absolutely beautiful.”

Williams is not fazed that millions of viewers will be watching her as she flies, sings, dances and sword fights live, but confesses, “I have moments where I think, ‘A lot of this is on my shoulders,’ but then I have moments where I feel so lucky that this is my job and it could not feel farther from work.”

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Allison Williams as Peter Pan image by: Nino Munoz/NBC
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  1. I watched Peter Pan Live ! on its NBC re-airing last night (Dec 13) as I was on the road and missed the original airing last week . . . OMiG ! Allison was fantastic ! I have only seen her as Marnie Michaels in GIRLS and anyone who has only seen her as Marnie is in for a HUGE treat . . . this girl can do it all . . . and what a voice ! . . . someone is going to grab her for Broadway because she is the best . . . dad Brian has to be immensely proud.

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