Recap: Dancing With The Stars Season 19 Finale, Part 2

Tonight’s season finale kicked off with Dancing with the Stars: Road to the Finals a one hour special that chronicled the journey of the three remaining couples.

Dancing With the Stars FinaleThe highlight of the hour showed fun facts about the season like “#dwts fun fact … Alfonso is an avid race car driver.” And “#dwts fun fact… Janel has 17 tattoos.” But other than that, the hour was basically a rehashing of many of the production packages that were shown earlier in the season and remembering “The Journey.” It was basically an hour of wasted time that probably made East Coast parents curse ABC because now the winner of the mirrorball trophy was going to be announced at the un-kid-friendly time of 11pm. Ouch, Eastern time zone. You’ve got a Nor’easter and a late night.

Then it was on to the big show, the Dancing With The Stars Season Finale!!!  (Cue fireworks in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head)

The big event kicked off with a high-energy all cast performance featuring a reunion of all 13 of this season’s couples, the judges and hosts. The grand opening number used ever single dancer and every square inch of ballroom. Stairs, backstage area, every platform and wing was a place of dancing and boogying. It was nice to see some of the season’s early exiters.

After the show open, I caught sight of Cheryl Burke getting a hug from Tony Dovolani as she shed some tears. I wonder if Cheryl was feeling sentimental what was possibly her last full-company dance on DWTS.

DWTS-Finale2-2Betheny and Derek got a chance to perform their amazing free style dance to Lorde’s new song “Revolution” from the Hunger Games Mockingjay, Part 1 soundtrack

Later, Nick Jonas performed his song, “Jealous”. And he’s so yummy to look at — and his song was hot.

I loved seeing Jonathan and Alison perform again. (and Allison’s husband tWitch) Allison has the best legs in entertainment!

And Betsy was back, but still having trouble with those stupid boas. Have feathered frocks finally mutinied against their most verdant supporter?

Jennifer Hudson performed a song that was catchy, but I don’t think I’ll ever hear it again. But her short haircut looked fierce.

More dancing and reminiscing. And wasting time….
A birthday cake for Bruno was wheeled out and just as quickly, wheeled away.

Meghan Trainor performed her two hits “All About that Bass” and “Lips are Movin”

As if this season wasn’t exhausting and painful enough, the three remaining couples had less than 24 hours to create a final routine that fused two contrasting dance styles for last minute judge’s points. These dances are in addition to remembering the several other dances that they’ve performed throughout the night.

Up first, Sadie and Marc dance a Samba-Quickstep fusion.
It was cute, but it looked like a mish mash of their other dances, right down to that dorky duck flapping move..
Carrie Ann:10, Len:10, Julianne:10, Bruno:10

Next, Janel and Val perform a Fox Trot –Paso Doble fusion to “Hideaway”
There dance was so fun and energetic, it was a really hip dance to a cool song
Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 10, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10

Finally, Alfonso and Whitney dance a Cha Cha-Argentine Tango fusion
Their song “Shut up and Dance” was powerful and so was their dance.
Carrie Ann: 10, Len: 10, Julianne: 10, Bruno: 10

DWTS-Finale2-8Wow! Perfect scores for everyone, who would’a thunk it?

After the celebs make us weep with their sweet thanks to their pros, it’s time to get down to brass tacks and get the results.

After much drum rolling, the third place couple is Janel and Val. I’m surprised, they were an amazing couple, and should have finished in second place. Not to take anything away from either of the remaining couples, they’re all amazing.

After 10 years of dreaming of competing on DWTS, Alfonso and Whitney are crowned champions of Dancing With the Stars, Season 19! Yay!!!