Jane the Virgin Episode 7 recap: I love him, I love him not …

Jane-the-virgin-janeThis week on Jane the Virgin, we start off with a flashback to five years ago when Jane was 19 and first kissed Rafael. Jane tells Xo about Rafael and how amazing he was, but Xo thinks he sounds like the stereotypical playboy.

Turns out that mother knows best since Rafael never called Jane back. Jane, however, feels that things are different now with Rafael, and that Xo was the one that interrupted Rafael and Jane’s magical kiss. But Xo feels that she needs to continue to protect her daughter from Rafael because he’s still the same playboy he was five years ago. Jane tells her mother that she has these unexplainable feelings towards Rafael — she just knows that he’s the right one. Xo thinks  things are going a bit too fast.

Regardless of what her mom says, Jane waits for a call from Rafael — and she actually gets one. He tells Jane that he’s outside on her front porch, because he couldn’t wait to see her again and he wanted to take her out on a real date. Doesn’t sound like the playboy type, Xo. When Rafael leans in for another kiss, Jane stops him — thinking about what her mother told her — and tells Rafael that she needs more time to think things over, blaming it on the fact that she just broke up with Michael the other night. Rafael understands and says he’ll be waiting for the day Jane tells him she’s ready to kiss him again.

Meanwhile, Petra needs $350,000 for her blackmailer — and there’s also the little issue that she has him trapped in her closet. Petra deals with her devious mother telling her to kill the man every other second but it helps that she has gained the man’s trust, saving his life after almost killing him with some peanut sauce covered chicken.

One of Jane’s friends asks if she could ask Rafael to get them on the VIP list for a club he invests in, to celebrate her birthday. She doesn’t tell them the whole situation between her and Rafael — but being the good friend she is, she asks him about the list. He tells Jane it’s no problem to get them on the list, but he wants her to know that he’ll also be there for the opening of the club. Jane gets nervous and tells Rafael to not think of the situation as a date. Rafael sends Jane some roses with a message saying he knows it’s not a date but he’s going to steal a kiss from her anyway. Instead of Jane receiving the flowers, Michael intercepts them and is disappointed in Jane for being with Rafael.

Come party time, Jane isn’t having fun since she’s pregnant and can’t drink or live it up. She keeps eying Rafael and catches one of his long-time girlfriends licking his neck. Needless to say, this sets her off and Rafael take notice. He goes over to talk to Jane but she doesn’t seem too interested in what he has to say. She finally listens as Rafael tells Jane that he wants to know her more and can’t wait to be with her and the baby. He’s wanting to put the baby first, above his and Jane’s relationship. He asks for her to follow him outside and against her better judgement, she follows. The two spend a romantic night talking about life.


The nuns at Jane’s school started having people stop by the church to visit Jane. Random people start walking up to her, asking her for hugs and she’s beyond confused as to why. Jane quickly realizes that these people are trying to hug Jane because of the coins that the nuns have distributed with her picture on them, and the people are hoping that some of Jane’s fertility will rub off on them. As if this couldn’t be any more awkward, the nuns tell Jane how many people have come in search of  her. She tells the sisters that she’s not comfortable with it, but looks like that’s about to change. Jane ended up spending the night at Rafael’s and shows up to work in her clubbing outfit, and the nuns are smart enough to realize that if they put Jane’s position in jeopardy, she’ll go along with hugging sessions the visitors.

Michael is having trouble figuring out what to do with Sin Rostro’s new drug shipment. His assistant notices that Michael has been acting differently, but he’s not telling her what the problem is. It’s clear t that he’s upset over Jane, but it seems like he gets over that quick. One minute Michael and his partner are arguing — and the next they’re taking their clothes off and hooking up on the table. Ew. Let’s hope they’re the only ones that need to touch the evidence and photos on that table.

Jane goes out to meet with Rafael for what appears to be the perfect date, but as Rafael is heading down to meet Jane, his father shows up and fires him. Rafael is shocked by what his father tells him, but he sees Petra in the hallway and quickly understands what has happened. The hour ends with Jane getting a call from Rafael letting her know that he’s on his way to the airport to go to Mexico City. Nice work, Petra.

What were your thoughts on “Chapter Seven” of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Xo is right about Rafael being a playboy? I can see how much he wants to learn about Jane and he seems to really care about his baby. He was always interested in the baby’s sake even before he started having feelings for Jane. If you were in Jane’s position, would you allow people to hug you? I think that’s just a really weird situation but there are people out there that will believe crazy things. I’m not sure how a pregnant virgin would help people’s fertility but oh well. Can you believe that Michael hooked up with his assistant? I guess he’ll have another secret to keep from Jane now. Do you think this was just his way of getting back at Jane? What do you think Petra told Rafael’s dad to get him fired? I hope someone comes to rescue Rafael but then again, I hope it’s not something he actually did that’s horrible. Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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