Candace Cameron Bure Stars in Christmas Under Wraps

This weekend, Candace Cameron Bure returns to her favorite genre of film. “I am a huge Christmas fan and Christmas movie fan,” she admits. “This is my fifth Christmas movie and I just love them because Christmas is such a heartwarming time of year. And there’s magic in it.”

Candace Cameron-BureCameron Bure stars in Hallmark Channel’s Christmas Under Wraps, the charming tale of Dr. Lauren Brunell, an uptight big city doctor who learns to slow down and find holiday joy in a quaint — and possibly magical — town in Alaska. “There’s something that’s really peculiar about this place and she can’t quite figure it out,” says Cameron Bure. “And its’ Christmastime, but little magical things keep happening along the way: Like elves! And a reindeer! And this guy who looks a lot like Santa! And nobody is fessing up that this might possibly be the North Pole and Santa’s village.”

But the longer that Dr. Lauren stays in the town of Garland, the more she is drawn to this unusual town and its charming and quirky residents, including Andy Holliday (David O’Donnell), the winsome son of the aforementioned Santa Claus doppelganger. “There’s something about slowing the pace down, and cherishing every moment and stopping to smell the roses and just unwinding that allows you to enjoy life just a little bit more. Sometimes when we’re on the go, go, go, we forget to do that and we don’t realize that we’re missing out on the little things and those can be the greatest things.” Cameron Bure continues, “Because when we get down to the heart of it, we want to spend time with our friends and family and feel loved, right?”

Candace Cameron-BureI asked the actress if it’s hard to get into the holiday mood when shooting a Christmas movie during the summer months, and she laughed and admitted, “Sometimes you’re sweating in your costumes when it’s 80 degrees out and you’re got a scarf, gloves and hat coat on. But honestly, I hope that who I am as a person is reflected in my behavior year-round. But certainly when I make Christmas movies, it’s really easy to get into the Christmas spirit and the spirit of giving and being kind to one another.”

Christmas Under Wraps also stars David O’Donnell, Brian Doyle-Murray and Robert Pine, one of Hallmark Channel’s 12 New Movies of Christmas, which is part of the network’s Countdown to Christmas.

Christmas Under Wraps > Hallmark Channel > Saturday, Nov. 29 at 8pm ET/PT.

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  1. Where can I buy the pink pajamas Candice Cameron wore in the Hallmark movie: Christmas under Wraps?

  2. I have emailed the costume designer from this movie . The sweater with the black leather on the cuff is from Ann Taylor . I have tried and tried to find it on their website etc. Its from their fall collection last year . Most likely it is gone . I’m also looking for that same coat with the fur hood and sweater by H&M . No luck . if any one could help ?

  3. Does anyone know where I can get that sweater jacket that was featured in the scene where she was having Christmas with the Hollidays? I remember it’s grey and pink

  4. I would love to know how/where to get the grey sweater with black leather trim that Candace’s character is wearing when she is tending to the reindeer! Does anyone know? Thank you!

  5. where can I buy the sweater that Candace Cameron Bure was wearing in the movie Christmas under wraps..I love that sweater..and the movie!!

  6. What a cute movie! I really like the coat she has on after getting to Garland (The brown coat with the hood) Any idea where you can get one?

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