TV Psychic Kim Russo’s Life-Changing New Show

Kellie Freeze
Kim Russo is using her gifts to help struggling people in her new show, Psychic Intervention.

I had a fascinating chat with Kim Russo, the renowned psychic-medium who has been featured on Psychic Kids, Paranormal State and who has hosted and starred in three unforgettable seasons of The Haunting of… Kim has an astonishing new series, Psychic Intervention, that premieres on LMN Saturday, Nov. 22 at 8pm ET/7pm CT. Kim revealed that her new show goes beyond communicating with a person’s relatives, this time she’s touching people’s souls.

Kim Russo is using her gifts to help struggling people in her new show, Psychic Intervention.
Kim Russo is using her gifts to help struggling people in her new show, Psychic Intervention.

Kim, can you communicate with more than people who are no longer living?
Once you’re a medium, you’re not just a medium who speaks with dead people; a medium is a channel that can connect with different dimension. Whether it be your angels, you spirit guides, your deceased relatives. A channel is a channel. So I do not only connect to the dimension to the dead, I connect with the dimension of the angelic realm, spirit guides who lived on the Earth at one time as well — so technically, they’re deceased people. There are a different categories of what I’m able to channel.

That’s another thing that people don’t know about me. I don’t only channel dead people’s relatives. I am also a soul interpreter. I can connect with someone’s spirit guide and get the whole story of their life and why they’re here and what they’ve signed on for. It’s like a blueprint of a soul that I’m able to read, just like and architect can read the blueprints of a building.

What is your new show about?
In Psychic Intervention, I am going in and helping a person on the soul level. Getting through all of the struggles and “why isn’t my life working out for me?” and connecting with their loved ones and spirit guides and my spirit guides and we come up with a solution as to why they got off track, how they got off track, what they need to work on, and what the inspiring messages are to get them back on that track.

I feel that’s where the healing takes place in the work that I do. I believe that hearing from your dead relatives is a fabulous, wonderful experience, but I think that can only change your life in the moment. I think that once I point things out to people that I couldn’t possibly know as a human being, but that their guides and otherworldly people know by reading their blueprint, so that’s where the healing begins. I reach them on the soul level. It resonates down to their core that it just creates this healing that is incredible. I’ve seen it over and over and over.

Kim RussoWhat will we see as viewers in Psychic Intervention that is different from The Haunting of…?
In The Haunting of…, I truly connect with the celebrity’s haunting and I absolutely do use my abilities to connect with their personal lives such as their deceased relatives and their childhood. I do tap into a little bit of what was going on at the time of their haunting in their own lives, but in The Haunting of…, a huge part of that show is my connecting with trapped souls that left their body in a tragic way and they haven’t gone into the light of God, so they’re floundering they’re looking for a voice. They’re misunderstood. And a huge part of The Haunting of… is me tapping into the energy that is Earthbound.

In Psychic Intervention, I am tapping into the person’s soul, their blueprints, their loves ones, their spirit guides, and my spirit guides. All of this energy has already transformed into the light. So I’m working from the deepest recesses of the deepest spiritual realms. People come here to the Earth to do is to love, be loved and spread love. And a lot of them are missing their mark. A lot of them are getting off of their track. And they’re forgetting who they are and so they’re getting too separate from themselves. Through the help of the other side, the spirit guides and the heavenly realm, I bring them back to their true selves and their spirit guides. It’s a much deeper experience, it’s a life changing, profound experience and it sets the tone for the rest of their life. As opposed to me giving them an answer as to why a person was haunted way back when, like in The Haunting of…

So in Psychic Intervention, after you read the person’s essence, how do their lives change?
Well, we’ve followed up with some of the people we’ve helped, and basically knowledge is power. I leave them with knowledge. I leave them with the profound messages that touch their souls at a deep level and after that, there are no excuses.

At that point, free will has to take over; they have to either choose love or fear. They have to choose what they now know, or they have to choose what they’ve been living. Sometimes it’s hard to step out of a habit; sometimes it’s hard to step into a new situation. People are comfortable in their lives even then they’re dysfunctional because it’s what they know. I give them a new way, I give them a new day; it’s up to them to embrace it. I can only bring them so far; it’s up to them to do the rest of the work.

This show sounds life changing for not only for the people on the show, but it seems life changing for people watching the show. Do you help people realize that they don’t have to be captive to their current situations?
This show is life changing. This experience is life changing. Everything is a choice, and people forget that they have a choice. They totally feel trapped and bound by their situations by their old dysfunctional programs, what they were programmed with like a computer. They forget that there is another way, an easier way. The audience and the viewers will take away the same message. That’s why I love this show, that’s why I’m so passionate about this idea that I created. This is what I do in my private practice. I see how many lives it changes. And so, it would be such a shame not to share it with the world.

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Psychic Intervention seems joyful and uplifting: the promise of hope.
That’s exactly it! I’m all about hope. Without hope, you have nothing. But more than anything, empowering people is very rewarding because I had journey myself in my own private life. It’s nothing too terrible and tragic, thank the good Lord, but I’ve had situations that have brought me to my own awareness to say, “Hey, life doesn’t have to be a certain way. I have a choice and I’m’ worth it. Why not me?” I’m all about empowering people.

I’m very big on not staying in the role of a victim; I’m very big about bringing people out of their victimization roles. People love that role, and once you take that away from them, they feel like they don’t have anything to be negative about or to be afraid of. I show them a different way

People claim that they want a change and they want positive in their lives. I’ll tell you, as sweet and kind and loving as I am, I’m also very tough. I see right through people. So when people tell me that they want something, they have to prove it. I’ll take the loving approach first, but if someone wants to play the role of the martyr or the victim, then I have to be the Dr. Phil of psychics. Then I have to be brutally honest and just put the mirror up to their face.

You can’t lie to a psychic. Sometimes I have to get into tough love and show them that the lies that they’ve been telling themselves. It can be riveting and entertaining because I don’t mean to bring people to that place, but when you try to lie, I have the edge. I know you’re lying to yourself because I see right through into people’s souls. I am being told what’s inside a person’s sould by their angels and their spirit guides. It catches people off guard, and that’s where the healing begins.

This new show is going to deliver the truth to people about everything, even about themselves.

How can people get in contact with you?
Right now, I am busy filming Psychic Intervention and The Haunting of… and I’m doing live touring around the country. The best bet is to apply for the show Psychic Intervention or check out one of my public appearances.

I want people to get the word out so people can get the help they need.

Psychic Intervention > LMN > Saturday, Nov. 22 at 8pm ET/ 7pm CT


  1. Your all nuts, this is so fake.

    I challenge any ghost team or whatever or whoever to take a complete skeptic like me and prove these things. Its all in your head.
    Im in cincinnati, ive been a a few “haunted” places here and
    not a thing has happened or ever will.
    maybe ghosts are afraid of me. lol

  2. Mi scusi se mi permetto queste poche righe ,essendo quest’anno o problemi uno dietro l’altro vedo ombre oscure vedo il mio lavoro che va male in casa o dei problemi.non so cosa fare.

  3. It would really be a blessing in disguise if anyone of us could get to meet Kim Russo. I wonder if she has read any of this stories, and on going ghost, spirits, etc. I lost my husband to cancer 3 yrs. 5 months ago, and I would love for her to just have a moment with me to let me know how his doing on he other side. He often comes to me, and guides me, and I know he is always around me. He was a very special husband, and a legacy at that. He saved life’s on the daily basis, and he was a Rehab counselor, particular with the gangs, and all walks of life. I know my husband & of course the Lord uses me to do his work through me now, but I would really love to have a moment or day with Kim Russo. I believe she is an honest physic or medium. Just once would love to hear it from her how is my precious humble loving husband is doing, or up to up stairs. e-mail me @

  4. please help me kim or anyone who has kims abilities. I’m desperate, my daughter is seeing a lot of unatural things happening to me. I’m not a rich person at all, I’m a single parent that’s barely making ends meet. So if this is about money only and no one can help without paying a lot of money I’m in big trouble. I will only say that of so many things happening that, it’s to the point now that my daughter is seeing a black purple hole on the corner of where we live and now its moving towards me. She says that she sees a woman ghost that enters me and leaves me. She says that I’m her place. And a lot of other things that I would need to talk to kim about. Something that I’ve never seen on any show happening or heard of. So I’m getting scared for me and my kids. Please help me please. hopefully kim if not whoever has the courage and abilities to do it. Thank you for listening

  5. Hi I watched Kim in the haunting of I’m feeling she is real. I’m currently in South Africa and would like to know if she could help me if I were to require any help from her.

  6. Plz can u help me what happen to my sister and her son the day they was murders Feb 13 2015 and your baby son got shot 3 time but do not take about it my email is my phone is 573 452 1972 and my name is Elaine Scott and it really hurting me and my family’s Because we really don’t, know what happen in her house and she and my nephew was shot in the head and my baby nephew was shot 3 time but he not telling us nothing plz call me back

  7. I watch Kim Russo every Saturday night and I know she is for real. I wish she could come to me, my husband & our 2yr. Olds house. We hacvve experienced thongs in our house on & off since we moved here. Me & my husband seen & heard his mom call my husbands name when our baby boy was around 7mnths old at the time crying in the middle of the night in his pack & play. Finally I started to look in the direction of our baby’s bed. Because it sounded like somebody was moving it cuz it ssqeaks when moved. Then that’s when I seen her. she had her hsnd on our baby’s pack and play rocking him back to sleep. when I saw her she had a translucent look to her. she had on one of those flowy gowns they wore back in Jesuses days. Almost like a long white robe. I recognized her voice & her hands. I was too scared to look at her face. I just rolled over to my other side, and when my bsby was finished being rocked to sleep, I fell asleep. Two days later I decided to bring it up to my husband. I asked if he heard or seen anything weird the other night. And he said oh, u seen her to to, my mother?) His story matched mine to a T. We still get weird accurances. someone sitting in our bed or in our sons bed. Doors open when they leave the room. our son laughs at something or somebody that isn’t there. our bed bounces slighty sometimes when we r all sleeping. Meand my husband seen somebody run out of our sons room one night we had alot of activity. And it’s just the 3 of us & we were all in our room. strange thing accure. Please email me if u can: Thank u & God Bless

  8. I find this show super amazing!
    Im a 46 yr old with many disabilities brought on by childhood trauma and abuse. Ive lost a majority of my family members early on.ive been through the fostercare system as well. My bio mom passed when I was 13. Then dad and step mom passed in my 305s. The only lovin relative is a grandma who I didnt know growing up and my biomass sisters (aunts). I really would like answers on why soo many deaths one right after another? I struggle with my disabilit8ed and struggle to figure out how and why? Would love an intervention with Kim Russo so that I may try to enjoy the rest of my years, with the constant dread feelings. If anyone can help me to connect with her I would very much appreciate it! Thank you..yolanda in nc

  9. I have been a believer in u since I saw u on the show with Ryan n Penn state investigaters; never did or would believe that I would actually need your services, I have lost 5 family members in a 16 day period all tragically, my dad passed 1-8-15 and on 1-24-15 in a horrific wreck that took 5 lives 4 of them were my family,my 50 yr old husband, my sweet sweet 23 yr old son my beautiful 21 yr old daughter and a great friend/nephew and my daughters Godfather 36 yrs old in his vehicle and then other driver was also killed. My mother had a massive stroke in July 26-2014 n has been unresponsive since, my daughter left behind a 4 Yr old son, n he is all I have left. I see my son here all the time lights come on for no reason I here my daughter cry all the time, she was ejected out back windshield n was alive for a lil while is what I’m told, my husband son n nephew was still in truck it blew up in air n they were found after fire was put out. I was told my daughter spoke the whole time till her brain n body shut down from the bodily blunt force trauma, I’m just so needing to know if she n my family is at peace, I need you help I can’t keep going on not knowing not being able to let them go, please I’m so scared I’m holding them here I am alone all the time n every waking thought n moment is spent thinking about them n if they suffered. My poor babies, please ms.Kim I am truly sick with the greif.

    • Melody,
      Your grief is so understandable and my heart goes out to you!
      I hope you have heard from Kim or someone who can help you.

  10. I am really interested in having my brother and I on your shoe. Our parents died when we were you and we both have some unresolved issues, that coupled with the recent passing of one of our sisters has us both very depressed. I am worried more about my brother than myself. Please help.

    • Hey there, I was coming back on here to say I guess I’m a little late thinking I would be the only one from this year and it would have been funny. But I read your post, and I am really sorry for your loss. Try dreaming. kim is so on point with reading the soul blue print what an amazing gift and insight. The point is we go on. Good luck on your spiritual journey. hope you get to go on to a reading with kim. That would be pretty cool! Namaste

  11. MY brother john and I are like twins….we are one year apart, I was waiting to kidney transplant for my brother john….I received a phone call from one of my sister’s august 18th 2013, stating that his wife called and informed us that john had passed away august the 5th in Mexico…his wife also stated that his remains had been cremated ….I want to know what happened to my brother…his wife refuses to speak to me….please help find out the answers to my questions so that I might have closure to all my questions…thank you

  12. Hi my name is fatanya trice i really need answer to my problems and things that have happen to me one thing is my husband and l woke up to 103 temp and i heard like a million voices before the temp

    • Did it feel like everything was going on really fast around you and voices like in a crowded subway station.

  13. Wow! I just experienced for first time, “Psychic Intervention”. I say experienced because I was there emotionally. You are doing such an awesome thing, helping so many people. God Bless You.

  14. The show and Kim are awesome. Kim you are truly gifted. I would love to get a reading from Kim. So many odd things happen to me… Our home is haunted. It has began to take a toll on my health. No one in my family will listen. It’s as if you took a sane person and put them in an insane world… The normal person to all would be considered insane. Kim’s shows bring light to me because I know through her there are people out there that would believe me….

  15. I was very touched by this episode. 11/29/14. Think you are amazing. Your ability is just jaw dropping.

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