Long Island Medium Knock and Shock sweepstakes winner announced

Fans of Theresa Caputo have been waiting for this moment. In a special holiday episode of Long Island Medium on TLC Sunday Dec. 7 at 8pm ET the Long Island Medium Knock and Shock sweepstakes winner will be announced. Unlike Theresa’s other Twitter-based sweepstakes, this season-long sweepstakes involves Theresa showing up at a person’s house unannounced live.

Long Island Medium Knock and Shock sweepstakes winner announced during holiday specialThe “Knock and Shock” sweepstakes began at the start of the season (Aug. 3) and ran for 11 weeks. Each week viewers could enter up to three times via the TLC website. Entrants were asked to answer a multiple choice question that was based on that week’s episode (although it didn’t matter if you had the question correct to enter) and then submit your name and contact information. In addition to entering they needed to submit an “accomplice” – that’s the person the show’s producers contact to keep the surprise visit a secret from the actual winner. In addition, every week a $100 VISA gift card was also awarded to someone. To see the official winners list you need to mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope by December 31, 2014, to: “Knock & Shock Live” Sweepstakes Winner List, PMI Station, PO Box 750, Southbury, CT 06488-0750. The list will be available after December 31, 2014.

While undoubtedly thousands of people entered, the entry site alone elicited over 700 comments from viewers who were desperate to connect with the medium sending her personal messages.

Throughout the Dec. 7 special, live cut-ins with Theresa and the lucky winner will air. The special also includes Theresa and Larry dressing up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus for a charity event at Theresa’s dad’s firehouse. And, no event that Theresa attends would be complete without some unexpected connections with unsuspecting attendees, so expect a little of that too. This certainly will be a happy holiday for someone.



  2. Hello my wife lives in the bedroom she only comes out to see Dr. Our kids an grand baby an I need my wife back she has not an feels its her fault she can’t live her life she was189pds now shes120pds she don’t eat all she eats is cashews and pop an crushed ice she feels the family she lost is her fault and weccan’t bring her out of it I’m hoping u can give us our wife mom an grandma back she is on meds. For it an. All she does is sit an cry the kids will ask her to go do things she’s always says no I don’t feel good an she only plays with grand baby in the room we don’t know how to bring her back she needs your help so much maybe we will have her back even if u can just call her 4056751966cell home 4056054996 were in Oklahoma really far from u but she watches u and tells me I need her can u please help my family get back together thank u Tim horton

  3. I am in Texas and the show ended with the computers giving out Christmas presents at the fire station. No not in shock. I guess the surprise was we didn’t get to see it.

  4. My grandmother raised me so she was my mom. She passed away over 20 years ago on Christmas Day. She made me promise something that I was unable to follow through on. Could I please have a reading?
    The good thing is I live close to Palm Springs.

  5. I am sorry but I thought the contest was still going on but I thought I would take a minute of ur time just to say I love love ur show n ur stories are truely down to earth thank you for being you oh and don’t ever ever stop love Christina S Medrano

  6. My mom and I would like to have a reading as an early gift in 2015… my adopted dad has been deceased for almost nine years, and my special needs brother passed away in November of 2013.

  7. My mom would like to have a reading as a gift… she an avid watcher of your show!!!… also, I’d like to know what my special needs brother is saying to me… passed away Nov. 15, 2013.

  8. I will you do reading me and also a reading on my boyfriend and his friend that family, they lost his brother lost his son at a young age they were 2 two kid’s that lied in the fire. And also went to how my life is like grandma please can you come and read -.

  9. …..was the knock and shock not successful? I really wanted to see who won!! That was dissapointing.

    • I’m so confused . Waited for the live knock and shock and didn’t see one 🙁 what happened

  10. I wanted to put in my message I love the show an like many of your viewers/fans would love to have a reading myself an like everyone have lost loved ones but the one I have a hard time with is my best friend Felicia her passing was so unexpected an shocking I just can’t understand it 🙁

  11. What happened…..we only a 30 minute show on TLC here in Wisconsin….we didn’t see who got the surprise reading. The show ended as Larry and Theresa played Mr. and Mrs. Claus at the fire station?????

    • Hey Diana I’m just as confused a different show came on right after an I’m out here in south jersey

  12. I love to watch your show I would love to have a reading with u I have lost both parents as well as my husbands parents also . I think it would helpmy husband to hear from them.Thank u for your wonderful show.

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