Interview with TV Psychic-Medium, Kim Russo

Psychic-medium Kim Russo
Psychic-medium Kim Russo

I first learned of Kim Russo when I happened upon a recent episode of The Haunting of…  and I was absolutely dumbfounded. I could not believe the accuracy of the information that Kim Russo received from the spirit world about her client, comedian Tom Green. If you are unfamiliar with LMN’s Saturday night series The Haunting of…, world-renowned psychic-medium, Kim Russo, revisits locations where famous celebrities have had paranormal experiences. Kim attempts to explain the unexplained experience and often unveils surprising personal details as she connects with the celebrities’ loved ones who have passed over. It is absolutely riveting television.

I immediately set out on a mission to speak with this amazing woman and was excited to learn that in addition to her duties on LMN’s The Haunting of…, Kim has a new show called Psychic Intervention that premieres Nov. 22 on LMN.

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Kim, why do you call yourself “The Happy Medium”?
Kim Russo: It’s not because I’m happy all of the time. That’s not the case. (Laughs) The Happy Medium is a slogan that I live by. I believe in balance. If you keep a balance in anything, you can get through it. There’s a balance between the living world and the spirit world. I like to maintain a balance in everything between body, mind and spirit. It kind of has a lot of meanings, but not because I’m happy all of the time.

One time in conversation, a friend was saying, “Wow, I guess you can’t find the happy medium, huh?” and I said, “You can find the happy medium!” So it stuck, and it was good.

Are you able to turn off your connection with the spirit world so you can have time for yourself?
I wasn’t always able to do that. It took me some time to learn how to set boundaries. I am able to do that most of the time. And when there is a spirit who wants to and is so determined to get a message through, I will honor that message because I know the amount of energy for that spirit to get my attention when I’m not listening. So I honor it. For the most part, it’s just like anything else; you choose to listen to what you want to listen to at the moment. There is a time and a place, when I start and I set aside time to listen to the spirit world. Just like if you wanted to listen to the radio, you turn on the dial. It’s the same idea for me.

Is that how spiritual communication manifests for you, like a radio?
It’s a frequency; it’s a vibration that I have trained my ear to hear and my body to raise into. So a medium raises her vibration into that frequency. We tap in, just like cellphones have frequencies. I am the receiver and the spirit world is the frequency signal. So yeah, I’ve trained myself. When a medium does this work, all we’re really doing is raising out vibration to connect to the signals that are out there in the universe. And they’re all around us.

When did you realize you had this ability? 
I’ve always been sensitive. As a child, I saw spirits in my bedroom nightly. I was really young but a vision I had at age 9 is the earliest memory that I have where I can talk about the physical description of what I saw.

During my childbearing years, everything was very different for me. I didn’t have random visions. I was just normal. I lived a normal life. After my third child was born, it was like someone turned on a water faucet, and the spirit world came to me as if to say, “Okay, you had to have your children and that’s what you signed up for, but now you also signed on to be one of our voices.” They came to me and showed me that this was my path.

I struggled with it because of my religion, so it wasn’t an immediate acceptance. I really had to do my research, and I had to learn about this world, and this gift, and this ability, and I had to know that this is really not about religion at all. It’s more about energy, which is more scientific than anything.

How did you start doing readings?
The first vision that I had after I had my children, was of a young girl standing in the doorway of my bedroom. I was making my bed, and I saw her. She turned her head and I saw that she had a burned face. Mentally, I heard her say, “I died in a fire and I’m from New Jersey. Could you please contact my parents?” She took me by surprise, and I dropped all of my pillows.

When I told a friend what I had seen and that I was getting all these visions, my friend thought it would be really interesting if I would do a reading for a friend hers.

At the time I wasn’t doing readings and I’d never done a reading. I didn’t know the friend and I tried it, kind of on a dare, or a curiosity. I gave the girl the reading, and I just started to get vibes. I really thought the girl was lying to me when she kept telling me that everything I was picking up was accurate. I thought she was just humoring me, but it wasn’t the case. The next day, that girl’s brother called me and asked if I’d do a reading for him. He had lost a close friend and he wanted me to connect with that friend. So it all started as an experiment and that experiment hasn’t stopped. It’s really incredible.

Where did the learning and the training come from?
The learning came from the spirit world. Every reading that I did, I learned a little more about how the spirit world communicates and how I can translate it. We were forming our own language. They started showing me symbols and signs and each reading I did, I learned a new sign. Every time I saw blood in my vision, it taught me that they died of a blood disease and now I translate that as diabetes, leukemia or AIDS. I’m self-taught from the spirit world.

And after that, I did readings for an entire year without charging anyone so I could learn the language. I looked at it as a spiritual internship and I felt that I shouldn’t charge because I wasn’t an expert yet. That way, if my clients didn’t get what they were looking for; it wasn’t any skin off of their nose. All they would be wasting was their time, and I would be wasting my time. So for an entire year, I did my internship — reading people at night, when I’d put my children to sleep.

I still learn. I’m still learning every time the spirit world communicates with me. Each spirit has a different frame of reference. But at this point, I’m definitely fluent in their language, and I can definitely hold my own in a conversant and understand what they have to say.

I can imagine that when spirits feel how receptive you are to their world, they get pretty excited. Do they clamor for your attention?
Yes! It’s like when you go to another country and you see another American who speaks your language, you gravitate to that person. You’re like, “They understand me, and they understand what I’m trying to say!” That’s how it is with the spirit world. They see an opening in me; they can tell that they can get through to me.

From what I’m told from the spirit world, there is a light that emanates from the top of my head. And now I can recognize it when I meet another medium. It’s a funnel-shaped light that emanates from the top of the person’s head and the funnel shape comes from a point at the top of their head and it flares out into a funnel and it’s made up of light. And I can tell that someone is a medium when I see that light. I was told that it’s the same as how the spirit world sees us from the other side. They can see the funnel of light coming out of our heads. And that means that person is a natural channel that they can filter messages through them.

Kim Russo
Kim Russo helps actress Vanessa Williams in an episode of The Haunting of…

When did your communication with the spirit world start to feel real to you?
It wasn’t real for me for a long time. I’m a true, born skeptic. I’m from New York and you have to prove to me that what you’re telling me is real. I just kept pushing it and pushing it and really challenging the spirit world when I was first developing. I’d say, “If this is real, show me this,” or “Show me that.” That’s just my nature. I’m sure the spirit world and my spirit guides were probably so upset with me! They must have thought, “What is it going to take for this woman to believe us?!?”

I’m a Gemini, and Gemini’s always want to know the “why” of everything. That’s a Gemini, and that’s me. Even as a kid, “Why mommy, why?” I have to know why in order to understand something.

Now, I’ve been doing this for so long, and with so much proof, they prove themselves over and over and over. At this point, I just accept it.

I’ve one so much research on it and my own spirit guides tell me things. Now that I know how to understand the language, it’s like a little whisper in my ear that I hear it and it’s a thought that’s not my own. It’s pretty incredible that you can tune into to this.

The Haunting of… airs Saturdays at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT on LMN
Psychic Intervention premieres Saturday, Nov. 22 at 8pm ET/ 7pm CT on LMN

Read more of my interview with celebrity psychic-medium Kim Russo including details on how you can be on her new show, Psychic Intervention.


  1. Hello Kim, I had to write you about these experiences I have been having in my home. Prior to moving into this house a man who resided here for almost 20 years passed away. I was told that her passed away in this house and his wife. I’ve seen orbs in this house. There were a couple of times I experienced seeing some dark figures or being touched in my sleep. Once when I took a picture there was the picture of a white man in it and it seems to be the way he was dress of earlier days like the 1900s. What I am trying to say is that most of the visions I am getting is not of this man that lived here previously. Can you assist me in identifying who he was and what does he want from me. Oh now there is an imprint of facial features of a man on my basement wall. Thank you so much.

  2. One day I would like to have my great grandma house investigated I lived there for about 3 years off and on and I always felt weird in that house and now my nephews live there and say sometimes they see a grandma in the house. I have always wondered if I was crazy or not. I would like to know how much and if you would be interested. This house is in linden Florida on my family property that has been passed down to generation to generation I wonder all the time about that house especially now with my nephews living there if not I fully understand.

  3. hi kim I lost my father a yr. ago it was very hard for me and very heavy on my heart I just cant get these feeling away I just need your help to solve this and I needs my questions to be answers I know you are very busy and you are the only person can help me and my family .thank you for reading my email and thank you for your time

  4. I just wanted to tell you how much I adore you and respect your abilities. I’ve always wished I had a gift like your’s and you’ve really taught me alot. I liked your discription of a funnel coming out of the top of a medium’s head. I’ve often seen colored auras around a person’s head. Could that be similar? You are correct when you say spirits are everywhere. I’ve seen them, but I don’t know how to communicate with them. So, I just talk to them and thank them for coming. I’d love to meet you someday and perhaps have you read for me. Thank you, Kim…

  5. Very nice interview. I have seen her show on the television, its really wonderful. Finding a legitimate psychic reader in the market in very difficult. I really appreciate such efforts which are being made to help people who lost their loved ones all of sudden and now they want to talk to them. Keep up the good work.

  6. I love your show and how you help people. I had a near-death experience and a week later I started to receive ideas and answers to many questions I hadn’t asked. I wasn’t going to share this but I admire your work.
    Below is a very small part.

    Stage 2 – School Starts

    God has forgiven your sins but they have not been forgotten and you will still have to work your way through the reasons you committed them. Your faults and flaws will have to be dealt with but don’t worry you will have help.

    If you were a good person you may start at this stage or higher. Anyone can visit a stage lower than their’s or you may be allowed temporarily to visit an upper level for a special occasion. When you return you must earn the right to move up.
    Of course up or down doesn’t mean anything. All is measured by being closer to or further from God.
    You will be taught to overcome your shortcomings or flaws. When you have learned your lessons you will advance to the next level and your soul will regain purity. This process will continue until you are close to God. It will take awhile.
    There might come a time when you are allowed become a part of God if you wish but this is rare and risky because your soul will have to be 100 percent pure again. I want to warn you that negative energy can not exist within Gods’ glory..
    After you die you will be made of pure energy. You may look or sound anyway you wish but most people prefer to look and sound as they did in life.
    You don’t have to actually speak unless you want to,all you have to do is think about what you want to say.
    Things are a lot easier after you escape your body. All the worries about disease,pain, money etcetera are all gone.
    Your old body was only a temporary container for your soul to grow and you to learn until your real journey begins.

    Stage 3 – Education and Training

  7. I love your shows your are truly amazing. And just a wonderful person. Thanks for sharing what you to do with the world.
    Thanks for being you

  8. was hopeful maybe you could help me both my parents and my 2 yr old nephew was killed in a horrible auto accident years ago. My Dad was very angry with me the night before they left because he wanted to take my daughter with them and I would not let them take her I told him was bad idea for them to go I really need to know that they was not mad at me also she has been fighting cancer for 2 years now I need to know I saved her and she is going to come out of this well please help me,desperate and lost my dad was my whole world

  9. My son passed away @ the age of 14 on October 17 2014 he is now 15 of age and I’m having a very hard time my son didn’t have any type of communication skills at all he still was wearing diapers he also was autistic he had multiple disabilities but I would like to talk to you further personally with this issue he also had seizures every day which the medical examiner said that’s why he passed away because of that I can’t remember if I heard him have one because if I did hear it I would have went into his room and turned him over on his back . He got diagnosed with having infantile spasms which laid up to multiple different type of seizures as he grew and when we found out he was having infantile spasms I almost lost him at two months then because he had stopped breathing. And is more to the stories that I’m telling you everything that I went through with my son it’s been hard for me to even take care of myself when he was here I never knew I was a diabetic type2 until after you pass altogether I have six kids five that I had birth to one whom is my step child. But if there’s anyway you can contact me over the phone through my email I will gladly give you my number and this is for Kim Russo please email me immediately. But I’m also going through a lot of other health issues to where my hand is numb and my and and endcronologis says its not coming from my diabetes I went to multiple specialists from anywhere to my primary doctor to see a Neurologist to a Gastronologist doing bloodwork MRIs EEGs for myself as what I was doing basically for my son passed away but my issue is the medical examiner says he passed away as a natural cause do to The seizure but again like I said I didn’t hear him have a seizure when he was two months old he had a silent seizure and we didn’t know and that we looked at him and his lips were blue which means he was still getting oxygen but he was losing oxygen at the same time. But as of him passing away on the 14th as I said before I can’t recall hearing him having a seizure so I think it might have been a silent seizure but I don’t know for sure I was struggling to clean washing clothes putting up all the kids clothes hanging them up in their closets. I can’t talk about this anymore I need you to contact me as soon as possible. It’s just the way that I found my son. And I think the medical examiner partial is right but postural wrong it’s just a feeling that I have that doesn’t seem right to me. I was taught when he first or should I say when I first found out he was having seizures I had to take classes of CPR which I had to do on him that day he passed away I can’t talk about it please God Please Kim help me….. I’m not a piece and I feel that he’s not at peace or soul at peace. And I am not at peace or have any peace until I know for sure……… Hurry contact me A.S.A.P. KIM RUSSO…….

    Mrs. Ronell Eppes Blackwell

  10. I lost my wife of 58 and a half years 50 days ago. I am so broken up and very miserable,don’t feel like eating or going any where. I wish I could afford a session with you but I know I can’t. Not like movie stars.Don’t know what to do. Can you give advice. Thank you.
    I must be on the wrong,this was meant for Kim Oscar Lopez

  11. I lost my wife of 58 and a half years 50 days ago. I am so broken up and very miserable,don’t feel like eating or going any where. I wish I could afford a session with you but I know I can’t. Not like movie stars.Don’t know what to do. Can you give advice. Thank you.
    Oscar Lopez

  12. I lost my husband 5yrs ago and I still think he is here with me I still love him he died of cancer at our home. He was my soul mate. I need another soul mate like him i am lonely thanks

  13. Hi Kim, My friends watch your show all the time ,we were wandering if or when will you come victoria australia we would love to meet you so much. kind regards Donna Devantier

  14. Love your show. Last night’s (6/27) episode you touched on Michael’s family member having dementia. I have a family member (age 83) with that awful disease, she hears voices and sees people in her home as well as crouds walking on her street. The other day she said she sees two boys in her bathroom but she is not afraid as she walks right through them. I have been wondering for quite some now if she is in contact with the spirit world. So many questions so little time. Your thoughts please?

  15. I think your gift is amazing and I feel the need to express things to you. I watch your show (DVR it all the time). I must tell you I attract “things” but do not understand. My husband and I are experiencing scary things; shadow(s) people in our home; knocking on our house walls and windows (from the inside), my dog, Winston doesn’t like to go in the computer room to sleep. He doesn’t stay in there all night even though my husband wants him to sleep there. Recently, yesterday morning I heard noises (knocking, walking) I thought were outside and they awoke me from a sound sleep and Winston alerted on a certain area in the house. Glen and I checked the outside camera but nobody had entered or left our property other than him that morning. I am touched allot, my hair, shoulder and my name is called out in a whisper tone that also wakes me. We cannot explain it. I don’t scare easily and I ask them to respect us; for awhile things are good but it is starting up again. I don’t feel good about this but I hold my ground since I am here allot by myself. I have lost many friends (military and other) as well as close family members and so has Glen, none who lived here. I don’t know if this about someone we know, it doesn’t feel that way. I know you are busy and I respect that but I have to ask if you can help us understand what is going on. Sandy

  16. I’m 59 yrs old, I lost my husband suddenly at the age of 63, in Dec of 2013, we had a great marriage, he was taken to the hospital for very bad stomach pains, ended up in a coma and died all within 18hrs, I never got the chance to talk to him to tell him how much I loved him and what a great husband he was, that has always been my regret, I feel his presence on a daily basis, he was a smoker and I always smell cigarettes around me, in my house my car no matter where I am, even when I’m visiting back east, he’s always with me, I would love to talk to you about this, thankyou

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