The Party Continues In Party Down South 2

Party Down South 2We’ve already fallen in love with the original cast of Party Down South, but while Daddy, Lyle, Murray, Walt, Lauren, Mattie and Tiffany get busy filming Season 3 of PDS, which will premiere on CMT in February, we new get to meet a new group of hard-partying hotties who are taking Biloxi, Mississippi by storm. For the gang of Party Down South 2, their time together quickly proves to be filled with mud pits, hook-ups, hangovers and a whole lot of drama.

Meet the cast of Party Down South 2
• Bradley, 26 (Brandon, MS) – A self-proclaimed ladies man whose two addictions in life include women and partying, both of which often land him in hot water.

• Hunter, 23 (Lexington, KY) – A proud Kentucky Wildcat who can often be found with a fishing rod in one hand and a beer in the other. He never goes to sleep until the keg is empty.

• Michael “Duke,” 22 (Statesboro, GA) – A good ol’ boy who never passes up a party, but he’s always there when you need him, filled with words of country wisdom.

• Tommy, 22 (Blytheville, AR) – This firefighter never misses a day at the gym and spends hours working on his physique so he can impress all the ladies with his ripped abs and toned arms.

• Ashton, 23 (Pensacola, FL) – A preacher’s daughter who enjoys fishing and hunting. She just ended a long-term relationship and she’s ready to get “buck wild.” She has a tendency of getting wild when she goes out, hence her nickname “Smashton.”

• Karynda, 26 (Jacksonville, NC) – A sweet tea lover whose favorite things include line dancing and beer. She can definitely hang with the guys and isn’t your typical Southern belle.

• Magan, 25 (Wiggins, MS) – This Southern wild child loves hot-boiled crawfish, hot-blooded boys and cold bottles of beer. Just point her to the party and she’s the first one on the dance floor.

• Raven, 23 (Folsom, LA) – A self-described “tease” known to stir up trouble when she drinks because she’s constantly inciting drama and reveling in the attention.

Party Down South 2 premieres Thursday, Nov. 20 at 9pm ET/PT

Can’t get enough of the original Party Down South crew?  Check out how they celebrate the holidays, “the redneck way” in two PDS specials.

Party Down South 2
Gobble Gobble, ’til you Wobble!

Party Down South: Drunksgiving premieres Wednesday, Nov. 19 at 9/8c
America’s most adored dysfunctional redneck family comes together to count their blessings, pound shots and catch up on their fighting. Since they consider themselves family, the whole cast decides Thanksgiving should be spent with each other. The gang rents a house and spends a few wild nights together funneling beer, deep frying turkeys, and reflecting on all the things they’re thankful for — like Marlins, Sharks and the Beerzooka.

Party Down South: Christmas Hangover premieres Thursday Dec. 18, at 8/7c.
Go home with the cast and see how they celebrate Christmas with their families. Whether it’s Lyle’s duck call caroling, Lauren’s tacky sweater party, Murray getting his annual Christmas tattoo or Mattie ringing in 2015 as “Martha,” the cast definitely have some off-the-wall redneck family holiday traditions.

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