Thanksgiving 2014 TV programming

Jeff Pfeiffer

Thanksgiving 2014 in the United States is Thursday, Nov. 27. Leading up to that day, and through the Thanksgiving 2014 weekend, as always there will be a number of specials, sports, movie marathons and more (and even the start of some Christmas specials) to enjoy on TV.


Here are some notable programs to watch leading into, and over the Thanksgiving 2014 weekend. All times Eastern.

Epic Meal  Empire Thanksgiving special — Nov. 14 at 10pm on FYI. In the newest episodes, viewers will get even more over-the-top cooking recipes and antics, starting with a Thanksgiving meal (not the Canadian kind) of massive proportions created exclusively for Los Angeles community members who have nowhere to go for the holiday. The guests will be treated to traditional holiday classics (like mashed potatoes and turkey) prepared in a decidedly untraditional fashion (like stuffed between two roasted pigs in a boat on top of a sea of gravy.

The Pioneer Woman: “The Secrets in the Sides” — Nov. 15 at 10am on Food Network. The spotlight is on stunning sides for the big Thanksgiving feast. Ree is making some of her all-time favorites, including delicious Broccoli Wild Rice Casserole and Soul Sweet ‘Taters. Ladd’s family recipe is made over in Dressing with Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash and easy No-Knead Clover Leaf Rolls.

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen: “Big Family Thanksgiving” — Nov. 15 at 10:30am on Food Network. Trisha is hosting her family for Thanksgiving this year. She prepares her uncle’s famous Ranch-Injected Fried Turkey. The family lends a hand in the kitchen with Brussels Sprouts with Pistachios, Broccoli Cornbread and Lemon Pecan Pie before gathering around the table to share what they are thankful for, then eat and sing.

The Kitchen Thanksgiving episodes — Nov. 15 & 22 at 11am on Food Network. The Kitchen crew share holiday recipes, advice and more to help viewers with their own holiday meals.

Turkey and Trimmings Unwrapped — Nov. 15 at 7pm on Food Network. A cornucopia of Thanksgiving favorites, all stuffed into one special Unwrapped.

Outrageous Thanksgiving — Nov. 15 at 9pm on Food Network. From an extremely spicy Thanksgiving meal complete with a buffalo style turkey, wasabi mashed potatoes and habanero cornbread to an all-fried Cajun cookout with deep fried turkeys, mashed potato balls, stuffing, and even deep fried cranberry sauce – this holiday will be more decadent than ever.

Giada at Home: “Giving Thanks” — Nov. 16 at 10:30am on Food Network. Giada De Laurentiis hosts a traditional family Thanksgiving outdoors. The meal features all the fixings with fun twists like Turkey Breast “Porchetta,” Bacon Bourbon Brussels Sprouts Skewers and Smashed Root Vegetables.

Guy’s Big Bite: “Turkey Sandwich Slam-Dunk” — Nov. 16 at 11am on Food Network. Guy Fieri is upgrading the turkey sandwich to all-star status with his Roasted Turkey Sandwich with Cremini and Truffle, which takes center stage the day after Thanksgiving or any time of year. The Grilled Vegetable and Goat Cheese Salad is another year-round crowd pleaser.

Southern at Heart: “Friends-Giving Leftovers” — Nov. 16 at 12pm on Food Network. “Friends-giving” is a yearly tradition among Damaris and her gang. With fantastic ideas on how to enliven and make over the foods of the season, she prepares a bevy of casseroles and invites her friends to gather together in a special spot, relax in cozy clothes to eat and watch movies all day. With her Turkey and Stuffing Casserole, Green Bean and Smashed Potato Casserole and Sweet Potato Crumble, Damaris presents dishes for an easy, stress free dinner party.

Farmhouse Rules: “Farmhouse Thanksgiving” — Nov. 16 at 12:30pm on Food Network. Nancy Fuller is hosting Thanksgiving dinner for her family. She makes Roasted Turkey with Herb Gravy, Oyster Stuffing, Homemade Green Bean Casserole and Perfect Pumpkin Cakes made with eggs from her daughter-in-law’s chicken coop.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: “Lockdown” — Nov. 16 at 8:30pm on FOX. The precinct goes into lockdown mode on Thanksgiving night, and Jake, who was left in charge, is confident in his ability to keep spirits high and avoid chaos. Amy is less confident, as things spiral out of control.

Family Guy: “Turkey Guys” — Nov. 16 at 9pm on FOX. On the night before Thanksgiving, Brian and Peter drunkenly devour the holiday bird, and then must go out to find a replacement. In Peter’s absence, Chris attempts to step up and become the man of the house.


Cutthroat Kitchen: “Thanks, But No Thanksgiving” — Nov. 16 at 10pm on Food Network. In this Thanksgiving episode, host Alton Brown is doling out the sabotages, as three chefs make a mad dash for all of their cooking equipment for Black Friday. Next, a chef loses cooking vessels and must cook in nuts. Finally, a chef parades around the kitchen in a turkey float.

Marry Me: “Thank Me” — Nov. 18 at 9pm on NBC. Annie decides she would like to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time as a newly-engaged couple but Myrna, Jake’s mom, has always hosted. While Myrna appears to be supportive of the change of plans, Annie quickly realizes that she is engaged in a complicated chess match over who will be the most important woman in Jake’s life. Meanwhile, Gil goes in search of cheese to bring to the Thanksgiving dinner and discovers that he has a knack for fine cheese tasting. His newfound talents lead him to an underground world of exquisite and unique cheeses.

The Middle: “Thanksgiving VI” — Nov. 19 at 8pm on ABC. With the Heck house in disarray due to the kitchen sink hole and miniature dining room table, Frankie suggests that the family enjoy a Thanksgiving feast at the local King’s Feast buffet. But all does not run so smoothly when Sue invites her boyfriend Darrin to dine with the family and gets the feeling that Mike doesn’t like him very much, Brick invites his quirky girlfriend Cindy, and Axl is forced by Frankie to invite a girl he doesn’t even know to the holiday meal.

The Goldbergs: “A Goldberg Thanksgiving” — Nov. 19 at 8:30pm on ABC. As a bet, Beverly challenges Erica to participate in Jazzercise after she thinks her mom’s obsession is lame. When she wins, Erica decides to opt out of celebrating Thanksgiving so Beverly must find a way to win her daughter back to celebrate the holiday with the family. Meanwhile, uncle Marvin shows up for his annual visit to the Goldberg home and unexpectedly bonds with Adam, which annoys Murray.

Modern Family: “Three Turkeys” — Nov. 19 at 9pm on ABC. Phil is cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year with Luke as his sous chef and Claire has no confidence in them and prepares a secret turkey of her own as backup. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria had plans to spend the holiday away but when the trip gets canceled last minute, they decide not to tell anyone which quickly becomes the worst idea ever since the family dinner gets suddenly moved to their house and it turns into a mad scramble to cover their tracks. And, Mitch is tired of always being the bad cop so when Lily refuses to wear a nice dress to dinner he forces Cameron to deal with it who then comes up with a very unconventional approach.

Party Down South: “Drunksgiving” — Nov. 19 at 9pm on CMT. This Thanksgiving, the dysfunctional redneck family comes together to count their blessings, pound shots and catch up on their fighting. Since they consider themselves family, the whole cast decides Thanksgiving should be spent with each other. The gang rents a house and spends a few wild nights together funneling beer, deep frying turkeys, and reflecting on all the things they’re thankful for — like Marlins, Sharks and the Beerzooka.

EAT: The Story of Food — Nov. 21-23 at 9pm on NGC. This special, airing over three nights (through Nov. 23), explores the evolution of what we eat and how we eat it, and how eating has defined human civilization. Through more than 50 original interviews with famous chefs, historians, scientists and explorers, the documentary tells the unexpected stories of the trials and tribulations behind every morsel of food on your plate.

Top Chef: “The First Thanksgiving” — Nov. 19 at 10pm; Nov. 27 at 11am on Bravo. Top Chef alum Tiffani Faison surprises the chefs with a trip to the countryside as well as a test of endurance. The chefs must trek through a cranberry bog in a race to gather this classic New England ingredient to use as the base for their Quickfire Challenge: creating a unique dish highlighting the cranberry. For their Elimination Challenge, the chefs head to historic Plimouth Plantation and must work together to cook a traditional family-style Thanksgiving feast using only cooking tools, methods and ingredients found in Massachusetts during the 1600s. Descendants of the Mayflower colonists and the native Wampanoag tribe as well as James Beard Award Winner Ken Oringer join the judges at the table for this non-traditional Thanksgiving feast.


Thanksgiving Unstuffed — Nov. 20 at 10pm on FYI. “Thanksgiving Unstuffed” features celebrity chefs Marcus Samuelsson and Gail Simmons, along with food writer and comedian Max Silvestri as they create an epic Thanksgiving meal for their friends and family. Prepare the cast’s favorite holiday recipes – everything from Marcus’ ‘Corn and Cauliflower Soup’, Gail’s ‘Asian Cornish Game Hens’ to Max’s ‘Stuffed Pork Roast Wrapped in Ribs.’

Thanksgiving at Bobby’s — Nov. 22 at 12pm on Food Network. Bobby Flay is hosting an all-star Thanksgiving with co-host Katie Lee and a feast of special friends including Alex Guarnaschelli, Michael Symon and Sunny Anderson. From appetizers to drinks, turkey to dessert, and everything in between, everyone is cooking up the classic Thanksgiving dishes that are the most personal and special to them. Helpful how-to’s and personal stories are shared, as all the holiday courses are prepared leading up to the most delicious Thanksgiving feast with friends.

A Chef’s Life: “Obviously, It’s Pecans” — Nov. 23 at 11am on PBS (check local listings). Vivian is feeling the stress of running the restaurant after suspending her sous chef and preparing for her own Thanksgiving feast. She and Ms. Scarlett head to Ms. Scarlett’s family farm where they source their pecans and have a run-in with Uncle Dwight’s wild boar. On Thanksgiving, dozens of people assemble in Ben and Vivian’s Deep Run home. The only thing missing is the Thanksgiving turkey

Bob’s Burgers: “Dawn of the Peck” — Nov. 23 at 7:30pm on FOX. The First Annual Fischoeder Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival turns into mayhem.

2014 American Music Awards — Nov. 23 live at 8pm on ABC. This year’s performers include  5 Seconds of Summer, Iggy Azalea, Mary J. Blige, Charli XCX, Fergie, Lorde, One Direction, Sam Smith, Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, Selena Gomez, Imagine Dragons and the evening’s host, Pitbull.

The Millers: “Papa Was a Rolling Bone” — Nov. 24 at 8:30pm on CBS. The Millers decide to spend Thanksgiving apart for the first time ever, but they rethink the new family tradition when each of their individual Turkey Day plans hit snags.

The Real Story of Thanksgiving — Nov. 24 at 11:03pm on History. What started as a somber Puritan day of prayer is now about football and food. How did we get there?

NCIS: “Grounded” — Nov. 25 at 8pm on CBS. While stuck at the Dulles airport due to inclement weather, DiNozzo, Bishop and her husband Jake (guest star Jamie Bamber) work an NCIS case involving an elevated terrorist threat at Northeast airports during the Thanksgiving travel surge.

New Girl: “Thanksgiving IV” — Nov. 25 at 9pm on FOX. Schmidt attempts to convince the gang his idea for their Thanksgiving dinner party will work.

Let’s Make a Deal — Nov. 26 on CBS (check local listings for time in your area). The game show celebrates Thanksgiving, with many traders dressed as turkeys, pilgrims and pumpkins, as well as themed games and giveaways. Games will feature a 3-Turkey Deal for big cash, a trading game including a Turkey Hotline and a giant pumpkin pie. Host Wayne Brady does his best turkey impression, and the pumpkin pie becomes the center of attention for the hungry cast.

The Price Is  Right — Nov. 26 at 11am on CBS. In the spirit of the holiday, the show celebrates Turkey Day with themed games and prizes, including a home gym to work off the tasty treats, a new dining room to celebrate in, and a platinum china set for serving the holiday feast to guests. Plus, celebrity chef Susan Feniger stops by to present a special showcase featuring a food journey around the world, including trips to Los Angeles to experience the food truck scene, to the Riviera Maya for the amazing ceviche, and to Singapore for the award-winning dining.

The Young and the Restless — Nov. 26 at 12:30pm ET/11am PT on CBS. Victor Newman (Eric Braden) and Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) host Thanksgiving dinner for friends, family and a few unexpected guests at the Newman Ranch. Meanwhile, the rest of the Newman family are at an important crossroads as Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow) finds himself in a life-altering predicament, Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) decides to find out who her baby’s father is and Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) prepares to reclaim his life under a new identity. Across town, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and his fiancée Phyllis Newman (Gina Tognoni) spend Thanksgiving making up for lost time after she spent the last year in a coma. Will Phyllis finally get the happy ending she’s been waiting for?

The Bold and the Beautiful — Nov. 26 at 1:30pm ET/12:30pm PT on CBS. The Forresters, Logans and Spencers join together at the Forrester Mansion for a Thanksgiving Day filled with food, forgiveness and gratitude. Pam Douglas (Alley Mills) and Charlie Baker (Dick Christie) prepare the perfect meal for the group and as everyone settles in, Hope Logan (Kim Matula) announces that they will be continuing the tradition of putting their conflict aside, whether it is in love, business or family, she implores them to say something kind to the person next to them. For a moment in time it seems that all is right in the world, but for two people, we see that the feelings that they have for each other are still undeniable.

Men’s College Basketball: The 2014 Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament — Nov. 26-28 on ESPN and AXS TV. Held in the Bahamas, this tournament takes place during Thanksgiving week. ESPN will have daytime games; primetime games are on AXS TV. Game 1: Butler vs. North Carolina, Nov. 26 live at 12pm on ESPN. Game 2: UCLA vs. Oklahoma, Nov. 26 live at 2:30pm on ESPN. Game 3: University of Wisconsin vs. University of Alabama at Birmingham, Nov. 26 live at 7pm on AXS TV. Game 4: University of Florida vs. Georgetown University, Nov. 26 live at 9:30pm on AXS TV. Games 5 & 6 (teams TBA) air Nov. 27 live at 1pm and 3:30pm on ESPN. Games 7 & 8 (teams TBA) air Nov. 27 live at 7pm and 9:30pm on AXS TV. Game 9 (3rd and 4th place) airs Nov. 28 live at 2pm on ESPN. Game 10 (championship) airs Nov. 28 live at 4:30pm on ESPN. Games 11 (5th and 6th place) and 12 (7th and 8th place) air Nov. 28 at 8pm and 10:30pm on AXS TV.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving — Nov. 26 at 8pm on ABC. In this 1973 special, Charlie Brown wants to do something special for the gang. However, the dinner he arranges is a disaster when the caterers, Snoopy and Woodstock, prepare toast and popcorn as the main dish. Humiliated, it will take all of Marcie’s persuasive powers to salvage the holiday for Charlie Brown. A special bonus cartoon from Charles M. Schulz, “This Is America, Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers,” will air with the PEANUTS classic, in which history comes to animated screen life in a program about the Mayflower voyagers.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles — Nov. 26 at 8pm on The CW. John Hughes wrote, produced and directed this beloved 1987 comedy starring Steve Martin and John Candy as a high-strung ad exec and a clumsy shower curtain-ring salesman who share a three-day odyssey of misadventures trying to get the ad exec home to Chicago from New York for Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

Modern Marvels: “The Turkey” — Nov. 26 at 8pm on H2. It’s the centerpiece on your Thanksgiving dinner table–and one of the most famous birds in North America. From the moment a baby turkey pecks through its shell to the factory that transforms turkey waste into crude oil, see a world few have ever seen.

The Making of Peter Pan Live! — Nov. 26 at 8pm on NBC. This hourlong special will go behind the scenes to give viewers an inside look at the incredible teamwork it takes to create the event “Peter Pan Live” (Dec. 4). Watch Allison Williams learn to fly and Christopher Walken practice his sword fighting as he prepares to play the villainous Captain Hook.

Nature: “My Life as a Turkey” — Nov. 26 at 8pm & Nov. 27 at 9pm on PBS (check local listings). Experience the true story of writer and naturalist Joe Hutto as he raises a family of turkey chicks.

The Whale: Revenge From the Deep — Nov. 26 at 9pm on Animal Planet. This is a two-hour scripted feature based on the true accounts of one of history’s most haunting stories of survival: the sinking of the whaling ship Essex. The story of the Essex inspired Melville’s classic novel Moby-Dick. The film stars Martin Sheen as Old Thomas Nickerson, who tells the tale of his emotional maiden voyage on board the doomed ship, alongside John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) as Bond and Charles Furness (24: Live Another Day) as young Tom Nickerson.

SNL Thanksgiving — Nov. 26 at 9pm on NBC. A two-hour compilation of the best Thanksgiving-themed clips from 40 years of the iconic late-night series Saturday Night Live.

Duck Dynasty: “Good Night and Good Duck” — Nov. 26 at 9:30pm; Nov. 27 at 10:31pm on A&E. A special holiday episode of Duck Dynasty shows when the Robertson family took over the Thanksgiving special of a local TV show, “Good Morning Arklamiss.” Each family member presents a special holiday segment, with Willie and Jase serving as anchormen, Si as the weatherman, Kay presents her famous Thanksgiving recipes and the rest of the family offer up their unique tips for the holidays.

When Turkeys Attack — Nov. 26 at 10pm on Destination America. Featuring home video footage plucked from real families terrorized by turkeys, Destination America’s all-new holiday special reveals what happens when turkeys decide their feathers have been ruffled for the last time. From the farmyard to local neighborhoods, turkeys have taken the food chain into their own talons – attacking Americans of all ages who dare to get too close or look at them with hungry eyes.

Regular Show Thanksgiving Special — Nov. 27 at 8:30am on Cartoon Network.

Adventure Time Marathon — Nov. 27 from 9am-2pm on Cartoon Network.

The Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS — Nov. 27 at 9am live on CBS (tape-delayed PT). A CBS Thanksgiving tradition in its 54th year, the special will feature portions of the 88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade live from New York City. Taylor Swift will perform, with additional performances during the parade including the Broadway casts of the hit Broadway productions “Matilda” and “Pippin.”

The 88th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — Nov. 27 at 9am in all time zones on NBC. Set for Thanksgiving Day are high-stepping numbers from this season’s Tony Award-winning Best Musical “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” Sting’s “The Last Ship,” “On the Town,” “Side Show,” and “Finding Neverland.” The Broadway spectacle will also feature a special sneak preview performance from NBC’s “Peter Pan Live!” which premieres Dec. 4.

Alaska: The Last Frontier Marathon — Nov. 27 from 9am-3am on Discovery Channel.

McDonald’s Thanksgiving Parade — Nov. 27 at 9am on WGN America. Chicago’s 81st annual Thanksgiving parade kicks off the 2014 holiday season on historic State Street with giant balloons, spirited marching bands, high-stepping equestrians, fabulous floats, performance groups, and celebrities including Grand Marshal Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, Colin Egglesfield (“Rizzoli & Isles”, “The Client List”), U.S. Little League National Champions Jackie Robinson West, Karolyn Grimes (“It’s a Wonderful Life”) and Yuri Sardarov (“Chicago Fire”). WGN’s Mark Suppelsa and Micah Materre host coverage with Amy Rutledge.

Syfy Thanksgiving Day Movie Marathon — Nov. 27 beginning at 9:30am on Syfy. Syfy kicks things off with 2001: A Space Odyssey, followed by Star Trek Nemesis, Space Cowboys, Stargate and Poseidon.

Jurassic Thursday — Nov. 27 from 10am-2am on AMC. Marathon of Jurassic Park movies.

Friends Marathon — Nov. 27 from 10am-5pm on TBS.

Modern Family Marathon — Nov. 27 from 10am-12am on USA Network.

Knife Fight Marathon — Nov. 27 from 11am-8pm on Esquire Network.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day Marathon — Nov. 27 beginning at noon, online at The MST3K Turkey Day Marathon was such a hit last year, it is being live-streamed once again this Thanksgiving. Six classic episodes of MST3K will air, complete with brand-new introductions by Joel Hodgson.

Tanksgiving — Nov. 27 from 12pm-6am on American Heroes Channel. An entire day celebrating all things tanks. It’s an encore of tank-related programming, featuring some of the most intense tank battles in history from the series Greatest Tank Battles.

The Millionaire Matchmaker Marathon — Nov. 27 from 12pm-10:30pm on Bravo.

13th Annual National Dog Show — Nov. 27 at noon in all time zones on NBC. This special agin celebrates man’s best friend and is hosted by John O’Hurley. Expert analysis is offered by David Frei, an American Kennel Club-licensed judge and host of USA Network’s “Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.” NBC’s Mary Carillo will report from the benching area and inside the show ring. Included this year are two new AKC-sanctioned breeds, the Wirehaired Vizsla (Sporting) and the Coton De Tulear (Non Sporting), bringing the total recognized breeds to 192.

Blue Bloods marathon — Nov. 27 at 12pm-7pm on WGN America.

NFL Football: Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions — Nov. 27 at 12:30pm on CBS.

Duck Dynasty Marathon — Nov. 27 from 1pm-3am on A&E.

River Monsters Marathon — Nov. 27 from 2pm-1am on Animal Planet.

Swampsgiving — Nov. 27 at 2pm on History. Gator season has come and gone, but down in the swamp, life goes on for the beloved gator hunters of Swamp People. The program offers viewers a glimpse of the world of the swamp in the off-season–in particular, the varied traditions surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday in the Atchafalaya River basin, and the ways in which all of these born hunters and fishers go about procuring their fish and fowl for the big meal.

NFL Football: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys — Nov. 27 at 4:30pm on FOX.

Cops Marathon — Nov. 27 from 5pm-12:30am on Spike.

Seinfeld Marathon — Nov. 27 from 5pm-8pm on TBS.

America’s Funniest Home Videos marathon — Nov. 27 from 7pm-1am on WGN America.

Thank You, America! — Nov. 27 at 8pm on ABC. ABC News anchor Robin Roberts canvases the country in search of America’s unsung heroes and celebrates them with surprises that will profoundly change their lives. The one-hour special includes a special tribute to the men and women of The United States Armed Forces, many of whom are separated from their families and loved ones during this time of the year. Additionally, global music superstar Taylor Swift talks with Robin Roberts about Thanksgiving and all that she is thankful for this holiday season, and Jimmy Kimmel joins Roberts to help surprise a deserving — and unsuspecting — audience member.

The Big Bang Theory: “The Thanksgiving Decoupling” — Nov. 27 at 8pm on CBS. In this repeat episiode, Sheldon protests when the gang drags him to Mrs. Wolowitz’s house for Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard must deal with a mistake from her past.

Best Bars in America Marathon — Nov. 27 from 8pm-4am on Esquire Network.

cause-for-paws-hilary-swank-jane-lynchFOX’s Cause For Paws: An All-Star Dog Spectacular — Nov. 27 at 8pm on FOX. Co-hosted and executive-produced by Hilary Swank, this uplifting special for the whole family will be an entertaining and lively celebration of rescue dogs and the joy they bring to our lives. From basset hounds to boxers, pugs to pomeranians, puppies to seniors, the special will delight viewers with inspiring and often hilarious tales of rescue dogs, honor the best viral videos starring rescue pups, include musical tributes to amazing superhero canines and feature stories honoring people who dedicate their lives to rescuing animals in need. Throughout the special, celebrities will introduce the audience to rescue dogs, giving viewers the opportunity to foster or adopt a new best friend. Jane Lynch co-hosts. Among the celebrities scheduled to participate are Scarlett Johansson, Josh Duhamel, Miranda Lambert, Kristen Bell, Fergie, Paula Abdul, Betty White, LeAnn Rimes, Kesha, Carrie Ann Inaba, Kristin Chenoweth, Whitney Cummings, Max Greenfield, Kathy Griffin, Julianne Hough, Randy Jackson, Cesar Millan, Jerry O’Connell, Kelly Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, P!nk, Amber Riley, Rebecca Romijn, Emmy Rossum and Jenna Dewan Tatum. The special will include awards and celebrity presentations showcasing a variety of canine categories, including Cutest Puppy, Best Celebrity/Dog Lookalike, Guiltiest Dog, Best Licker, Smartest Dog and Best Viral Dog Video. Viewers will be provided with information regarding adoptable animals in their local areas.

NFL Football: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers — Nov. 27 at 8pm on NBC and mun2.

The McCarthys: “Thanks a Lot, Ronny” — Nov. 27 at 9:30pm on CBS. During Thanksgiving dinner, the McCarthy family works together to manipulate Gerard into breaking up with his offensive girlfriend (guest star Jessica St. Clair).

Comedy Central’s All-Star Non-Denominational Christmas Special — Nov. 27-30 at 10pm on Comedy Central. This hourlong special produced by Funny or Die includes Chris Hardwick playing Holiday Hashtag Wars; Abbi and Illana of Broad City giving tips on how to survive a holiday party; a Drunk History parody of It’s a Wonderful Life called It’s a Drunk Christmas; a unique holiday greeting from Stephen Colbert; and more.

Helix Black Goo Friday marathon — Nov. 28 from 6am-6pm on Syfy. Syfy will telecast the entire first season of the hit Helix, with the marathon also including cast interviews and a never-before-seen sneak peek of Season 2, which begins Jan. 16.

Rambo Friday — Nov. 28 from 11am-12am on AMC. Marathon of Rambo movies.

Star Trek: The Next Generation Marathon — Nov. 28 from 12pm-6am on BBC America.

Diners specials Black Friday marathon — Nov. 28 from 12pm-12am on Food Network. Kick back with Guy Fieri and a day of hour long Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives specials covering from the Best in Burgers to Late night legends. With a new half-hour episode premiering at 10pm.

NHL Hockey: New York Rangers at Philadelphia Flyers — Nov. 28 at 1pm on NBC.

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer — Nov. 28 at 8pm on The CW. Based on the hit song that became a worldwide holiday phenomenon, this goofy and heartwarming adventure features young Jake Spankenheimer on the quest of a lifetime to track his missing Grandma down on Christmas Eve and prove that Santa Claus is indeed real. Michele Lee provides the voice of Jake’s greedy Cousin Mel and recording artist Elmo Shropshire provides the narration.

How I Met Your Mother “Slapsgiving” marathon — Nov. 28 at 8pm on WGN America. Seven “Slap Bet” episodes.

Frosty the Snowman — Nov. 28 at 9pm on CBS. The classic holiday special, narrated by Jimmy Durante, and featuring the voices of Jackie Vernon (as Frosty) and Billy De Wolfe (as Professor Hinkle).

Kung Fu Panda Holiday — Nov. 28 at 9pm on The CW. The Winter Festival is coming and Po, the Kung Fu Panda, is asked to host the exclusive formal banquet for all the Masters of Kung Fu. However, the occasion is on the same night as his father’s own party. Feeling guilty and burdened by work he has taken on, Po is unsure which way to turn until he realizes who truly needs him more on the big night. Features the voices of Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman.

Yes, Virginia — Nov. 28 at 9:30pm on CBS. This animated special is based on the 1897 true story of Virginia O’Hanlon, an 8-year-old girl who inspired the most famous newspaper editorial of all time by asking “Is there a Santa Claus?” Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alfred Molina voice key characters. Beatrice Miller voices the role of Virginia.

Merry Madagascar — Nov. 28 at 9:30pm on The CW. When Santa and his reindeer crash onto Madagascar it’s up to Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melvin and the penguins to save Christmas. Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and David Schwimmer are among the voice actors.

Hawaii Five-0: “Hau’oli Lā Ho’omaika’i” — Nov. 28 at 10pm on CBS. As Thanksgiving approaches, Five -0 investigates the murder of a secret service agent just as the President travels to Oahu. Also, McGarrett’s Aunt Deb visits, bringing with her a shocking secret. Episode title is Hawaiian for “Happy Thanksgiving.”

Syfy Movie Marathons — Nov. 29 beginning at 10am; Nov. 30 beginning at 10:30am on Syfy. Classic science fiction films ranging from The Fifth Element and Terminator 2 to Blade: Trinity.

The Matrix Saturday — Nov. 29 from 11am-5am on AMC. Marathon of The Matrix movies.

NCIS Marathon — Nov. 29 from 11am-12am on USA Network.

The Flight Before Christmas — Nov. 29 at 8pm on CBS. A rebroadcast of the animated holiday special about a young reindeer with ambitions of becoming an expert flyer like his father, to be rebroadcast. Voices include Emma Roberts and Norm McDonald.

Punkin Chunkin: Superchunk! — Nov. 29 at 8pm on Discovery Channel and Science Channel. At a new venue this year, this two-hour special will bring together some of the top teams in the competition to unleash a chunking extravaganza like never before. Teams will vie for the top title by taking on various challenges to chunk everyday objects into a cornfield. TV’s, pianos, and even cars… nothing is safe from this group as the Chunkers meet their greatest challenge to date. Former Mythbusters Kari Byron and Tory Belleci host.

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever — Nov. 29 at 8pm on Lifetime. America’s favorite Internet sourpuss stars in her first holiday film. Voiced by Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Grumpy Cat is a lonely feline living in a mall pet shop. When a very special 12-year-old girl realizes that she can hear this unique cat talk, they form a close bond, work together to thwart a dognapping, and Grumpy learns the true meaning of Christmas.


The Story of Santa Claus — Nov. 29 at 9pm on CBS. An animated musical holiday special featuring the voices of Edward Asner, Betty White and Tim Curry, the story revolves around a gentle toymaker whose only wish is to deliver a toy to every child on Christmas.

Law & Order: SVU Marathon — Nov. 30 from 9am-11pm on USA Network.

Indiana Jones Movie Marathon — Nov. 30 at 12:30pm on Spike.

Happy Holidays With Bing and Frank — Nov. 30 at 10pm and 10:35pm on getTV. Directed by Frank Sinatra, this half-hour special that has not been seen on TV in over a decade originally aired on December 20, 1957, during the first season of The Frank Sinatra Show. Sinatra and Bing Crosby trade friendly banter, exchanges gifts, and shares treasured holiday memories, while teaming up to take on an impressive roster of Christmas classics. The special will also air on getTV throughout December, including on Dec. 12, which would have been Sinatra’s 99th birthday.


When Turkeys Attack: Credit Destination America


Top Chef: David Moir/Bravo

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: © 1973 United Feature Syndicate Inc

Cause for Paws: Brian Bowen Smith/FOX

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever: © 2014 Lifetime. Credit: Joseph Viles