James Franco and Seth Rogen to get Naked and Afraid

James Franco Kellie Freeze
I bet the real participants on Naked and Afraid would have loved that blue tarp!

Yes Kellie, there is a Santa Claus.

James Franco
I bet the real participants on Naked and Afraid would have loved that blue tarp!

This holiday season, James Franco and Seth Rogen, who have previously appeared together in Freaks and Geeks, Pineapple Express, This is the End (and a LOL NSFW shot-for-shot recreation of the Kanye West NSFW music video Bound 2 — the  original features a topless, Yeezus-humping Kim Kardashian) will take their bromance one step farther … and get naked. Naked and Afraid.

The twosome will allegedly appear together in a special episode of Naked and Afraid that will air Dec. 7 as part of Discovery Channel’s Mega Week. I say “allegedly” because this is so fantastically ludicrous that it may be a brilliant ruse. Since the episode’s description says the two actors are surviving in the wilds of “North Korea” for 21 days, the more likely scenario is they ran around LA’s Griffith Park in “modesty socks” for a few hours, called it a wrap, and sparked up a bong. The episode will air on the same night as the programming stunt, Eaten Alive, where snake researcher and conservationist Paul Rosolie will be swallowed by a Giant Green Anaconda. We are living in a golden age of TV, no?

In October, Franco and Rogen posted images of them wearing the shows burlap bags and microphone necklaces (and nothing else). Most people (myself included) assumed this was just another instance of random insanity and love of the spotlight, but it turns out this may be an actual thing. Of course, this is a thing done in promotion of their next film together, The Interview, the plot of which is them traveling to Pyongyang, North Korea to assassinate Kim Jong-un. I’m sure the North Korean government has both men on its long list of most hated people, so if nothing less, we can enjoy a few laughs on Dec. 7 before their film’s release incises a world war.

Will you watch Seth Rogen and James Franco on Naked and Afraid?

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