Jane the Virgin episode 5 Recap: Truth … and major consequences

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jane-the-virgin-michael-janeWe return to Jane the Virgin with “Chapter Five” and Jane leaving her mother’s house. Jane’s still upset that Xo hid Rogelio’s identity from her and decides they can’t live under the same roof. This may be a bit dramatic, but Jane is headed off to Michael’s house and they are going to get married in a week. So not too dramatic. But this could be: Rogelio and Jane have a day planned to meet each other on the set of his telenovela. Of course Jane is nervous and so is Rogelio. He’s finally going to have to nail the role of “father.”

Rafael is sick of Petra and wants her out of his life. He even offers her $10,000 to get out of his apartment while they settle their divorce, but greedy Petra refuses his offer and tries to get him to allow her to linger for a little longer. Come on Petra, now you’re looking desperate!

Rafael lets Jane in on the status of his relationship, but assures her that he wants to keep the baby and raise it on his own. He tells her that he knows it isn’t exactly the family she had envisioned for her baby, but he wants to keep it. Jane’s not sure what she should do because she really wanted the baby to be raised by two loving parents in a stable and happy relationship. In other words, looks like Rafael’s chances of keeping the baby by himself are slim to none.

jane-the-virgin-entranceJane tells Michael the news about Petra cheating on Rafael and he acts as if he didn’t already know. He assures her that no matter what her decision is, he’ll be there to support her. Give it up Michael — you’re a liar! But Jane can’t think about this life-changing decision anymore because she’s worried about what she and Rogelio are going to talk about at dinner. Rogelio, on the other hand, is concerned about his grand entrance being perfectly telenovela style. No need to worry Rogelio, you nailed it. I guess I can’t blame the guy too much since he’s been practicing this entrance since the day he found out he had a daughter. Although, he doesn’t get an Oscar for his role as a father. At first, he offers his pregnant daughter wine since he’s nervous needs a lot hmself to relax. Then he continues to wreck the night by answering all of Jane’s earnest questions by giving her an autobiography. Since the night turned into a research project on her father, Jane now realizes how shallow Rogelio truly is. She can’t find anything the two could possibly have in common.

Michael offers for Jane to invite Rogelio over to the house for a do-over with a home cooked dinner. He thinks that  Jane will be more comfortable in this environment and able to accomplish her goal of getting to know who her father truly is.

While riding in Michael’s junker car, Jane sees the files associated with Zaz’s murder. Michael tells her that all the employees that were working that night are on a list to narrow down suspects. Jane goes Sherlock Holmes and lets Michael know that the list is definitely missing someone — “Disgusting Tom.” She may have just cracked the case. Michael and his partner meet with Rafael to ask for all the information he has on Tom. Way to go, Jane! Looks like you’re smarter than your fiancé who went to school for this kind of stuff.

Petra isn’t giving up on keeping Rafael in her life, though I’m not convinced that she really loves Rafael and wants to raise the baby with him. She tries seducing Rafael, but he knows better. He only goes in for a kiss and then jane-the-virgin-rafael-petraretreats, telling her that he doesn’t want to argue anymore — which made Petra (and me) think that he was caving into her devious ways. But I need to give Rafael more credit — he whipped out divorce papers and asked for Petra to simply sign them so she can get her money and let Rafael be on his merry way. Who knew Rafael had it in him? Petra shifts gears, reminding him of the almost-sex they had the other night and trying to scare him into thinking that he won’t get to keep the baby. She tells him that he’ll have to deal with shared custody without her, and Rafael  tells her that he can’t stay with her anymore because he doesn’t love her. Ouch! You know that one had to sting.

Rogelio visits Xo for advice before he goes to his do-over dinner night with Jane at Michael’s house. She tells him that she can’t help him much because she and Jane are fighting, no thanks to him. Proving he hasn’t learned a thing, Rogelio brings up the fight between Xo and Jane at the beginning of dinner and Jane doesn’t want to hear any of it. Rogelio tries defending Xo by telling Jane that she was right for keeping him a secret from Jane. He said he was sort of a low-life as a teenager and she didn’t need someone like that as a father figure. Jane gets furious that he’s trying to intrude in a fight between her and her mother, ending the evening before she even served the food. Jane could obviously see from the first encounter with Rogelio how shallow he is. Doesn’t she get that if both her mother and Rogelio himself are saying it was better for him to stay out of Jane’s life, they really mean it?

Later, Rogelio shows up at the hotel to apologize to Jane for his behavior at the second dinner. He explains that he was trying to make up 23 years in 2 hours and it clearly wasn’t working. Jane also apologizes because she had unrealistic expectations of Rogelio and what would happen at dinner.  I’m surprised the two apologized to one another, because they both seem headstrong. Rogelio tells Jane that he wants to start fresh and try again. She agrees and realizes that she has something in common with her dad after all: neither gives up.

This thought makes Jane also realize that she wants to keep the baby after all. She and Michael meet with Rafael to let him know that she’s changed her mind and Rafael isn’t too happy with the news, letting them know that he and Petra are getting divorced. He’s worried about the custody battle that lies ahead and Jane assures him that they’ll all figure out something that will work for everyone. Yeeeeeah … I’d like to see Michael and Rafael work together.

Michael receives a text from his partner letting him know that “Disgusting Tom” has a record and might also be Psychotic Tom. Just as he’s receiving this news, Rafael and Rose stumble upon the guy — lying on the floor with a knife in his neck. Luckily Tom regains consciousness long enough to tell Rafael that Sin Rostro is to blame for the horrific scene. Michael and his partner talk with Rafael and Rose to let them know as much information that they can without releasing too much snd making them a threat. They tell Rafael and Rose that Sin Rostro is a powerful drug lord who was associated with Zaz. Of course this is a huge shock to Rafael — but he’s also concerned about how this is connected with a pair of murders at his hotel. Everyone is instructed to keep this information — and Tom’s death — a secret. Good luck with that.

As Jane is looking through Michael’s things, she accidentally knocks over his police files — and as soon as she went to pick them up, I knew exactly what was about to happen. Looks like Jane and Michael’s early honeymoon in paradise is going to be cut short. They might not even have a honeymoon  after what she found.

jane-the-virgin-photosMichael comes home and finds Jane sitting in the kitchen, waiting to show him the lovely pictures of Petra and Zaz that she found. She can’t believe that he knew the entire time and didn’t tell her anything. Michael tried to act surprised about all of it, but the thing that makes Jane most irate is that he was going to allow Jane to give her baby to Petra, knowing what he knew.  Michael tries to defend himself, saying that he made a mistake, but he couldn’t let her know everything because of the investigation. You have got to be kidding me, Michael. That’s the best you could come up with?

Jane leaves — as she should — and goes to see her mother, the person she really needs most at this time.

Just as the episode is about to end, we witness quite a scene between Petra and her not-so-loving mother, who says Petra is a disgrace since she wasn’t able to keep Rafael loving her. Instead of putting lotion on Petra, her mother knocks her in the face. Let it be known that Petra’s mother may appear weak, but she is one tough cookie — and the knock in the face was not what we think. The paramedics arrive to aid Petra and ask her how the injury happened. Her response is that her husband meaning Rafael did this to her. That sneaky little liar!

What were your thoughts on “Chapter Five?” Do you think Rogelio will be able to have a real relationship with Jane? I’m hoping that he can break past that telenovela megastar persona to show Jane that he really can be her father. What do you think Jane will do now that she knows Michael lied to her for so long about Petra? I’m not sure if there’s going to be a wedding now that this happened. It could also be the fact that I want to see Jane and Rafael together since they’re both sort of single now. Well, I guess we’ll have to see what happens to Rafael now that he’s been accused of beating his wife. What do you think will happen? I still can’t believe Petra is this obsessed over Rafael. What else do you think will happen at the hotel now that Sin Rostro has made himself present? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Love the show. The lawsuit might be the key. If Rafael can retain his shares in the hotel, then they can all live there and raise the baby like Eloise at the Plaza Hotel.

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