“The Good Wife” shocker wins TV’s Most Devastating Moment

The Good Wife Ryan Berenz

The Good Wife
Didn’t see that coming. CBS’ The Good Wife stunned everyone with Will Gardner (Josh Charles) getting gunned down by his client in the courtroom. The scene won a big upset in the 2014 Viewers Voice Awards category for TV’s Most Devastating Moment.

TV’s Most Devastating Moment
The Good Wife — Will Gardner taking a bullet to the neck  29.1%
Supernatural — Dean’s demon-eyes reveal 25.0%
The Walking Dead — Carol telling Lizzie to look at the flowers before putting her down 20.0%
American Horror Story: Coven — Delphine LaLaurie’s (Kathy Bates) beheading  9.1%
Game of Thrones — When Daenerys locks up and leaves her dragons 8.8%
Homeland — Brody’s hanging 7.9%

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