AHC special looks at the “Rise of the Berlin Wall”

This month marks the 25th anniversary of when the notorious Berlin Wall fell, in 1989. While many may recall the amazing scenes, not as many may remember the beginnings of the Berlin Wall in the 1960s. American Heroes Channel (AHC) will take a look back with the special Rise of the Berlin Wall, airing Nov. 6 at 10pm ET.


From AHC:

“On the morning of August 13, 1965, the citizens of Berlin woke to a chorus of pneumatic drills and tanks, only to discover that their capital had been physically divided by a barbed wire fence. While the majority of these Berliners slept peacefully the night before, budding Reuters journalist Adam Kellet-Long had been fervently writing all night, breaking one of the biggest stories of political oppression in world history—the rise of the Berlin Wall. On the eve of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall, American Heroes Channel (AHC) presents Rise of the Berlin Wall, an hour-long special that unveils the story of a game of bluff and consequence between two of the world’s most powerful political systems. … [it] follows Kellet-Long’s actions through the night of August 12, 1965, starting from the initial tip-off he received from Berlin officials, and ultimately breaking this story to the western world. Combining top end dramatic reconstructions with extraordinary archive from the time and first-hand reports of those who were there, this documentary takes viewers to the very start of the night of August 12, 1965. Hour-by-hour, history unfolds, as clandestine meetings give way to phone calls and plans in sealed envelopes, culminating in the physical divide of communism and democracy.”

Rise of the Berlin Wall premieres Nov. 6 at 10pm ET on American Heroes Channel.