Miracles wanted: How to apply for TLC’s new divine intervention show from Mark Burnett and Roma Downey

Have you, a friend or family member experienced something that you can only describe as divine intervention? If so, TLC and entertainment super couple Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, producers of The Bible and Son of God, are waiting to hear all about it.

Expanding on the success of its Long Island Medium and Angels Among Us, the network has partnered with the duo and Downey’s LightWorkers Media to create a yet-to-be-named reality series that explores the recollections of everyday people who have experienced the extraordinary. And they’re looking for those people now via an open casting call at LightWorkers web site or by using the hashtag #MiraclesWanted on Twitter.


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According to the web site, the group is seeking out “extraordinary stories of divine intervention, miracles, mysterious coincidences, angel encounters, etc in our daily lives. If your story is chosen for the series, we will interview you and may even try to recreate your experiences for our television audience.”

“Mark and I feel passionate about providing projects that show people’s lives in positive and uplifting ways.” said executive producer Downey in a statement released by TLC.  “This is a wonderful opportunity to work with TLC and host a series that will inspire and encourage viewers to remember that even in the worst circumstances prayer can lead to divine intervention.”

The six-episode series will likely premiere in late 2015.



  1. After the death of my daughter, Christina, on Septembet 3,2010; my life has been a series of miracles. The deep sadness and great anxiety paralyzed me, I was “Humpty Dumpty” broke into a thousand pieces. I was in a very bad place, emotionally and physically. I was attacked on August 5,2012; the rosary that I wore saved my life as it broke the grasp of my attacker. I left Kentucky and traveled to San Antonio to start a new life as my daughter had planned to do before her downward spiral. God assured me that if I would do what I needed to do for myself, He would restore my life as I prayed in August 2010. I struggled through the pain and remorse, keeping my eyes upward as I looked to the future while reconciling the past. Feeling the warmth of Christina’s love shining on me, encouraging me to find joy and peace in my life. On October 9,2012, I traveled to Corpus Christi, TX, located on the Gulf of Mexico. Looking out on the water, feeling a sense of peace I prayed that someday God would bring me back to live in Corpus Christi. He did. The rest of my story involves my ” miracle man” who survived an aortic dissection on August 5,2012. I know in my heart, that Our Father in Heaven spared our lives on the same night; in order, for us to be together for another chance to live a full and abundant life of happiness. The miracles continue…….I know that my life has been touched by an angel named Christina.

  2. Please i want to share my daughter storie, but i can’t acces to the email please contact me (407)409-9490

  3. This is going to sound so crazy, but it’s true. I was flying business class on a flight from LA to Florida when for some reason I started to hear a wierd noise. Next thing you know the plane door starts to come ajar and then it totally ripped away from the plane.

    Like a jerk my seat belt was not buckled and I got sucked right out of the plane. Here is the crazy part. At that moment we were flying over Topeka Kansas. I start free falling, barely able to breathe. I just remember it was freezing. I them land on the roof a barn, slam through the roof ans land in a bunch of hay in the barn. Saved my life.

    You bet I am a believer now……..

  4. I would like to delete my story. I did not get my boyfriend’s consent on telling the story so please don’t bother contacting me. Thank you.

  5. In the afternoon on February 4th, 2014, my boyfriend Gene Heck was driving his dad’s truck to work after his lunch. It was in the middle of winter and there was a lot of snow on the ground and roads were a little icy. He told me he was coming to a corner and went to tap on the breaks to slow down to be able to make the corner and lost control of the vehicle. He skidded sideways down the road and over steered trying to save it, but it was too late and the passenger side slammed into a rock wall and spun back around and rolled three times into a tree. He was ejected out the back of the truck and landed about 10-15 feet away from the truck. I was sitting at his house with his mom when she got a text from him saying he was in an accident. She then told me to go check it out and see what happened. In my head I thought he either hit a guard rail or hit another car. I didn’t expect to come up to a scene where the truck was laying on its side. I slammed the car in park, got out and started to make my way over to him. I yelled, “That’s my boyfriend!” and the constable pointed to where he was. He was on a neighbors porch on the phone with his grandmother. His head was bloody and there was blood on his jacket. He was shaking so much and I couldn’t stop crying. I thought he was going to die because he’s had a history of concussions. Then I saw his aunt and mom pull up to the scene. I heard his mom just screaming and crying. They ran up onto the porch and his mom couldn’t breathe because of how hard she was crying. Then a few moments later an ambulance pulled up and the medics got out and brought over the gurney. He couldn’t stand up without feeling like he was going to pass out. They helped him up and onto the gurney and put a foam head holder on his head. As they were wheeling him up to the hospital I could see tears just running down his face. After the ambulance left I got back into my car and drove back to his parents house. The house is a double block so when I pulled up I went over to his grandmothers house and met up with them. After a while we left to go to the hospital. The whole way there I’m thinking he’s not gonna pull out of this. He’s had too many concussions. This is gonna be it for him. When we arrived at the hospital we sat in a private waiting room waiting to know what is going on. Everyone in the room was crying. There was his mom, dad, aunt, grandma, his two sisters, his nephew and me. The doctor then came in and spoke to his parents and got the insurance information. They were only able to left a few people back to see him. I was the last one to see him. When I saw him laying there I just cried. His left arm was bruised and his left side was scrapped up. He had scrapes on his face and his face looked swollen. They said he had a bleeding hemorrhage on the top of his head. He told me later on that when he was in the ambulance he did nothing but cry and say that his whole family is going to hate him and that I was going to leave him and that he was going to jail for the rest of his life. He only got fines. He was very lucky. He definitely had an angel watching over him and I’m glad he made it out alive. How the accident looked, he never should have made it out alive. They said if he would have had a passenger in the truck they would have been dead instantly.

    You can contact me at 570-954-0355 thank you and I hope you read this.

  6. On October 16th 2014 at 4:20 pm I received a call from my sons father that my son while attending college at NMSU Las Cruses NM had been in an accident and I needed to get to El Paso, Texas from Dallas ASAP, Ryan my son was airlifted from Las Cruses to El Paso and he wasn’t expected to make it through the night. My sagnificant other and myself jumped in our car and made the 12 hour drive in 10 hours. It wash the longest drive of my life, but nothing could ready me for what would be the longest 2 months of my life! During out drive I learned that my son a friend and his girlfriend had jumped into a truck of a friend to hitch a ride from campus to the frat house? The girl got into the cab and my son and his buddy jumped into the the bed of the the truck. The entire trip all I could do is pray and cry out to God and my brother Terry who ironically had died on Oct 15th 2000. I had just visited my brothers grave the day before Ryans accident. I stood over his grave and ask him to please keep an eye on Ryan, I ask him to please be Eyans guardian Angle. I truly feel especially after hearing how Ryan had flown like he had wings from the bed of the truck when it had rolled over. His girlfriend in the front cab was ejected and died, his buddy who jumped in the bed with him saw the oncoming truck and jumped out of the bed and cleared the accident escaping with a broken Pelvas. The driver broke some bones and another girl who was riding in the cab had fractured and broken bones but she was saved by the girl who blocked her body from being ejected and was instead killed. There are NO words to discribe my feelings when I looked upon my son laying in intensive care at 5:00 am, they had just whelmed him out of his second operation. He had suffered 4 skull fractures, 3 brain bleeds and a 3 & 1/2 infarction (skull collapse) on the right side of his head.
    I hit the floor when I walked into the room. I wish I could send you the video and pictures that were taken of my son laying there, he looked every bit of dead just as my brother did before he died. He remained in a coma for two weeks. The rollercoster of emotions i fielt, the daily miracles, the questions nobody would answer. It was everyday just being greatful that he’d made it one more day.
    It wasn’t just one miracle it was a Holly down pore of miracle after Miracles!
    Even the doctors had no explanation other than Ryan age maybe playing a factor? My sons whole Intire life has been a miracle! People have always told me that God had big plans for Ryan. The fact that he returned to school the next semester is only one testament of the miracle of my son, here are a few others. Ryan was born April 1991, after years of fertility treatments. Ryan didn’t go off to college after graduating high school like all of his other classmates. His father and I felt it was much more important to let him do whatever her wanted to do, he had had such a hard time in public school Ryan was diagnosed with ASD “Aspergers” along with that he had several other diagnoses as well. He had severe sensory issues, his social skills and maturity always lagged behind others his age. Although Ryan had a very high Mensa IQ of 148 it took longer for his common sense and social skills to catch up to his IQ.
    There is NO DOUPT in my mind that God intervened. Post accident, Ryan has NO sensory problems. Post accedent, Ryan’s vision is better than befor. Post accedent Ryan says he feels no angsioty when around people. Post accedent, Ryan Ryan has NO eating problems. Post accedent his GPA is almost a 4.0 as it was pre accedent all of this and he still has 3 pieces of his skull lodged into his mid brain region, He states if he could have had a traumatic brain injury when he was a kid his life would have been better.
    In my opinion there is no better proof of a miracle than the proof of the miracle of my son Ryan!
    You can contact me at
    Or 214-957-3510
    Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day!

  7. The first Easter after my divorce, I was so upset that I couldnt purchase Easter outfits for my 3 children, (God knows this is my favorite holiday) God told me not to worry. Two weeks after I went to a local craft store and there was a lady who worked in floral, She knew me from coming in and she greeted me. I never even knew her name. I went on my way browsing, she came up to me and wanted to ask me a question. She asked if my children had Easter outfits this year, I said no and asked how did you know she said that God put it on her heart to ask me. I was in shock and so grateful. We made arrangements to meet at a local mall the following week and she bought all my kids everything they needed from underwear to the outfit.
    On Christmas I had no money for gifts for my children and on Christmas Eve Morning there was a envelope on my windshield I asked my son to go get it. I opened it and inside was 5 $100 bills and stated Merry Christmas God Loves You!!. God’s timing is perfect. I then went shopping that morning for my children.
    There are many more miracles that God has performed in my life. He has blessed me with awesome angels (friends) I am so blessed!!!

  8. I do have a couple true stories in mind that I feel would be good to share. How do I submit my stories for this series?.

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