Jane the Virgin Episode 3 Recap: Heartbreaker

We fell in love with Jane the Virgin knowing the backstory of how Jane’s Abuela told her the story of keeping her virginity until marriage. We saw the flower being crushed and how impossible it was to put it back to its originalJane the Virgin Michael Glowing form. However, in this episode, Jane is turning the tables on everything. She’s realized that her one nightmare has come true: She’s unmarried and pregnant just like her mother was. She figures why wait any longer to have sex if she’s already pregnant and has a fiancé who has been waiting patiently. When Jane lets Michael in on the news, he’s beyond excited and can’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it either. Just because this unfortunate event has happened doesn’t mean Jane needs to change her views on life.

The investigation into who murdered Zaz isn’t going too well. They don’t have much evidence or any suspects other than Petra. While it would make sense that she’s the prime suspect, Michael doesn’t want anyone to bring her in for questioning. If they start pointing the finger at her, then her affair will become public. And if this happens then she and Rafael will get a divorce, leaving Jane to keep the baby and Michael doesn’t want to end up having to be a father to the child. But Michael better act quickly because Petra texts him that she made a foolish mistake that could jeopardize everything: She left her necklace in Zaz’s room when she went in to end their relationship. Now there’s proof that she was in the room before he died that could be used to convict her of murdering him.

Poor Jane and Rafael are clueless as to what’s really going on as their significant others are plotting against them. It would be best if they just told each other the truth but instead, they hide everything from each other, Jane-the-virgin-Jane-Rafael-momentleading into a bigger mess.

Jane sees Rafael and asks how he’s doing with Zaz’s death. He tells Jane that Zaz was his college roommate, so he’s trying to take it day by day. Whether it was the sincerity in his voice or the look in his eyes, Jane felt the need to reach out and touch his arm. Of course, since this is based off of a telenovela, once Jane touches his arm, she starts to feel something inside. She recognizes this and gets nervous, so she just tells him that she’s always there for him. Uh oh! I guess you could say it’s karma for Michael since he’s keeping secrets too.

Jane wants her first time to be special, so she takes the advice of her co-workers and tries to find a room on the floor where the crime scene is being investigated. She knows the rooms are beautiful and somehow thinks she and Michael will get some privacy. As she’s about to peek inside a room, she notices Petra lurking around the crime scene. That’s when she notices her popping a pill in her mouth. Seems as though Jane’s thoughts of Petra might be changing — and her ideas certainly change once she sees Michael show up to talk with Petra as they head into the elevator. Jane tries to catch the two before they get off the elevator. so she has to run down all those flights of stairs in wedges. She’s not that far along, but she’s pregnant so she should get a ton of credit for her work here!

Petra and Michael discuss the necklace she left behind, which makes Michael question whether or not she really is totally innocent. Petra claims she is and was in her suite with Rafael when Zaz died.

As the elevator doors open, Jane barely catches the two before they step off the elevator. She questions what they were talking about and Petra immediately answers that they were discussing hotel security. Jane doesn’t believe her so Jane-the-virgin-Michael-Petrashe lets Michael know what she saw Petra doing near the crime scene. She asks Michael once again what they were talking about and now it’s up to Michael to decide whether or not he wants to finally ‘fess up to his fiancée. Part of him does, but he chooses not to tell the truth. He tells Jane that he and Petra were indeed talking about hotel security. Thinking he’s telling her the truth, Jane leaves it at that.

Jane sees Rafael and asks him how Petra has been taking the death of Zaz. She has her suspicions about Petra — which she should — but Rafael doesn’t help answer any questions Jane has going on in her mind. Rafael asks for Jane’s writing help and she can’t help but notice he’s the only person who calls her a writer. They share a heart-to-heart conversation. He wants her to look over his press release statement about Zaz’s death, and she can’t help but notice how it lacks compassion. She remembers that Rafael said he didn’t want to be like his father, but actions speak louder than words. She needs to see him act rather than talk to see proof. He tells her that he hopes the baby comes out just like her — judgey. Aw! He can make that insult sound like a compliment!

Rogelio is still trying to see Jane, but Xo doesn’t want to add any stress. She gets a basket full of gifts that seem to only promote Rogelio. Xo is disappointed because she thought she was finally going to get her fairytale. Abuela warns her that, no matter what, she needs to tell Jane about Rogelio soon because otherwise he might get to her first, and if this happens, Jane might never forgive Xo.

Jane-the-virgin-Rogelio-hotelUnfortunately, Xo doesn’t know that her timeline has just become a lot shorter. Rogelio just booked a room at the hotel where Jane works with every intent of finally meeting her. Just like he planned, Jane sees Rogelio and is mesmerized. She doesn’t know what else to do but ask to take a selfie. Just as any fan girl would do, Jane sends the photo to her mother who is beyond furious. Xo and Abuela cannot believe what Rogelio did but guess that he didn’t tell her the truth yet because of Jane’s happy expression in the photo. That’s when Abuela decides it’s up to her to teach Rogelio a lesson if he wants to continue to stay in Jane’s life.

Jane comes up with a plan to find out what Petra was popping into her mouth while snooping the crime scene. She takes of Petra’s dry cleaning into her room in case she’s there and answers the door. Lucky for Jane, Petra is nowhere to be seen, so she’s in the clear to snoop around. Just as Jane finds the pills, Petra pops up right behind her. Oops. Caught red-handed.

Jane tries to thinks of a good coverup, but unlike her fiancé, decides to tell her the truth instead. She tells her that she saw her popping a pill, so she wanted to know what it was. Petra tells her it was a prescription Xanax that she received once Rafael was diagnosed with cancer. Now Jane feels bad about herself for snooping, but Petra understands. She tries to gain her trust by showing her the baby’s room and Jane starts to cry. I don’t think it’s just hormones Jane’s experiencing; it’s her own personal feelings of wanting a baby. Once she saw the room; it’s all become real.

Abuela shows up at Rogelio’s trailer to speak her mind. Bring on the fire! If she’s anything like my Abuela and all the other Latina abuelas out there, she’s a spitfire who won’t be afraid to speak her mind. So when Rogelio came outside his trailer I thought he was going to have an earful, but instead,  Abuela is so starstruck that she can’t even speak. This is her favorite telenovela star and she can’t get mad at him. She comes home to Xo, showing off her gift basket from Rogelio that won her over — it’s the same exact basket he sent to Xo. Abuela doesn’t care that Xo is furious with her. All she tells Xo is that she needs to tell Jane the truth that night.

Jane goes to Michael to tell him about her snooping and accusing Petra of popping pills. Michael can’t believe what Jane did, but is surprised that she thinks so highly of Petra now. Michael knows that Petra used her wheelchair-bound mother’s keycard to gain access into the stairwell that had no cameras right before Zaz’s death. She’s still adamant that she didn’t kill him, but she can’t explain why she was in the stairwell. She should be telling Michael everything since he snatched back her missing necklace, but I guess her way of paying Michael for his action is by giving Jane the presidential suite for their special night.

Before Jane’s big night, she meets Rafael at the memorial for Zaz. The memorial looks more like a fiesta and Jane can see that Rafael took Jane-the-virgin-Jane-Rafael-memorialher advice. A slower song comes on and Jane mentions to Rafael that it’s one of her favorites. That’s when Rafael extends his hand and asks Jane to dance with him. She doesn’t hesitate, enjoying herself on the dance floor. This time she recognizes that her feelings aren’t just hormones, and has to convince herself that the man she truly loved is waiting for her in the presidential suite for their special night. As if her feelings weren’t confusing enough, Jane accidentally pushes the TV remote as she and Michael are about to finally show their love for each other. and Rafael pops up making some innuendo comments.

It wouldn’t be a true telenovela if another scandal weren’t added into the mix. Turns out Rafael’s dad’s new wife Rose, can’t stay away from her ex, Luisa. We see the two together in a hotel room, which would be easier to keep a secret if it weren’t for Luisa’s dad showing up on the same hotel floor. She panics and pulls the fire alarm to make sure she doesn’t blow her secret affair. Thus, Jane and Michael’s night is cut short — but it looks like Jane isn’t too worried about that. She remains a virgin at the end of the night but it’s mainly because she doesn’t know who she loves anymore. The feelings she’s having about Rafael are giving her second thoughts about her relationship with Michael. Michael notices the strange vibe between him and Jane during the night, and asks her what’s going on. She tells him that it was her Abuela’s fault.

Jane isn’t telling him the truth, but MIchael  thinks that he can fix the problem by moving up the date of the wedding.

Petra and Rafael have a  chat while outside during the false fire alarm, abd Petra asks Rafael if he was able to get in contact with Zaz’s brother. Petra says Zaz’s brother’s name, and Rafael relizes that he never told her that. Now Rafael thinks that Petra is the one who was seeing Zaz since Michael’s partner hinted something to him at the crime scene. Let’s hope Rafael is smart enough to put two and two together.

Jane returns home to Xo and Abuela to tell them that she’s still a virgin. She also mentions that she’s going to stick to what her Abuela taught her about waiting until marriage. — and then tells them that she’s going to get married next week. I thought Xo and Abuela would be freaked out mad, but instead they are freaked out happy. They cannot contain their excitement but Jane makes a wish that she’ll wake up the next morning not having any feelings for Rafael. I knew she really liked him.

What were your thoughts on Chapter Three of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Petra killed Zaz? Is she hiding something from Michael by not letting him know why she was waiting in the staircase? Why is Michael continuing to keep secrets from Jane? Do you think he’s doing the right thing? Do you think Rafael feels the same way about Jane? Will Xo get her fairytale with Rogelio? What’s going on with Rose and Luisa? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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