The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 4 recap: Family Ties

The Vampire Diaries -- "Black Hole Sun" Lori Acken

I have been waiting all week for this episode of The Vampire Diaries to see whether or not Elena and Stefan were going to rekindle the flame and get married. While I love Damon too, let’s face it he’s bad news for her.

The Vampire Diaries -- "Black Hole Sun"

Tonight’s episode “Black Hole Sun” started off with Kai trying to pry out information from Damon. He asked exactly why they were stuck on a loop of May 10, 1994 thinking it had something to do with Damon’s past. It seems like Kai’s right because Damon doesn’t want to talk about what happened trapping him in this personal Hell. He starts by saying he returned to Mystic Falls to try and bury the hatchet with Stefan. We’ve heard this excuse before, so I can only imagine what Stefan was thinking.

In present day, Elena and Stefan are trying to fix their current problem of finding Sarah, who now knows of vampires. Looks like she’s still out on the loose but Stefan could care less. Luckily Elena catches him before he rides off in his motorcycle back to his pretend new life in Savannah. She agrees that she’ll let him go about his ways with coping if he can prove to her that he’s genuinely happy. Stefan doesn’t refuse the offer and takes Elena on his ride to recovery.

Kai is the big know-it-all and tells Damon and Bonnie that he needs the power from the eclipse and a mystical relic in order to get them out of there. Lucky for them, they have an eclipse every night. Now it’s Bonnie’s turn to use a locator spell and find this relic that was last owned by Kai’s family in Oregon. Turns out Kai is a big fat liar — shocker — and he had the mystical relic on him the entire time. He just had the nerve to test whether or not Bonnie would be powerful enough to find it. Looks like they have everything they need to get out of that hell.

Stefan’s trying to act as normal as possible on his new road to recovery, which now includes worrying about things such as health insurance and getting his paycheck. I know — crazy to think about a vampire who thinks about health insurance. Stefan takes Elena to the local bar and shows her how to create a new identity. This is the part that crushes my heart yet fills me with so many emotions. Stefan asks Elena to take her ring off so he can get down on one knee and propose to her in front of everyone in the bar. Elena goes along with the act and pushes it as far as telling the whole bar she’s pregnant. It’s so beautiful to see Stefan propose and Elena accept it but then again so devastating to know it’s fake. Why can’t these two just get back together? She doesn’t remember her love for Damon so why can’t she tap into her love for Stefan? I’m still holding on for one day when this scenario will be real.

The Vampire Diaries -- "Black Hole Sun"

Back in 1994, Stefan was living with his “Uncle” Zach. He was nice enough to invite Damon in but Stefan knew that he was bad news. At a party, Stefan noticed that Zach’s girlfriend Gale had some bite marks on her wrist. That’s when Stefan pulls Damon aside from flirting with Caroline’s mom and gets angry. Damon tries telling Stefan about his new methods of “snatch, eat, erase,” but Stefan doesn’t want any part of that. He’s only drinking animal blood like Damon should be. So Stefan decides to snap Damon’s neck and keep him locked up without his daylight ring.

When Damon wakes up, Stefan wants to know why he really came back to Mystic Falls. Damon says it’s because he wants to get his humanity back by being close with his brother again. Stefan knows he can’t trust Damon because he’s always linked with trouble and disappointment. Damon offers for him and Stefan to hit the road together so he can teach Stefan how to feed again. It’s sad, but Stefan can’t seem to understand why he keeps believing in Damon.

Looks like there’s no word from Caroline and Sarah is still on the loose. Now Elena finds out that Enzo is also missing. Stefan clearly knows his whereabouts but doesn’t offer any information to Elena. Before their trip down happy recovery road ends, Stefan tells Elena that he’s not avoiding her, he’s just trying to avoid Mystic Falls but I think his true feelings go much deeper than that.

Stefan gets in a fight with a guy at the bar after Elena leaves and, for whatever reaso,n allows him to beat on him.


Elena rushes back in to save the day by compelling the guy to forget everything and leave. Now she can see that Stefan is truly hurting inside since he’s allowing someone to beat him up even though he’s a vampire.

Bonnie and Damon go with Kai outside to try and finally get home using the eclipse’s power. That’s when Bonnie picks up the newspaper and notices a family massacre in Portland, Oregon, near Kai’s hometown. Kai hears her tell Damon and has no shame in boasting about killing his brothers and sisters. He explains exactly how he killed them and mentions that they were in his coven. So now Kai is a witch but doesn’t have any powers thanks to his actions. He also reveals that they aren’t stuck in Damon’s personal Hell but his. This place was created for Kai.

Bonnie doesn’t want to leave anymore because she doesn’t want to risk allowing a murderer out. Damon doesn’t care what happened because he’s only worried about getting back to Elena and Stefan. Bonnie isn’t surprised that Damon feels this way especially after he reveals more of his 1994 story.

Turns out Bonnie was right in guessing Damon ended up killing Zach’s girlfriend back in 1994. To make matters worse, Gale was pregnant when he killed her. Damon said that Stefan was able to compel Zach to forget about Gale and the baby, but it wasn’t so easy to compel everyone else involved in Damon’s killing spree. That’s when the founder’s council started again, leaving Damon and Stefan with no other choice than to flee their home for another 15 years. Damon says that he felt relief when he killed Zach because all he could think of when he saw him was the horrible thing he did. Doesn’t Damon know that two wrongs don’t make a right?

Matt decided to take a ride to see Sheriff Forbes with his pal Trip. He wanted to help in any way possible in the case of Jay’s murder. Now Matt knows what really happened, so why he’d volunteer I have no clue.

On the way back Matt tells Trip that he heard Jay talking about hunting down a vampire. Biggest mistake, Matt! Why would you do this to your friends — you do know they’re vampires right?Someone put some tape on this kid’s mouth.

That’s also when Trip tells him about his wife who died in a car crash. He then tells Matt that he has something he wants to show him. Hmm. I wonder what that could be. Sure enough, he takes Matt to Enzo locked up and explains that a vampire really killed his wife. When he came to visit Mystic Falls, he started remembering everything and saw the horrific scene of his wife being drained of blood right in front of him. He needs Enzo to tell him where all the other vampires are and I’m afraid Stefan might be the first on his hit list. Now what are you going to do, Matt?

Elena can’t get over why Stefan would act this way or continue to grieve for someone as cruel as Damon. She goes on and on, telling Stefan that Damon doesn’t deserve his pain even if they were brothers. That’s when Stefan finally spills the beans and tells Elena the truth. He tells her that she loved Damon once. Both Elena and Stefan agree that they don’t understand why, but she did. Stefan tells her that her love for Damon consumed her and when he died. she died with him. The pain was too much, so she had Alaric compel her to forget their relationship. Poor Stefan. Now she can realize that he’s the only one left suffering.

Elena visits Alaric to see if what Stefan has told her is correct. He gives her a box of things she packed up before she was compelled and hands her a letter she wrote. It explains everything. She writes that she loved Damon so much that she couldn’t go on with her life because of all the pain. That’s when she offers herself a choice. She explains that she has given herself a fresh new start that she hopes she takes. However, she can always ask Alaric to give her the memories back. Elena decides to leave her memory the way it is and asks Alaric to keep the box in case she needs it again later on.

Sarah finally shows up at the Salvatore residence and warns Jeremy that she’ll call for backup if he doesn’t give her answers. She had a picture of her mother with her the whole time but never knew who her father was. That is, until now when she found this photo at the Salvatore’s house. She explains that her mother was dropped off at the hospital without a name and luckily they were able to save her. When she shows Jeremy the picture, he knows exactly who the guy is. Looks like her mother is Gale and her father is Zach Salvatore.

Maybe Damon should stay put a little longer.

Damon isn’t one to give up on getting what he wants, so he tries to come up with a plan on giving Kai the slip. However, when he’s telling Bonnie about his master plan, Kai overhears the two and shows him exactly why they need to be on the same team. Turns out Kai doesn’t have powers, but he can drain them from people. He demonstrates this trick on poor Bonnie and says once he drains all her powers, he can kill her. Let’s play nice, shall we? Bonnie has died and sacrificed enough already!

Just as the episode is about to finish, Stefan is back at his job when he hears a noise. When he turns around, Ivy pops up, looking like a very hungry vampire. All I was thinking is ugh, I thought we got rid of you. Looks like we got another vampire to deal with. Great timing too since Trip is on the lookout for vampires and Mystic Falls is a magic free zone.

Next week’s episode looks like Stefan recruits Caroline to help him with newbie vampire, Ivy. If I were Caroline I wouldn’t be helping Stefan out after the way he treated her. Plus she had feelings for him. so why would she help out his now alive again girlfriend? I guess that proves how good of a friend Caroline is.

What were your thoughts on this episode? Are you as upset as Bonnie about Damon killing Gale? Do you think Stefan knows that Sarah was born? What are your thoughts on Kai? I just think he’s a bit strange since he’s okay with killing part of his family and then wants to praise himself in the details. What do you think Matt’s going to do now that he knows about Trip’s secret? Will Enzo give out any vampire’s names? How did Ivy turn into a vampire-Enzo? What is Stefan going to do with that? Leave your thoughts below in the comments.

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  1. i really want elena and stefan to get back together cause they suted each other it would be a disappointment to leave the last season with out them being t0gether.
    please make that happen.

    • Oh yeah, you can bet on me being very disappointed if Stelena doesn’t happen again! I can rewatch the entire series and still fall in love with the love Stefan and Elena have for each other. I know they both still love each other so let’s hope they show us Stelena fans some love. 🙂

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