Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People is not canceled. Why?

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Do the Alaskan Bush People get paid? We asked! Read our interview with the Brown family.

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NEW! Is Alaskan Bush People Fake? Does It Matter?

Alaskan Bush People
There were a lot of things about Discovery Channel’s unscripted series Alaskan Bush People that didn’t pass the smell test. Now there’s more foul air surrounding the Brown family, and it’s very likely we’ve seen the last of them on TV.


Commenter Talkeetnachris tipped us to this:

Billy brown was just charged with stealing over $13000 filing fraudulent PFD claims in Alaska. His near life will be in prison. A few other family members were also charged. This guy and his family are frauds. I have lived off the road system for years and these people won’t last a year. You have to be self sufficient. Hell, I even had to stitch a band cut on my leg once. Many of these shows only have entertainment value with no real practical lessons on what really living on your own is about.

Many commenters doubted that the Browns were actually living off the land, as the show depicted. Instead, it appears the Browns may have been living off of fraudulent Alaskan Permanent Fund Dividend applications. According to Anchorage’s KTUU, patriarch “Billy Brown alone faces 24 felony counts and is accused of illegally obtaining $13,080 in dividend cash for himself and others. The charges do not describe why investigators believe the Brown family was not eligible for the dividends that some members received between 2010 and 2013.” Also indicted were five of Billy’s seven children: Amora Jean Snowbird, Joshua “Bam Bam,” Gabriel “Gabe,” Solomon “Bear” and Noah.

This will come as disappointing news to the many fans of the show who appreciated the Browns’ family values and the off-the-grid lifestyle that they claimed to represent. The credibility of Discovery Channel and Park Slope Productions has to be questioned, as they apparently weren’t diligent about checking the Browns’ backgrounds (even before these indictments came to light) and then aired a special episode with the family defending their authenticity. And personally, recapping Alaskan Bush People has been great fun, and I’m going to miss writing about it and reading all of your comments.

I’m so mad, I could punch a fish.

Update: Get this. Discovery Channel says they are “currently filming new episodes.” From the Alaska Dispatch News:

Stair said that between October 2009 and August 2012, the family did not meet the “physical presence requirement” to receive PFDs. This means the state believes the family spent more than 180 days a year living outside of Alaska and lied about it on their applications, Stair said.

Sean Martin, director of communications at Discovery Channel, wrote in an email Thursday that “we don’t divulge our actual shoot dates, so cannot let you know when filming concluded on season one, but can confirm that we are currently filming new episodes, but have not announced those air dates yet.”

I don’t even…



  1. Please bring back Alaskan Bush People!!! I love watching it. I don’t care what they did!!

  2. Please bring back bush people, I do not care if not real,the story is awesome! When do they return? If they illegally took money I am sure it was in a desperate attempt to survive. The love they have for each other is undeniable.

  3. This is a real hard working family. So many people wish that their families had that closeness. I wish you could let us know where to send things. Like the nailpolish and some girly things for the girls. Also some journals for Noah and I could go on and on. This show brings back family, true and loving family. A thing many of us wish we had.
    I am a total fan of the show and the family dynamics.

  4. Regardless of what the Brown family did, or didn’t do, it is my sincere belief that these people, this family, are very honest and sincere. I see nothing phony about them! Instead of capitalizing on a family such as this, why not capitalize on all of the phony, lying, deceitful politicians who steal, lie and cheat right from under everyone’s noses? How about Donald Trump? Because of all of his money (and how did he get it?), does this, alone, make him “Front Page Society,” and eligible to be the President of the United States when he is nothing more than a spoiled brat and blowhard? Take away people like this, and what do they have to offer? Let’s get real here! From what I can see, the Brown family are very efficient, good, hard and skilled workers who are not doing anything more or different, (as far as cheating people goes, than some of the most popular and famous people in the world. I get a kick out of “Noah.” His personality, dress and mannerisms remind me of “King Arthur the Third.” I like the entire family. They have an educational and adventurous type of entertainment focusing on family endearment. It is good to see!

      • I truly injoyed the show also. I to see the love of a family and would love to see the boys find wives. This show is so different from the rest of the crap thats on the tv now. Its interesting and very creative. Please resolve what it is thats stopping them from bringing back the show. Maybe we could send some of these spoiled brat teenagers up there and teach them a thing or two. Then they would at least now what its like to really work for your food, or not have a fancy bathroom or no hot showers. I could go on but i think you get the picture.

  5. When we started to watch the Brown’s we got the map out and followed them. We have enjoyed getting to know the family and their values for each and everyone of the family members. We make sure that we are home on the nights that the show comes on and that we don’t miss the adventures. We are so proud of what this family has gone through and what they have accomplished in their lives. We are looking forward to having them return.

  6. Please bring back the Alaskan Bush People. The Brown family was the best show you could’ve shown on National TV. It doesn’t matter what they were accused of, they were great. All of you are making a huge mistake by not putting them back on Air. Everyone has made mistakes, lot’s of them. But it’s not our job to judge anyone. That is Gods job and no one else’s. So on that note BRING THEM BACK !!!

  7. please bring back the brown family(Alaskan bush people). have watched since it has been on. enjoy watching such a close family.

  8. First time My wife got into a show with me which she enjoyed as well to a point she was going to send the girls nail polish shit I thought it was one of the best reality show out there. Figures as soon as the cops showed up I said the family looking for money , something was going to go down

  9. I hope the show returns , I do enjoy watching the progress, as they have had so my obstacles to over come. reminds me of my self in a way . please continue on. loyal watcher

  10. Truth or Fake? I do not care it’s a great, wholesome seeming show! Better than stupid sitcom’s or Who Dunnit’s. Please bring them back to Discovery or WHATEVA Network, I do not care as long as they’re back! From a Deep, Southern USA Girlie!

    • I totally agree!!! Whether fake or not, y’all have to agree, these people have charisma, and draw power! I love watching them, and I do, over and over, and there are very, very few shows I can watch more than once.

      Please don’t cancel them. We want to know how their lives go, we want to see how they build Browntown! I am in the deep South now, but I also have lived in the high mtns of Idaho and Montana. That is what originally captured my interest, as I never felt like I got far enough away and always wanted to make Alaska, but stayed watching them because they are interesting and entertaining!!! They may say they are fake, but their story is a good one! I suppose “2 Broke Girls” is real????? Just think!!! ABP has a whole hour long show and not the first sexual innuendo! C’mon people, bring them back….Please? 🙂

  11. Fake or not, I enjoy the show as one of the few “clean” shows now available. Would be very disappointed if it were gone. Certainly not going to watch their naked trash or others of equal stupidity and filth. Guess they don’t care if anyone watches their shows.

  12. I’ve lived in the Alaskan bush, in Southeast, the same as this family, almost my entire life (see my blog,, and although I haven’t seen an episode of this show–no TV–this column cracks me up, as I think it would any bush dweller.

    Thanks, Mr. Berenz, and keep that commentary coming….

    P.S. Though you made hilarious fun of the Browns’ dislike of Ketchikan, I’ve heard longtime Ketchikanites abuse it in far worse terms. But then it’s theirs, be it ever so humble, so I guess they can.

  13. I’ve lived in the Alaskan bush, in Southeast, the same as this family, almost my entire life (see my blog,, and although I haven’t seen an episode of this show–no TV–this column cracks me up, as I think it would any bush dweller.

    Thanks, Mr. Berenz, and keep that commentary coming….

    P.S. Though you made hilarious fun of the Brown’s dislike of Ketchikan, I’ve heard longtime Ketchikanites abuse it in far worse terms. But then it’s theirs, be it ever so humble, so I guess they can.

  14. So, Ryan says Alaskan Bush people are fake? Well, how many other shows on tv are fake also that people watch? Is the Discovery channel putting shows out there knowingly there is doubt of it they are true or not? I guess that is why I am usually busy doing other things and not sitting in front of the tv all night long.

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