Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People is not canceled. Why?

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Do the Alaskan Bush People get paid? We asked! Read our interview with the Brown family.

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NEW! Is Alaskan Bush People Fake? Does It Matter?

Alaskan Bush People
There were a lot of things about Discovery Channel’s unscripted series Alaskan Bush People that didn’t pass the smell test. Now there’s more foul air surrounding the Brown family, and it’s very likely we’ve seen the last of them on TV.


Commenter Talkeetnachris tipped us to this:

Billy brown was just charged with stealing over $13000 filing fraudulent PFD claims in Alaska. His near life will be in prison. A few other family members were also charged. This guy and his family are frauds. I have lived off the road system for years and these people won’t last a year. You have to be self sufficient. Hell, I even had to stitch a band cut on my leg once. Many of these shows only have entertainment value with no real practical lessons on what really living on your own is about.

Many commenters doubted that the Browns were actually living off the land, as the show depicted. Instead, it appears the Browns may have been living off of fraudulent Alaskan Permanent Fund Dividend applications. According to Anchorage’s KTUU, patriarch “Billy Brown alone faces 24 felony counts and is accused of illegally obtaining $13,080 in dividend cash for himself and others. The charges do not describe why investigators believe the Brown family was not eligible for the dividends that some members received between 2010 and 2013.” Also indicted were five of Billy’s seven children: Amora Jean Snowbird, Joshua “Bam Bam,” Gabriel “Gabe,” Solomon “Bear” and Noah.

This will come as disappointing news to the many fans of the show who appreciated the Browns’ family values and the off-the-grid lifestyle that they claimed to represent. The credibility of Discovery Channel and Park Slope Productions has to be questioned, as they apparently weren’t diligent about checking the Browns’ backgrounds (even before these indictments came to light) and then aired a special episode with the family defending their authenticity. And personally, recapping Alaskan Bush People has been great fun, and I’m going to miss writing about it and reading all of your comments.

I’m so mad, I could punch a fish.

Update: Get this. Discovery Channel says they are “currently filming new episodes.” From the Alaska Dispatch News:

Stair said that between October 2009 and August 2012, the family did not meet the “physical presence requirement” to receive PFDs. This means the state believes the family spent more than 180 days a year living outside of Alaska and lied about it on their applications, Stair said.

Sean Martin, director of communications at Discovery Channel, wrote in an email Thursday that “we don’t divulge our actual shoot dates, so cannot let you know when filming concluded on season one, but can confirm that we are currently filming new episodes, but have not announced those air dates yet.”

I don’t even…




  2. Does it really matter? One turns the channels only to find plastic people who’s only concern is if the shoes match their purse or if their make up artist is on time! Alaskan Bush People show how a simple family struggles with life in general. It is a shame indeed that people criticize the show yet sit endlessly watching shows on killing, or a family value system that revolves around each persons own survival, never putting the whole in the foreground only the one. In the grand scheme of things one must weigh their battle on being lied to, I do not see them jetting off to New York to experience the life of the rich and famous and shopping at Tiffanys. It is a simple show that shows family, isn’t that the key word family? We as a Family sit weekly together and watch with delight the next adventures of the Brown family knowing that some type of catastrophic event will take place, but as a family they will overcome. It’s a simple concept yet hard to find in today’s world. We as a family would be saddened at the thought of this show being cancelled.

    • I agree with you Cindy, they aren’t going to big towns, they are going to these little towns in Alaska and Im sure that’s not to glorious, well maybe for them, but you see they go right back to the bush. Real or not I LOVE THIS SHOW!! But, I do believe they are true to who they portray, Themselves! And the way they show their love for God and each other is AWESOME!! We could learn from them. And if I lived that way, and was able to get money from the Gov. I would. What is $13,000 between 9 people, Not Much!! And wouldn’t you want a chance to tell your side of the story, or just let the gov tell things without you having a chance to defend yourself, so Im glad they let them defend their selves. I believe they hit a bump in the road with their first home, then things started happening back to back, kinda like me, when 1 thing happens, everything happens, just bad luck. I just wander, did they cancel this show? I hope not. This is a clean cut, oriented family and Show!! Keep up the good work Brown Family and God Bless You ALL!!!!

  3. I love the show, its just that a show. I watch it like any other show. Why do so many people stick their noses in these peoples personal business? Do you really think that all the other shows to watch no one has a personal life? People need to watch it for what it is a show and story. How many TV actors and actresses have nothing neg. In their lives? People just want to hate. Instead of trashing these people they need to watch shows they like and keep their energy minding their own business. I love this show for what it is A SHOW! So much better then others. I love the scenery and ways of existing in the wild, even if they don’t live there. It’s a different and interesting type of clean cut show. It’s a show to be watched by families. I can’t wait to watch more.

    • It’s my all time favorite tv show and my husbands and grandchildren. We love it and watch it all the time, we even love the reruns. I hope they continue to film them and keep its viewers happy. It’s better than any reality show we have ever watched.

    • I love this show to -as I have said before other “reality” shows need an AX before this show…

  4. I pretty much gathered that they didn’t live this way all the time. Like in the winter they could have made hot rock beds to sleep on, there were a lot of survival things they don’t know…but yet have lived this way for yrs…..Im not a survivalist, grew up doing re enactments 17/1800′ , I know more about living off the land than they do. I hate that these “Reality shows” portray them as true blue bush ppl and then we find out they aren’t. I guess I am naive to a point, I wanted to believe cause they are fun to watch. The Duggars…liars, Honey Boo Boo you could tell was trash, just saddens me that they don’t have true blue informative shows that teach. TLC, the learning channel…what a joke, guess discovery is following suit. Im all for entertainment, but be honest for a change, that would be amazing.

  5. if you are not a fan of the bush people you will look for faults and flaws I love and enjoy the show. I would love to met one human on this earth who has not made a mistake or done something wrong in their past. keep them on. they are a great change from shows that are cesensered ever five seconds. they are so much better them most show on tv . I hate looking bare butts when the preview of naked and afraid comes on….love the bush people especially NOAH

      • I really love the bush family. I don’t care if they’re fake, [who in this day and time hasn’t been fake about something?] You’d think the Bush family,[the Browns] were some horrible bunch of ratfinks or something! By some of the comments people have made about them, here and on other sights! One sight called them thieves, because the supposedly didn’t live in Alaska 180 days out of the year. they supposedly got Alaskan “welfare” illegally. PLEASE!!!! give me a break! I guess they’re the only ones in the whole world to get welfare! And you’d have to prove to me they got it fraudulently! BRING THE BUSH FAMILY [THE BROWNS] BACK! if THEY NEED HELP MABY SOMEONE THAT KNOWS HOW TO DO IT WILL SET UP A FUND WE CAN MAKE DONATIONS TO, TO HELP THEM OUT OF THE TROUBLE THEY ARE SUPPOSEDLY IN!

  6. No tv show is all “facts” I enjoy the show. What show does anyone watch out there that is true to every action and word? If it is entertaining and fun to watch, then it is a hit show. I enjoy watching Alaska Bush People… except for Billys personality. He is most of the time just standing around giving orders to the kids as he does next to nothing. Come on Billy… maybe if you would work as much as you order your men boys to do, you would have muscles on your arms and chest and less on your belly… LOL You showed your love for your kids when you told them to go out and get deer and chickens and DON’T COME BACK unless you have them. Shows lots of love and concern for the kids that you ordered to go.

    • My dad ask his children to do a lot of chores (chores). My brother worked in the field along side my dad. Children learn responsibility and build character being raised like this. People who teach their children to work usually were raised by their parents in this environment to respect their parents and do as they were told. Does my heart good to see children respect and honor their parents.

  7. Myself I enjoy the show, the bonding of the family I hope it’s not fake. Myself I have 4 children 2 of each the girls never call me the boys do but none ever visit me at 66 like to see them so I envied the Brown family. Yea I get about the teeth, that’s cause they have no health care ins. You look at peoply with bad teeth it’s the same no health care. This is not thier fought .

  8. Some of you out there in your cute and tidy little pink houses all wrapped in sunshine and smelling of artificial flowers or ubber riche Mc Mansions have absolutely no idea what life could possibly be like without power and water, living off the land in a completely off the grid atmosphere . Just because these people are different they will be looked at as unclean, uneducated, unhealthy, and phony. Just because they do not fit in the “cookie cutter” world does not mean they are not sincere with their views of a life in the wilderness. The life they are portraying is a way of life that was necessary for many only a 100 yrs. or so. My grandfather lived without electricity or indoor plumbing, all his life he had a farm, used a buckboard to go to town maybe once a month to sell his vegetables or barter for the luxury of flour, sugar, and coffee. Everything else came off the land, he butchered his own meat, smoked it or cured it, they put up vegetables, put up preserves and jellies. He had cows for fresh milk and butter even cheese. He raised 9 children with my first grandmother and 5 more with my paternal grandmother (my mothers mother), I learned a lot from my mother about canning and putting up my own food. I also learned a lot from my father about hunting and fishing and living off the land, so much of what this family does I can honestly say in my opinion is factual . They may not have book smarts or formal learning but they tend to make up for it by ingenuity and puzzling out different situations. All those out there that have nerve to look down their noses at a family that doesn’t live by what society considers civilized could learn something if you’d get down off your high horse and pay attention, maybe the capacity to actually care about each other and put your petty differences aside for your family. Those of you that want to whine about how these peoples lives are like need to stop and take a hard look at your own lives and ponder what your own families are like!

    • No one is questioning the lifestyle it’s that the show is portrayed as reality tv and is completely scripted. Do some research they dont live in the bush.

    • wretchid – good going. Couldn’t have said it better and hope they can return to the air. I don’t mind storytelling and editing. Their personalitites pull it off and I really appreciate their references to “faith”. Would not mind having neighbors such as these. Reminder.. It is far too easy to run afoul of the law today as there are so many of them. Just try driving for an hour without breaking one. Now, if they accepted monies from the state illegally then most situations would allow them to repay same with a possible fine and that would be that. That’s my thought. Jailtime would be just ludicrous even if they are guilty. C’mon people, get a little softer in the heart fer cryin’ out loud.

  9. There are some really dumb people.
    Family values? A man who has his grown kids living with him pretending to live in the woods and cheat the State of Alaska, now all but three of the kids have felony charges against them. Yeah, real good values.

      • You obviously don’t live the idealistic lifestyle you are claiming the Browns live, nor are you willing to accept the truth here (the truth being that at the very least this family is guilty of fraud). Anyone pursuing this lifestyle on a legitimate level would almost definitely not expose themselves to a national audience. Given how conveniently TV worthy their stories and personalities are I have no issue suspecting them of living a different life than what we see on screen.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. It appears that over a decade 0r so ago…’ole stinky brown decided “to hell with work” and took his ever expanding gypsy brood on tour. ,Along with some great “home schooling,” the clan was taught all the skills necessary to survive….Beg Borrow and/or Steal eons prior to the golden rule. They got so good even Noam Chomsky was fooled by the Brown’s unique linguistic skills… lol lol. and talk about 19 th century courtesy?….right down to a true gentleman’s formal request for proper “courting.” That one even got a rollover from Buddy Epson….This show is so bad , the true stink of fraud is more prevalent than the irritability of pa Browns constant whining.

  10. There is something the matter with tis entier show. Nothing is real. the kids are not sociaized, given proper medical treatment and obvioucsly roper mutrition on a timely basis. They live in a hotel. This is ot their home. The do not own the property. How can it be called browntown? they do nt own it Maybe this is the Discovery Channels way to get their money back by promotion of the land. In as much as the mther arranging her boys women I find that to be deplorable ad ery questionable. Why would any decent woan want a man who lived in a home made out of tires r a trapper shack? he wants the boys to marry just for grandchildren? This guy, Bily Brown, is a maniulator and a con who controls ever aspecct of every member f his famly and is als just as maniulating of the Discovery Channel. I Ami Brown says it is all about family then why is she is she treating hers as if they are trash to her. If she loved her kids why would she not want them to see ad meet their grandmother so the kids will know they have a grandmother. It is not about her here but about her children. When people get old they worry about their children and want to see their children and will die from grief in not seeing their children. They get old and they worry about their children and Ami Brown in being totally selfish in taking to heart what they did instead of being a forgiving and loving woman she is being selfish and greedy and thinking only of herself like she does in every thing else. She and her husband are thinking on themselves only and not for the happines, safety and well being of their children. If she thinks her boys are going to meet a woman and then bring them to a unowned cabin in the woods or a tire house or a trappers shack to live then she is living in lala land. What she is forcing those boys to do in meeting a woman is a total and complete insult to every single woman who answers thoe ads for a woman when she wants the boys to marry and have babies??????? This town shoudl throw them all out as sending those boys to find someone to have babies for them and them them al lliving together in total happiness in a houe the do not een own is a big slap in the face to every woman who answers those ads. What an insult to any woman who goes to meet any one of those boys. How dare her and how dare them. They treat women as a commodity instead of a woman. Every woman’s group in the United States should be protesting to the conditions of how women are being treated on this show as to what they are wanting to do with the woman. To marry them and bring them to an island to have babies??? Yeh – what will they do about a doctor since the Browns do not believe in doctors. They are radical when it comes to conventional medicine. When those boys get sick they will not even take them to a doctor? only Billy and Ami are allowed to go to the doctor but oh Yeh I forgot about the spoiled youngest little girl who seems to cry all the time and get everything she wants and does not work on anything and cooks nothing but still plays with her little dolls and with her 21 years old sister????? Billy and Ami Brown are scam artists and are scamming the Discovery channel by lying about everything they do. Cmon folks check these people out and you will see the do not practice what they preach on television. Quite the contrary!! They seen to always have no money but barter for everything but the town people needs to realize they are being used by the Browns because the Brown’s have more money than anyone in and/or around that town. Look at their earnings per episode folks. this town get prepared because the browns have arrived and are already in the process of destroying the reputation and this town and the occupants of this town. There are good kind people living here but it is not the Brown’s. Thee folks are scam artists, with a reputation that precedes them. Stay away from this bunch of cons. Billy Brown and his wife have been “milking” the feds for years. this is how they have lived. Now I pray the feds can catch up with them before any other of these kids and their lies are destroyed. I pray for the mental health of Ami;s mother and pray that when she die it be in knowing that she tried as best she could and the decision not to see her daughter before she dies was the fault of her own daughter. Ami Brown is a manipulator and no nicer than the man she somehow seemed to have married. He moved her to Alaska because abusers always disconnect their victims from their families. This is how abusers function and have total control. That is Billy Brown. He hate people, He hates conventional medicine. He hates everything except the money in financial assistance he has received for being too lazy to go to work.

      • sj…..You sound like one of Amis’ ignorant relatives. They were wrong about how they tried to get ahold of her. First off, you don’t tell someone that already blew you off that someone had a heart attack (2 years ago) just to get them to call. Sounds like her family is full of scammers, they didn’t look for her until they thought they could get something from her. They need to keep their drunkin selves away and out of her business. She appears to be very happy out there with her husband and children. And about those kids, Ami home schools those children, none of them seem stupid to me. They don’t live like animals, they bathe and clean their clothes. More than some people in the city !!!
        My big question is this : Why is Billy having to go into debt for a $5000. boat ? Isn’t Discovery Channel paying these people for putting their lives on TV for our entertainment ? With a family of that size, you’d think they would have enough money to get just about everything they need. Meaning that they should all be getting a paycheck. So sj, I do believe that you are related to Ami and you and your ugly family need to leave her and her beautiful family alone.

        • Wake up. They’re doing better than all of us. Be more aware of details when watching and you’ll start to notice the discrepancies. Supposed to be broke ? 2,000 dollar rifles that seem to work with the scope covered, old generators becoming new generators. Straight out of central casting with each child more interesting than the last one. Strongman,genius inventor,wolf boy climbing trees and punching fish etc. The father is a master manipulater who created this story. Do some research hehas written childrens books. The DiDiscovery Channel has lost a lot of credibility.

      • AMEN! All that rambling and I couldn’t understand a single thing he/she was rambling about! Spell check is your friend! Use it!

    • I may have agreed with what you wrote, but I can’t understand half of it. Please don’t submit any more thoughts until you are able to edit what you have written. Your reply was as irritating as the Browns.

    • Do you happen to be Ami’s mother trying to manipulate public opinion about a family that has not been contacted for 35 years!!!!? Your 2 minutes of nonsense and blather about things you don’t personally know just proves ignorance. Leave this family alone and if the charges against them are true it’s really not a big deal in my opinion. They took gov’t money and have not been proven guilty yet. Is that not what the majority of multi million dollar companies do with their tax breaks, bribes and undeclared income? Stop your judgements and just be grateful for your warm bed, roof over your head and knowing you don’t have to go out in the bush to look for your next meal

    • For someone who does not like this show you sure know as lot about it. Sounds like you have watched more than one episode. Just switch the channel when it come on. I personally like this show no matter what.

  11. It may be fake as almost all the reality shows are, they put back to life what has been missing for a long long time. The comment about the teeth is what it is even with a good job and insurance it is hard to make ends meet with your health the teeth being the worst to deal with..
    There are a lot of Haters out there,I know Billy did not go to the TV people and say, film a show about my family we are real wilderness people we know all there is to know about living out in the middle of no where.
    Think about how many grown kids are returning back to the nest not because they are lazy, but life can and does give us raw deals sometimes.
    I could go on forever about but it has been said before you do not have to watch the show. I enjoy it because of the family values it shows we are all different we all live different lifestyles WHO IS TO JUDGE? Not you I hope!!!

  12. When Ami recently had to have teeth pulled at the dentist, the two daughters sat in the waiting room. I wonder if they had a checkup of their own teeth, which appear to be in bad shape. The parents don’t seem to care about the kids’ dentistry needs.

  13. You mean to tell me they live off a few deer and some shellfish all year long. What do they eat in the winter? I’ve observed no real survival skills in action other than shooting some game and making a fire. I cant see these people surviving 40 below winters. The public should not be misled or even misguided to believe that the Brown’s can subsist in nature as they purport to.

  14. They do what together??? They didnt build the house. The show hired locals to build the house. If he is such a great father, why is he letting his family health rot away in their mouth? His wife had TWELVE TEETH PULLED. That is NOT taking care of your family. That is NOT PROVIDING for your family. Oral health is a serious concern. You let your teeth get to that state and you can die from it Have you seen his 16 year old daughters teeth? They are disgusting and rotting. Those are the front teeth. Imagine how bad the back teeth are. BIlly made money from books yet he didnt provide proper health care for his family? THE SHOW IS FAKE. They did not build a house with a chain saw. THEY DONT LIVE IN THAT HOUSE. They stay with the discovery crew in a hotel and go to the island and film then go back to the hotel. NOTHING about it is real. Nothing about their situation is real except that BILLY IS A CON

    • Amen to that. Good premise wrong family. Might have gotten away with it if the show didn’t get as popular as it did and put them in the national spotlight. Tough to fabricate now that we have the internet. People want to believe because they appear to be a nice family with great values who just seem to never get a break. Billy is laughing all the way to the bank.

  15. I don’t care what the “Nay” slayers say, I love this show and hope that it’s the beginning and not the end. If charges were brought up, everyone gets their day in court. And what are you going to do, shutdown a show because someone might have broken a law. Come on, what do you want to do, shut down the Discovery Channel and all of Hollywood. Give me a break. If you don’t like the show, you morons, just change the channel. I don’t think anyone’s going to miss you.

  16. I believe that it’s a great show, that it has great family values on sticking together and together you can do anything with your family and there strong faith in the Lord. Im a 38year old husband and father of 2 beautiful girls and we watch the show together for them to see how together as a family we can do anything. I wish people and there families were more like the Browns, they work hard and they play hard and would do anything for each other. We love the show, please continue filming the season. We look forward to next season. Thank you

    • They do what together??? They didnt build the house. The show hired locals to build the house. If he is such a great father, why is he letting his family health rot away in their mouth? His wife had TWELVE TEETH PULLED. That is NOT taking care of your family. That is NOT PROVIDING for your family. Oral health is a serious concern. You let your teeth get to that state and you can die from it Have you seen his 16 year old daughters teeth? They are disgusting and rotting. Those are the front teeth. Imagine how bad the back teeth are. BIlly made money from books yet he didnt provide proper health care for his family? THE SHOW IS FAKE. They did not build a house with a chain saw. THEY DONT LIVE IN THAT HOUSE. They stay with the discovery crew in a hotel and go to the island and film then go back to the hotel. NOTHING about it is real. Nothing about their situation is real except that BILLY IS A CON

      • To Mike and other nasty people, How do you know for sure they are in a hotel? Are you hiding in the out house where you all need to be. The people that don’t like the Browns. I love that series and all they have been threw and stick together. When I watch the program. I wish I had been such a tight nit family like them. I also think Ami’s family, mother, brother ect. are writing those nasty things about them. They probably are happier then most of us. I can see it isn’t easy to live like that. They all look healthy and in great shape. Dentist have a license to steal. That is for anyone that doesn’t live off the grid. Well I wish them the best and I like the show. Their children all seem to be respectful and they are far from being stupid. The people that are just knocking the Brown’s down . Must have a nasty life with no love of a family. They just love to put down people and do stop looking down your nose. Because in a second you could be living off the grid.

  17. I don’t care if they are fake or not.. why its better tv.. will always choose a family environment over some of those trashy nasty soap operas. I love to hear about Alaska.. if what they say is half the truth so what its better than watching trash tv.. I go for family values on tv.. life is getting too gadget happy, lets get out in the world and see the beauty of this world.. I for one will keep watch this show…

  18. Billy is a bum. He has brainwashed his semi illiterate children into being his slaves. The brown “children” have purposefully be denied education in order to limit their options. Even Noah, who is supposed to be the family genius writes at a second or third grade level, as revealed last season. It’s more like a cult than a family. Most cult leaders have a motivation. Billy’s motivation is to have a tribe of workers to do his bidding. The younger generation of this family are emotional and social infants. I’d love to see the whole family take a standardized test. Most of the family has been defrauding the government for years and the notion that they live an independent lifestyle is rediculous. I see why they get run out of towns and can’t settle down. People are perceptive, and see that these people are scumbags. I do like the show, but i watch to see what they will f*ck up next. I would like to see what the children are going to do when Billy is locked up. I’d wager that most of them get crappy jobs. They don’t have the skills to be self-sufficient in the bush, and they don’t have the education or social skills to live in normal society. Most of them will end up getting some sort of subsidy. The youngest girl Birdy will hopefully fly the coup soon. She needs to go to school. I’d hate to see her denied an opportunity to live a normal life, or worse, be forced into a weird bush relationship with a neighbor or worse… a brother. Left to there own devices, I wouldn’t put much past these people. Billy is a dumb, lazy man and a terrible patriarch.

    • Your an ass..why would they have to get jobs if they live off the land ? Sounds like your the one without an education

    • Standardized Tests?You are an Idiot.They live in the bush in Alaska.People like you are despicable always pointing your shitty finger at other people.They are free to live their lives any way they want without your approval.Why don’t you be worrying about what you are doing ,not what THEY are doing.Narrow minded people make me sick.

      • You realize that they don’t own the land they are on right? It is leased for 7 years to film this TV show. That includes the cabin that was built by a construction company from Juneau.
        You also realize the Browns are facing a whopping 24 felonies for stealing money from the state of Alaska right? Billy alone faces 120 years in prison.
        I certainly hope you are enjoying the show. I would say that I share a lot of the concerns Chris stated above. Maybe just put a little differently. The children don’t seem to have any real discernible skills and their writings are close to cringe worthy. I feel bad for them. Just a tad bit odd to have such a large family and even the ones in their 30’s still live at home and don’t have wives or girlfriends. Again, this family didn’t live in the bush isolated for 30 years. They lived for many years in Texas in a normal neighborhood. It is right in their Youtube videos that are over 5 years old. Billy’s own book he wrote and is selling contradicts the entire living in the bush. End of the day it is a made up TV show like 98% of them are

      • They are free to live their lives but when you go on TV and present something that is t true, people have a right to speak up, don’t like it?
        Go find a fan page. Idiot.

  19. I love the show.I don’t care if it’s real or not.I’ts the same reason folks watch “rassling”(G)good versus evil,the good guys keep getting knocked down and getting back up,
    heck,say the word,and we’ll pass the hat and we’ll raise enough money to get them out of trouble,it’s not like they smuggled a couple of puppys out of the US whoops,wrong story,Ohh.speaking of fluffy pups, …the Brown girls are as cute and innocent as little\ fuzzy speckled pups under a red wagon and good gwad o mighty those are some fine nicely put together young males
    The episode I’m looking forward to the most?…….
    instead of seeing the Russian sun from my house,I want to see those healthy mighty muscled sexy young males moon the lower 48 WEG!

    • I don’t care if they are fake or not. They truly look like they work hard as a tight nit family. I enjoy watching them work together. Just being out in the weather like they are is hard for anyone.

      • They don’t live on the land. They live in town at the Icy Straights Inn located in Hoonah Alaska. They only go to the land to film during the day. Practically the entire town of Hoonah has reported this.

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