Bill Simmons’ “The Grantland Basketball Hour” debuts on ESPN

The Grantland Basketball Hour Ryan Berenz

The Grantland Basketball Hour

Grantland editor in chief Bill Simmons, who should be well rested and reenergized after his three-week suspension, hosts The Grantland Basketball Hour on Thursday, Oct. 23, at 7pm ET on ESPN. NBA analyst Jalen Rose joins Simmons for this new talk show covering a variety of NBA topics and featuring a rotating panel of guests and commentators. The premiere includes special guests Michelle Beadle, Jeff Van Gundy, Zach Lowe and Clippers head coach Doc Rivers.

TGBH was originally announced to premiere Oct. 21, but MLB’s decision to move Game 1 of the World Series up a day likely made ESPN reschedule it. ESPN will air up to 18 episodes throughout the NBA regular season, playoffs and Finals, and during the NBA Draft and free agency.

Because I’m naturally paranoid about ESPN’s doings, a strange part of me suspects that ESPN suspended Simmons to drum up hype and/or allow him to prep for The Grantland Basketball Hour. (Like the time Stephen A. Smith was suspended and then given his own radio show.) But whatever ESPN’s motivation for putting this on the air, it’s definitely a new opportunity for Simmons do what he wants and not have to wait 10 minutes to speak.

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