Jane the Virgin Episode 2 Recap: Familia Loca

Continuing the real life telenovela of Jane’s life, this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin gets even more complicated. Just when you think you start to understand every character, you twist around the corner and are completely wrong. We’ll start things off slow from the beginning so we can get an overview of what’s happened. Jane sets up a family meeting with her mom, Jane-the-virgin-family-meetingAbuela and fiancé Michael. She tells them that just because she’s in a sticky situation doesn’t mean she’s not going to finish accomplishing her dreams and goals. Way to go Jane! She’s going to be a smart and independent woman by making sure she finishes her last semester in school so she can become a teacher. That’s when Abuela pipes up and tells Jane that she needs to keep the baby. Everyone starts yelling over each other and it’s just a loud mess. Jane finally stops the ruckus and says that she’s no longer going to refer to the baby as a baby but rather a milkshake. So now we’re waiting to see this beautiful milkshake be born and will refer to this baby as a milkshake.

Rafael and Petra are still on the outs. Rafael is really pushing a divorce, like he should, but Petra always has the upper hand. She tells him that Jane won’t give them the baby unless they stay together. Since this is true, Rafael can’t do much than to just sit back and be walked over. Petra is what you would call a true gold digger. Petra and Zaz’s plan is for her to stick around for another year so she can get all the money she’s “due” and then the two can run off together. Seems like Rafael doesn’t have much luck in relationships now that his wife and best friend are plotting against him. I guess it’s a good thing that Abuela tells Jane to get to know the milkshake’s new family better. Jane agrees and sets up a meeting with Petra.

Jane’s mother Xo is determined to have Jane sue the doctor that started this whole mess, Luisa. The only thing that she doesn’t know is that if Jane does sue it will affect Rafael. He’d have to lose the hotel leaving him without a job to support the milkshake. Not that Xo might really care what happens to Rafael, Jane will. Xo only wants the best for her daughter. That’s why when she talks to Jane’s father Rogelio she’s hesitant to accommodate his wishes of meeting Jane. After listening to what he has to say she agrees that she’ll tell Jane the truth about her father…or so she says.

Zaz and Petra are so determined to run away with Rafael’s money that make a skit for Petra to say to Rafael at his father’s party. As Petra is rehearsing the skit in front of Zaz, he asks her if it’d be at all possible for her to cry to make her love for Rafael more convincible. Obviously Petra is a good actress but even she knows she’s not that good. While this is going on, Michael and his partner in crime are across the road staking the two out. Turns out the cops are interested in Zaz because he’s the last person to have contact with a big drug cartel guy who has gone missing for the last couple months. Michael’s partner finally gets an i.d. on who this mysterious girl is with Zaz. As she’s giving out all the details, Michael can’t help but think of Jane. He can’t let her give this milkshake to a criminal! Right?

Instead of immediately calling Jane and letting her know what happens, Michael is waiting for Jane to arrive at the hospital for her sonogram appointment. Things are about to get really awkward because Rafael and PetraJane-the-Virgin-appointment have been invited to attend the appointment. Rafael told Jane that he wanted to go to these kind of appointments so she invited him. As Michael is waiting for Jane and the new family, Jane calls Michael to let him in on her and Rafael’s past. Of course, Michael thinks there’s something more there than just a kiss they shared years ago. It doesn’t help when the nurse kicks everyone out of the room, including Jane’s family and Michael, leaving the biological parents Jane and Rafael alone to see the milkshake’s ultrasound.

Leaving the two alone in the room with the nurse, Jane tells Rafael that she Googled him. He already knows that this isn’t going to be good. She confirms his assumptions and tells him she’s seen everything bad about him. Yes, this includes multiple arrest photos. He tells her that he was at an all-time low during this point in his life. His bad behaviors were feeding off of his fear of failure. Seems like Jane can relate to the same fear. This is when a tender moment of compassion is shared between Jane and Rafael. He asks her what she’s going to school for and he’s surprised to hear she’s not writing anymore. I give the guy brownie points for remembering her daring answer of being a writer from years ago when they first met. I think Jane was shocked too because she thought Rafael forgot about their moment they shared. She tells him she wants to write romance when he asks what she’s interested in writing. Right at that moment is when they are able to hear the milkshake’s heartbeat.

Unfortunately, things aren’t as peachy outside the room. Michael tells Petra that he knows about her affair with Zaz. He doesn’t exactly explain how he knows but he does tell her that he wants her to end it. She agrees to but can see that Michael doesn’t want Jane to keep the milkshake. So she makes a comment about her might needing a favor from him in the future. I can only see this going downhill. After the appointment, Michael tells Jane that he doesn’t want her working at the hotel anymore. He says it’s weird since Rafael works there but in reality he’s beyond jealous and insecure. Jane thinks about it but finally decides that she’s going to be selfish for once and stay at the hotel.

Rogelio shows up unexpectedly at Jane’s house before she comes home from her appointment. Luckily, Xo is the one to answer the door. He demands that he meet Jane immediately and Xo doesn’t put up much of a fight. She warns him that she’s not in the best emotional state right now so she’ll have to tellJane-the-virgin-mom-daughter-talk her about him before she sees him. In other words, Xo quickly hides Rogelio in her room before Jane can see. Jane is out on the porch when she and her mother have a heart-to-heart conversation. She says that she can’t push off this milkshake as a milkshake. She tells her about hearing the heartbeat at the appointment and that when she heard that she knew this was an actual baby growing inside her. She can’t just give up the baby because she’s going to get attached to it. She doesn’t know what to do and is full of tears. After comforting her the best she can, Xo goes inside to tell Rogelio that he’s not going to be seeing Jane just yet. Surprisingly he is okay with that. Maybe it has something to deal with the fact that Abuela walks in on Xo and Rogelio “El Presidente” in bed.

That speech that Petra was rehearsing in front of Zaz might be easier to give in front of Rafael now that she actually believes it. She even accomplishes the impossible by showing emotion and shedding a tear because she truly means what she’s telling Rafael. Petra goes to her mother with the great news of falling back in love with her husband. I’m not too sure if she ever was in love with him but let’s hope she’s not lying again. Rafael agrees to give her a do over because they both have mistakes that they can look past. I’d still sleep with one eye open Rafael.

Away from all the party noise, Jane meets up with Rafael. She tells him that she’s made the decision of following through with suing his sister Luisa. Oddly enough, he tells her that she should be suing her. Clearly, he’s leaving out the important part of how he’ll be losing the hotel and all his money he earns from his job. I think he’s just trying to be a good guy since he’s not telling her the truth by trying to convince her to do otherwise. As they’re walking back to the party, they have a peeping Tom watching them from the windows above. I can see that Michael is a really insecure guy and with all this jealousy added on top of that something bad might end up happening.

Rafael’s dad finally shows up but with some unexpected guests. He has his daughter Luisa there despite what she’s recently done. Rafael tries to be a gentleman and tell Luisa to leave but his father has some other ideas. In fact, he has a new family member to introduce. Turns out his new wife, Rafael and Luisa’s new stepmother, is Rose. Yes, this is the same Rose that Luisa was with before and is now sort of kind of seeing again. Oops! I guess this family is a really close one. As if things couldn’t get any weirder, all of the lights at the hotel go out for a few seconds. When they turn back on it looks like a late guest decided to drop in. Zaz is shown shish kabobbed on the marlin ice sculpture Petra had made especially for Rafael’s father. Guess he won’t ever be making it to the party now.

What were your thoughts on “Chapter Two?” Do you think Jane will want to keep the baby now that she heard its heartbeat? What about this implied team up between Michael and Petra? He knows she’s associated with a criminal, so why would he keep this a secret from Jane? Do you think Petra is sincere in her feelings about Rafael? Will Xo ever let Rogelio meet Jane? What about that new stepmom Luisa and Rafael have? Yikes! I didn’t see that one coming. Who do you think killed Zaz? We know he didn’t just fall onto that ice sculpture. Someone had to push him off of a building and onto it. Comment with your thoughts below.

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