NBC’s Marry Me: Will anyone put a ring on it?

Marry Me Ryan Berenz

Marry Me
Premieres: Oct. 14
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET/PT
Who’s In It? Casey Wilson, Ken Marino, Sarah Wright, John Gemberling, Tim Meadows

What’s It All About? Jake (Marino) and Annie (Wilson) have been dating for six years. Annie’s 32 and really, REALLY wants to get married. But when Jake finally pops the question, Annie’s excitable nature ruins the moment and alienates all their friends and family in the process. Jake, with help from his wisecracking bearded best friend Gil (Gemberling), has to come up with a do-over proposal. “It’s just sort of about a couple and their friends and their parents and stuff like that,” says executive producer David Caspe. “I think occasionally we’ll do stuff about the wedding.” Marry Me is more interested in piecing together OMG moments than creating an actual story. “I need your explosions,” Jake tells Annie. “You challenge me. You’re like my little exploding challenger.” Oh yes they did.

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Marry Me

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