7 Questions with Tony Dovolani of “Dancing With the Stars”

Tony Dovolani

Tony Dovolani has been a professional dancer on Dancing With the Stars since the show’s second season, and he is always excited for the premiere of a new season. “I always look forward and onward,” he says. “I don’t dwell on the past — I think of the past as a rearview mirror. You should glance at it, and never stare at it. Because the windshield is a lot brighter and there’s a lot more fun in the future.” Dovolani hopes that his future holds another mirror ball trophy, as he won Season 15’s all-star competition with reality TV personality Melissa Rycroft. Dovolani took a few minutes to answer our “7 Questions.”

Tony Dovolani1. You’re at a magazine rack and can only pick three titles. Which ones do you choose?
Definitely GQ, Men’s Health and duPont Registry, an exotic car magazine.

2. If your TV carried just three shows or networks, what would they be?
Golf Channel, ESPN and HBO. I like Game of Thrones — I’m hooked.

3. What are three things you have to have in your fridge or pantry?
Fruit. I’m not prejudiced — I love all kinds: berries, cherries, peaches, apples, pears. Anything from A to Z. I also have to have sparkling water and feta cheese.

4. What has been your strangest fan encounter?
A lady came up and told me that she hadn’t spoken to her daughter in 10 years and because of our show, they reconnected and they now speak, once per week, during our show. That validates everything we’re doing on Dancing With the Stars. If we can help people connect, then we’re doing our jobs.

5. Tell us about a time when you were starstruck.
When Richard Gere walked in the doors for me to train him for Shall We Dance?, I was starstruck. I got really tongue-tied and I was just staring at him. He was like, “Are you done staring at me?” And I was like, “Nope! Give me a few more minutes.” And then we became good friends. He is a class act.

6. What is a movie you can watch over and over again?
Somewhere In Time. It stars Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, who was I paired up with in Season 5 of Dancing With the Stars. It was a nostalgic moment for me to get to dance with someone I watched over and over and over again.

7. If you could have any talent that you don’t currently possess, what would it be?
I would like to fly in outer space. I’d love to be an astronaut.

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  1. I hope Julianne Hough is not back on next year. She does nothing for the show and needs to be the center.

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