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Patriarch of Perfection Todd Chrisley and his charming clan return for a second season of high-class high jinks on USA Network’s Chrisley Knows Best. In Season 2, the Chrisleys will experience a move to a new home, son Chase turning 18, Savannah’s first date, Father’s Day and what Todd promises will be “very good, funny episodes, but with a message still driven home.”

Todd Chrisley
Todd Chrisley surrounded by family (clockwise from left) Lindsie, Savannah, Chase, wife Julie and Grayson.

Todd is as known for his quips as he is for his impressive wardrobe, but within his snarky sound bites lie solid and traditional parenting advice. He is open about his role as an intensely involved dad (Todd monitors his kids’ text messages, tracks their cars via GPS, approves their wardrobes and once threw middle son Chase’s laptop into the swimming pool for visiting a forbidden website), and he is frank about his desire to protect his brood of five children and help them avoid temptations and future-threatening decisions. “I’ve told my children throughout their entire lives,” Todd explains, “what you do today, you better be able to wake up with tomorrow.” Todd shared this and the parenting philosophy behind five of his best one-liners from his show.

1. Dating
Toddism: “If they have a penis, I do not trust them.”
Todd Explains: Hopefully, good, decent parents are trying to raise good, decent sons, but the penis has a way of overriding all of the parenting that good parents have given to a boy. When this kid comes in your house and goes, “I like your daughter, I love your daughter, I respect your daughter,” respect that he’s telling you that, but believe none of it.

2. Home Rules
Toddism: “When you expect the doors of manhood to open, so does the front door of our home.”
Todd Explains: I’ve told Chase, “You can’t live here and not follow the guidelines that we give to you as your parents.” Chase felt that when he turned 18 that he automatically had no curfew. So I said, “You need to consider yourself a guest in our home now that you’re 18. Since you feel that 18 turns you into an instant man, and that you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself, consider yourself a guest at Hotel Chrisley.” Channel Guide: And you can be checked out at any time. Trust me, you will see that in the upcoming episodes. You will see that.

3. Fashion
Toddism: “Class not ass.”
Todd Explains: I have always said, “People will give you exactly what you’re willing to accept.” If you’re going out dressing like a two-dollar ho, you’re going to be treated like a two-dollar ho.

4. Friendship
Toddism: “If you lay down with dogs, you’re going to wake up with fleas.”
Todd Explains: I tell my kids every day, “You are judged by the company you keep.” My kids know people all across the country, but they don’t have any friends that we haven’t met. Because — here’s my thing — you’re not going out with anyone that I don’t know who they are, who their family is, where they live and I’ve got a phone number to reach them.

5. Parenting
Toddism: “I’m not your dude, I’m your dad.”
Todd Explains: I’m always a parent first. In fact, I’m not interested in being a friend. I’m interested in doing what God sent me here to do, which is to be your dad. Kids don’t want to look at you as their friend. They have friends, they make friends. And those friends come and go, but the one consistent thing should always be their parents.

A parent is supposed to give a child stability, is supposed to make a child feel safe, is supposed to make sure that their needs are being met: fundamentally, educationally, emotionally and psychologically. Every child in this world should be able to feel entitled to those things. If you can’t give that to your child, you shouldn’t have a child.

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