Recap: Angels Among Us episode 11- don’t ever say “I hate you”

Recap of Angels Among Us, Episode 11 “Energy Shift” (original airdate Oct. 12) This one is emotionally crushing. Although what episode really hasn’t had some segment that moves you, right? The episode Angels Among Us “Energy Shift” reminds how telling someone “I hate you” can haunt you forever. The episode starts with a reminder from Rosie CeperoAngels Among Us recap of episode 11 on her notion that we are all born with angels who guide us via their different messages. Some of the messages are about hope and warning, others are about healing. The first person we meet in “Energy Shift” needs some healing.

Matt, a 26-year-old with piercing blue eyes, travels from Conklin, New York, to visit with Rosie.  Decked out in a powder-blue shirt, with matching tie and vest, Matt’s ready to get started, and the two exchange pleasantries and hugs on Rosie’s cozy porch.

As we know, the Cepero homestead is a rich spiritual haven, so almost immediately Rosie starts to see a gold orb coming through. She sees an image of a man, although it’s not clear. “It’s your dad,” Rosie asserts. “Mattie.” And asks if that’s his nickname. It is. “ He’s telling me, ‘Mattie, I’m with you.’”

Matt visits with Rosie Cepero on Angels Among UsMatt tells how he lost his father when he was just 13. “My dad was probably the greatest person who ever lived,” he explains. His father founded ambulance companies, he worked as a 911 dispatcher – he saved many people’s lives and was an incredibly kind man we learn. “I miss my dad every single second of every single day.”

“He’s telling me you are here by a miracle,” Rosie shares.

Apparently three years ago Matt was driving his Jeep Wrangler in a snowstorm when he hit a patch of black ice. His jeep spun out of control and it flipped and rolled four times, yet Matt walked away without a scratch.

“Who do you think saved you? It’s your dad,” Rosie tells him. She then feels a pain in her heart and shares how she knows how he passed — a complication to his heart. Yep, it was a sudden heart attack. But the real heartache follows. Rosie asks Matt if he had an argument with him.

At the young age of 13, an angered Mattie said some things to his father that he wishes he could take back. “The last time I had ever saw him, he took my sister for some ice cream or a doughnut or something, and I was mad at him. I told him I hated him and I never wanted to see him again. And that’s the night he had the heart attack.”

Ouch. (I really have to stop crying every time I watch this.) But Matt explains how he truly believes his father died of heartache caused by his piercing words, not a heart attack. In the warmest, nurturing way, Rosie touches his face and tells him that he can’t blame himself. “Do you hear me kid? He’s telling me you were just upset. The words that were said were just out of anger. He never took that to heart. He loves you. He’s with you, and he loves you.” A long hug follows. Rosie relates to Matt’s story as she too shares a similar circumstance – the night before Rosie’s father passed away she had an argument with him and blamed herself for a long time, until she got a visitation from her angels.

The episode takes a more upbeat shift and follows Rosie and her son Joey engaging in some retail therapy (the session with Matt took an emotional toll on Rosie). The two stop at Eureka! Camping Center in Binghamton, New York. Not really my idea of retail therapy (no handbags, designer shoes or clothing, but whatever). While Rosie insists Joey tries on some shoes she observes a white orb over the store clerk (Pam).

“There’s been an orb that’s been following you. It’s a guardian angel,” Rosie tells Pam. “He is trying to tell me his name. Warren.”

A bewildered Pam says she had an Uncle Warren, who she idolized, but he died when she was just 4 years old. Apparently, Pam talks out loud a lot and frequently mentions that her life is just slipping away, she’s 60-something. With guardian angels, Rosie tells, you can ask them anything you want and they will help. Looks like Pam needs to start talking to them to find contentment.

Annette (to the left) from Angels Among UsNext up is Annette from Endicott, New York. Rosie says there’s a woman coming through. “She’s showing me … Debbie Cakes.”

We learn Annette’s friend passed away a few months ago. Her name is Debbie. “That’s her name. Really? The Little Debbie’s? How would she know that? “Annette says.

Rosie tells her that Debbie didn’t mean to take those pills. “She thinks you feel guilty that she took the pills. She just didn’t want to be a burden. She’s your guardian angel. She hears you. She says you’re the best thing that ever happened to her.”

The episode closes with Rosie and hubby George relaxing on their awesome porch. Rosie does that magical wave like thing she does when she senses or sees someone coming through. George doesn’t want Rosie to read him. He’s not sure why. “Maybe I’m scared. Maybe I’m afraid of what she might tell me,” he says. But George’s grandfather doesn’t care and he’s got a message and Rosie’s determined to give it to him.

“You know how many times he comes to me?,” Rosie asks George. Her responsibility is to get the message and deliver it where ever it needs to go, and this time she means business.

Rosie's hubby George“He’s saying he’s very sorry for the ugly words,” Rosie explains to George. “You did not forgive him. You held a grudge.” George and his grandfather got into an argument before he passed and he never got the chance to make amends. Rosie was able to give George that closure. “To see my husband smiling, I just loved that today.”


  1. I need someone to talk to my life is up and down please talk to me I have others people on my life

  2. I have many angels beside me, There was somthing that happened to me 4 years ago, I was falling asleep whren my cat jumped on the bed causing me to open my eyes and when I did There was a man with his face right next to mine smiling at me, I have never seen this man before, when I jurked back he disappeared. my first love died at 32 with cancer and I need to know he is okay, I beleive he is with me but i need to know for sure.

    • I need someone to talk to my life is up and down please talk to me I have others people on my life

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