Video: Exclusive preview of Angels Among Us season finale!

Channel Guide Magazine has an exclusive preview of Angels Among Us season finale – the last episode of the season, “Smell the Roses,” premiering on TLC Sunday, Oct. 12 at 10:30pm ET/PT. In the final episode, Rosie Cepero helps a young Boston woman (Gabby) understand that she’s always had guardian angels, even before her beloved grandfather passed away. Rosie literally smells something good cooking and when she mentions Thanksgiving to Gabby it sets off a series of deep emotions.

Rosie also makes a New York woman extremely happy in a tearful conversation. “I feel so happy, I feel like I spent the afternoon with my husband, and that’s immeasurable,” tells the woman. “Rosie talked about things that no one could have known. I thought Rosie was amazing. I thought she was beautiful and loving, and the real deal.”

The hit TLC hit series Angels Among Us series comes to a close this Sunday with two back to back episodes at 10pm ET and 10:30pm ET.

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  1. Was Angels among cancelled, It’s November 18,14 and haven’t been able to find it on at all, plzzzz reply. ..luvd the show!!!#

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