Tosh.0 gets “family-friendly” tonight

daniel-toshFor the first time in its six-season history, Comedy Central’s hit series Tosh.0 will air a “family-friendly” edition. Being a program that showcases the wildest viral videos from the Internet, Tosh.0 regularly includes clips that certainly are not suitable for younger viewers. Tonight, Oct. 7, however, the program promises a show “completely devoid of puking, bodily injuries, strong language with little or no sexual dialogue or situations.” While that may be a buzzkill for some, it will allow the more sensitive and younger viewers to tune in for once (but don’t get used to it).

“Comedy isn’t about being clean or dirty, it’s about appealing to as wide an audience as possible so I can sell more tickets to my stand-up shows,” said host Daniel Tosh, in a Comedy Central release. “I designed this episode to help America get back the basic family values that our grandparents beat into our parents.”

The one-time-only family-friendly episode will also feature a “Web Redemption” where a family adopts Tosh to give their 6-year-old son Gunner the brother he always wanted.

The release about the show, and the below video, has somewhat of a snarky, sarcastic tone, so we’ll see if the episode follows through with Tosh’s “scout’s honor” promise of “wholesome goodness” as “the green screen goes clean.” The episode is rated TV-G, according to the schedule on Comedy Central’s website, so it seems legit.

The family-friendly episode of Tosh.0 airs Oct. 7 at 10pm ET/PT on Comedy Central.


Ian White/Comedy Central