Gypsy Sisters season finale: Will Kayla, er, segue back into married life? (exclusive clip)

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It’s been a festive and feisty — albeit short — Season 3 for TLC’s Gypsy Sisters. And on tonight’s season finale, the ladies are gearing up for Kayla to recommit to her’s and Richard’s marriage in a beachside ceremony in Ocean City, MD.

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But first — in true Gypsy Sisters fashion — a few high jinks must ensue, this time beginning with the two (and in the case of the cautious bride-to-be, four) wheel variety.


Predictably, Annie and Mellie take to their new rides like helmet-wearing ducks to water.

But, with just hours to go before Kayla’s extended clan is due to arrive for the festivities, she gets a call for her two-time groom that makes her question their future.

“It wasn’t easy filming that, because I am a private person and when it comes to my relationship, the whole world doesn’t need to know what’s going on in my home,” Kayla told us in a recent interview. “But the cameras were there at the time and I just felt like, ‘You know what, then? This season, let’s just be honest and put it up front and that way everyone can see what’s really going on behind the cameras.’”

Diehard fans of the show — and pretty much anyone with the internet and an ounce of curiosity — know how this one ultimately turns out, since Kayla, Richard and the rest of the cast have done little to hide it on their personal social media accounts.

But if you want the details of how the drama went down — or just one more night to party Stanley-Williams style — tune in tonight at 9/8CT on TLC.

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